Friday, July 31, 2015

Children ~ The True Victims of the World

I'll never forget holding my granddaughter in my arms for the first time. I had almost forgotten what a delightful thing it is to hold something so exquisite and pure. As I watched her little face make all kinds of expressions, I was consumed with love and remembered the words of the psalmist David when he wrote, "Children are a gift from the Lord." 

At the same time, while I rejoiced for so many reasons, a part of me ached for so many reasons. Such innocence, such vulnerability, such helplessness. 

Children are the true victims of the world, the innocent sufferers, powerless to save themselves from the decisions of others. Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, a life of crime, divorce, family conflicts, or a lack of insight as parents, children are the real casualties of society.

Have you ever watched the television drama, "Intervention"? It'll break your heart in a million pieces, children left to fend for themselves, while parents are strung out on drugs or alcohol, unable to care for themselves, let alone their brood of children.

One of my favorite passages of Scripture, and one that showcases how much value God places on children, is found in the eighteenth chapter of Matthew. As Jesus spoke to a crowd of people, the disciples gathered around. Suddenly, one of them asked, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”

“Except you be converted, and become as little children,” Jesus said, “you cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

Why would God choose a little child as the perfect model for those who strive to enter into the kingdom of heaven? Here are some possible reasons:

Children trust their parents to do what’s best for them.
Children are tender-hearted, not too proud to cry.
Children don't worry about tomorrow.
Children believe all things are possible.
Children enjoy life and laugh a lot.
Children forgive quickly.
Children love easily.

Whenever I look at the photo here of my daughter giggling many years ago, her innocence still tugs at my heart. It's been said that children are unstained jewels dropped from heaven. Indeed, they are. And they should be treated with the greatest of respect, and handled with the greatest of care.

In the latest disturbing undercover video, Dr. Savita Ginde, Vice President and Medical Director for the Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, is heard discussing selling body parts of aborted babies with the people posing as representatives from a  human biologics company. Part of the exchange is between the doctor and a Planned Parenthood medical assistant. As they are surveying the pieces of an aborted baby in the lab, the doctor can be heard, nonchalantly, ticking off the body parts that she sees. She says, “Stomach, heart, kidney adrenal … I don’t know what else is there.” The assistant says, “Arms.” The doctor then says, “I didn’t see the legs. Did you see the legs?" After a moment, the assistant happily proclaims, “And another boy!”

As someone said today, “These people are operating with less than a soul." 

The current outrage over Planned Parenthood's willingness to sell body parts from aborted babies is well and good, but it is way overdue. Since 1973, abortion clinics have been slaughtering babies. There’s just no easy way to put it. As much as some try to sugar-coat abortion, it stops the beating of a heart, and does so in a barbaric way. I've written about abortion in the past and while it's not a subject we're comfortable talking about, I feel a moral obligation to speak out for the unborn babies who have no voice, no choice, and I will continue to do so for as long as there is breath left in me.

Until next time, dear friends, please pray for the little ones, both unborn and born. Without a doubt, they are the true victims of the world.



  1. Keep speaking! It is a heartbreaking nightmare that has gone on for far too long. How callous and indifferent does a person have to be to do such evil...

  2. Well, you have hit the nail on the head usual. I can't even put into words how this breaks my heart, not only for those innocent babies, but the ones who are doing these things have no idea how evil they really are...I don't know, maybe they do! My husband and I started watching Intervention years ago, basically helping us learn how to deal with and understand our own son's addiction. He was not raised into that lifestyle but unfortunately fell into it due to some traumatic things imposed on his innocence when he was very young...he was most definitely a victim. Jesus is the ultimate Healer and Deliverer and it is the constant prayer of my heart that one day he will be free from this bondage. A very timely post, my friend.

  3. I am dumbfounded. Having been out of the U.S. for a week now, I was unaware of the horror that has been caught on video. My heart grieves, grieves, grieves. I will snap-to and commit some prayers to this issue as I look into it. I'm stunned...

    No. more. words.
    Kelley ~

    Precious, precious God's babies. Innocent. *tears*

  4. I am more appalled at the attitude of these people who are wanting to crucify the ones who brought this heinous crime to light. I saw a woman on the news who was screaming about how bad the people who took the videos were - not a bad word about Planned Parenthood. Actually, she was defending Planned Parenthood and vilifying the ones who exposed it. She's not the only one, either. Sad, sad, sad!!

  5. I hope these revelations of Planned Parenthood wake people up! God help America to repent.

  6. You are doing God's work on earth. He is well pleased with you speaking the TRUTH!
    A truth that everyone of us should be speaking and not bowing down, (John MacAuthor talks about not bowing down)

    Isn't funny how Planned Parenthood says it's not a baby but they called it a Boy!

  7. Amen! I saw one of my own precious babies, miscarried at 12 weeks, perfectly formed down to all the little ribs. Nobody can tell me that's not a life, precious to God. One day, I hope we all look back in horror, not just us, but everyone, and realize that this has been a holocaust, and repent.

  8. I can't wrap my mind around all of the things coming to light. It breaks my heart. I can't even imagine how the heart of our Father is breaking with each life taken. Lord, have mercy on us.

  9. I too join in your heartbreak and prayer for these truly unspeakable things that are going on.....HOW they can be soo heartless is just beyond me But like so many other sins, the heart does just becomes hard the Bible says. We must continue to speak out and pray for an end to these senseless acts, and pray that somehow some way some one will soften their hearts....

  10. It is a horrific story.
    I have always been pro life and then when my first grand daughter was born at 2 pounds 11 ounces and we spent time in the neonatal units, I became a firm believer that these tiny humans are people with souls and spirits and emotions and feelings. Never would abortion be something that i could rationalize. EVER.

  11. With a broken heart and tears in my eyes, I mourn this recent story. My heart just breaks for children. Sweet, innocent little lambs of God. Why are we so callous? And yes, I have watched that show "Intervention." And yes, it is wrenching. Addiction is indeed a tool of the devil, for it does nothing but steal, kill, and destroy.

    Might the Lord awaken our hearts to the precious sanctity of life, and the commission we have been given to reach out to a broken and dark world with His message of love and salvation. Might our hearts be broken for what breaks His...



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