Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Musings ~ On Crochet, Family, Music, Light Fixtures, and Roses

Life has been whizzing right on by. We're now three weeks away from cupcake's due date. Just thought I'd drop that piece of information right up front, in case I'm even more absent in blogland in the coming days than I am in the current days. EEEEK!!! I'm quite the excited Memaw. 

Other than anticipating my first granddaughter's arrival, here's what's been happening in and around my little woods.

I started a crochet project, an afghan for my neighbor's daughter who is getting married in May. This is not the neighbor I blogged about recently, but another longtime neighbor. Our daughter's grew up together and now they are grown.

If I'm lucky, the finished project will resemble this beauty. I love the edging on this one and hope I can pull it off. The great thing about crocheted pieces is, as long as they're on a delicate cycle, they wash and dry like a charm.

On a recent slow day, I was bored and crocheted these little shoes for Arabella, (aka cupcake). I put my own spin on a similar pattern and may add a button, or a bit of bling, to these later on.

After a very traumatic week (if we're friends on Facebook, you can read all about it there), The Man and I gathered with family on Friday evening and enjoyed a night of the Gaither Vocal Band at the Arena Theater. I've written about the healing sounds of music before, and Friday night bolstered my beliefs once again. To be with family, surrounded by harmonies and worshippers, well, it doesn't get any better than that. (We may or may not have attempted one group selfie too many.)

In the breakfast nook, a new light fixture can be found. I am still trying to decide if I will keep it. I loved it in the store and loved it when The Man hung it up. My sweet daughter referred to it as the "cafeteria buffet light" but, oh well, I still love it. I'm leaning toward keeping it. What say ye? Go ahead. Be frank. I can take it.

We've had unseasonably warm weather the last few days, with temps in the high 70's on Sunday. My knockout roses are in full bloom. I don't think they've bloomed this early before. Maybe they're bursting out in pink in anticipation of Arabella's arrival.

Until next time, sweet friends, I know I've been slow getting around visiting lately. The reasons abound, but I hope we can pick up where we left off, because your company means so very much to me.


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  1. I'm not on facebook so I can't check it there, but know whatever it is the Lord has it. I know you trust Him with it. I love the light fixture. I'm trying to decide what to hang above my table like yours now. Not enough light for our aging eyes. ;) Love the shoes and the afghan pattern.

  2. I love the afghan, but those baby shoes... Precious pair! Be sure to share if you embellish them somehow.

    Hugs and happy week,

  3. Oh that afghan...
    I love it! : )
    I'm liking the new light fixture.
    And I'm loving your cozy breakfast nook. : )
    Have a cozy day.

  4. Oh that afghan is going to be beautiful! The shoes are adorable You must be very, very excited these days as you eagerly await your little granddaughter.

  5. Always love seeing your latest crochet projects! Love those tiny *Cupcake* shoes!!

    And Dayle, it's been a rough few weeks for me, too. So, I'll pray for your trials, and that you will feel the Lord right there alongside you, every step of the way.


  6. As usual, I love your creations. I cannot believe it's only three weeks until your Cupcake will be "coming out of the oven". Until she arrives, you can only imagine the love you will feel. You love your great-nieces and I know that. But, Cupcake will grab your heart in a totally different way and you will be amazed. I'm thrilled for you; thrilled that you are going to be blessed to experience such an amazing love!

  7. Awww... those shoes are adorable, Dayle! And the afghan will be quite beautiful when it's all done :)

    We,, too have been having unusally warm weather here in the mountains - it feels like Spring rather than Winter. Happy Monday, my dear! Hugs!

  8. Your creativity is wonderful and it's a great way to keep busy before the arrival.
    I always listen to music or sing when I'm down or even excited. Music is great to heal or help with anything. I can't wait to sing in Heaven!

    (I would like to see a more rounded version of your new light, just saying)

  9. That edging on the afghan is just gorgeous. It will be beautiful. Love the baby shoes - so cute. Aren't the Gaithers the best. Just makes you forgot the world and celebrate our Lord.


  10. Lovely afghan in progress, looking forward to seeing your finish with that edging. Baby shoes, so sweet.

  11. The Gaither Vocal Band is on my playlist stations for iTunes! What an inspiring group. The afghan is so pretty in the neutral shade. She'll certainly cherish it for years to come!

  12. Well first off that afghan is going to be just gorgeous! I love it! But those shoes...goodness I really love the way you are making those. And they will be soo soft and comfy on her little feet too. How excited you must be! Melody's got at least 10 weeks left God willing. We hope she makes it that far anyway. I love the name too btw! And your right music and worshiping and family just doesn't get much better! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  13. The afghan is gorgeous! It will be a most treasured gift! Oh, the day is coming closer for that very special arrival! So exciting!

  14. I can't wait for you to be a "memaw"! It's the best!
    That crocheted throw is so beautiful. What a special gift that will be.

  15. Well it seems that several days away from blogland seems like an eternity. I am currently in Nashville with my hubby caring for our grand kiddos while while Mom & Dad are off celebrating 10 years of wedded bliss on a cruise. Your blog is one of the few that come through to my email and I always enjoy hearing about what is going on in your world :) That afghan is going to be gorgeous...the lacy pattern on the edges is so pretty and the li'l shoes are just the sweetest things. It won't be long now will it? I'm so excited for you! I haven't been to a Gaither concert in a while but I have always been beyond blessed by them.


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