Monday, November 30, 2015

Moments in November

It is Monday afternoon as I write. Thanksgiving came and the rain followed, leaving the air cool enough to need a light wrap. Lord willing, the coming days will be filled with putting out what little Christmas decorations I can get away with. Having my almost nine-month old granddaughter around, crawling all over creation, and pulling up on everything, gives me pause for just how much I should do this year. I tend to fall on the side of minimal anyway. I suspect this year will be even more so.

These images are some of my favorites from November and remind me how fragile and fleeting life's special moments are, and how important it is to tuck them away in our hearts for revisiting again on some distant evening.

Our darling Arabella, playing her mommy's little red piano. She loves music and I would love nothing more than to teach her how to play piano one of these days.

Whenever the grandniece I call sugar plum comes to play, I can't get the two of them still long enough to capture much on film, but whenever I do, I sometimes end up with an unexpected duplication of the days when their mommies played together.

All wrapped up and ready to roll.

Is there anything more precious than a sleeping baby?

Some days, I'm caught off-guard by moments of sweetness, by the way she looks from a certain angle. I know, from experience, just how swiftly she is changing, minute-by-minute.

My little church buddy.

Somebody discovered the Kleenex box. 

It's all good.

Thanksgiving moments to cherish. 

Until next time, dear friends, may the coming month find your hearts filled with the kind of Christmas cheer that only Christ can give.



  1. That little turkey jumper is precious! What a fun month of joy you've had. December is sure to bring even more meaningful times together. I don't even think we understand what a wonderful invention the camera is!

  2. Such precious little ones you share your world with! Holding on to that true joy that only Christ can bring right along with you...

  3. I love seeing the joy your precious granddaughter brings you Dayle. There is something extra special about the relationship of a grandmother with her grandchildren. As they say, if I had known what fun my grandkids would be I would have had them first :-) But it isn't the fun - it is that special joy they bring that you only know by experience I think. I agree, cameras are a great invention for sure!

    Blessings from Arizona,

  4. Gracious, Arabella looks so much like her mommy! Precious photos!

  5. Precious family photos. Isn't the love and joy a family bring just so wonderful?

    Have a great week.


  6. How very, very precious, Dayle. I know that sometimes you just don't think your heart can contain all the love you feel for those sweet babies. It passes way too fast- and the toddlers change into "big kids". Hold every moment to your heart that you can! xo Diana

  7. She has captured all your hearts for sure. Christmas is so fun with children...they love the lights and the interesting things to see and do.

  8. One proud grandmother - can't say I blame you, she is so precious. And wow, the two photos from 1987 and 2015 - they look the same!!

    I'm sure that you're looking forward to this Christmas. There's just something about seeing things anew through the eyes of a baby that makes all the difference in the world...


  9. Can she get any cuter?! Love how you captured her shredding the Kleenex ... great fun!

  10. Oh Dayle. Arabella is a living doll baby! What a sweet little pumpkin. Ohhhhhh, no WONDER your heart is overflowing with pure love. Thanks for sharing such sweetness. Susan

  11. Arabella is a lucky girl to have those charming quilts to play on. I bet you made them.

    I love the photo of the two mommies. My youngest was born in 1987 too.


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