Thursday, May 7, 2015

There Are No Perfect Mothers

In case you didn’t know already, there are no perfect mothers, just as there are no perfect children. And as I see it, that pretty much evens things out. But, there are great mothers among us, and the way to know if you have a great mother is simple. If she forgave and forgives you for all of your indiscretions and rude behavior, both as a teenager and an adult, then she’s a great mother. And I said all of that to say that I have a great mother. 

My mother wasn’t perfect, isn’t perfect, but neither was I, nor am I. Through the years, I’ve brought my mother pain. I’ve broken her heart more than I care to remember. There were times when I fully expected her to show me the door, and she did at least once. But Mother always forgave me, no matter what.

I recall one time in particular, when I was living with friends, I had broken her heart and made her weep. I felt so ashamed of my behavior. But one day, out of the blue, a card came in the mail addressed to me. She had written about small things, nothing of great importance, but then, at the very bottom, in tiny letters, she had printed: “I am proud of you.”

As I typed those words just now, tears sprang to my eyes, as I again remembered the impact her words had upon me. I had done nothing to deserve those words, yet she had written them so plainly. Years later, I understood. That’s what great mothers do. They forgive their children. 

And in my mother's case, she's not one time brought up any of my transgressions again, and if you press her, she will tell you that I was an absolutely delightful daughter, always.

   She's as close to perfect as they come.

The way I see it, imperfect mothers can still be great mothers, and if they love us enough to forgive us of our imperfections, surely we can do the same for them. They deserve nothing less than that.

Until next time, here's wishing all of the great mothers in blogland a terrific Mother's Day.



  1. I can totally relate, Dayle, for I, too, am blessed with another nearly perfect mother. God must've had only two up there and yippee! We got 'em.

    Hugs and Happy Mother's Day to you and your beautiful daughter,

  2. Sweet post!
    How blessed we are to have wonderful mothers.
    No, there are no perfect mothers, just mothers with a perfect love for their children :)

    Happy Mother's Day!!

  3. A beautiful post, my friend. I know there are many times when I broke my mom's heart through rebellion, a smart attitude or just plain disrespect for her, especially when I was a teen. How I wish she was still on this earth for me to hug, even just one more time. She never failed to love me and forgiveness wasn't even didn't have to be because it was made evident in her way of living. I am so thankful for learning that lesson from her as my husband and I continue to unconditionally love our prodigal who will be 36 in a couple of weeks. There is no end to God's grace. Happy Mother's Day to you, Dayle.

  4. I'm grateful God gave us such a kind, loving, forgiving mother. I strive to be like her, but fail miserably.

  5. A beautiful tribute, Dayle! Now, from your mouth to my oldest daughter's ear...

  6. I so enjoyed this post. Both as a daughter, and as a mother. My mom is still with me, and I'm so thankful for the friendship that we've had all my life. She's my best cheerleader, and my strongest ally. I do believe that my sons feels the same way about me. Motherhood is a calling, a privilege - and though I was and never will be perfect, I couldn't love my kids more. And, of course, I'm so grateful that the Lord *fills in the gaps* where I fail, and that HE loves them even more than I do.

    Happiest Mother's Day to you - will you get to see Cupcake???


  7. You and Gayle both have written so lovingly of your mom. It was neat to see the similarities (enough to know that you grew up in the same home) and the differences.

  8. What I admire (at lease one of the many), about your mother, is her love and commitment to your Dad! You can see her love for him through the pictures you have shared. It must be even more in person.
    Please give her a hug from me, this Mother's Day.

  9. That was a lovely tribute, Dayle. Lord knows our Moms are very special people. Trust me, when you lose your Mom, there will be a permanent hole in your heart and life will never again be the same. A most blessed Mother's Day to you and your daughter, the new Mama. Susan

  10. Such a touching tribute. Mom's are truly special beings. Happy Mother Day to you and your mom.

  11. A lovely tribute! Happy Mother's Day to both of you. :)

  12. What a blessing to have such a mother. This is a lovely tribute to her.


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