Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday Musings ~ On loving, and friends, and Father Time

Dear friends, I had started to wonder if autumn temperatures would arrive, but the rain has come and the air is cooler and I feel lighter. I trust you are well and enjoying these last few days before the holidays rush in. My plan is to not get caught up in the frenzy, but to live gently and quietly during the coming weeks.

The last few months have been heavy in many ways, living with pieces of my heart bruised, yet, having said that, my days are filled with a deep joy, sharing life with my darling granddaughter, watching her discover the world.

Perhaps it was the way she reached up and touched my face, or the way the autumn sun slanted across the lawn, but as I stood looking out the front door with her on a recent morning, it felt as if everything—for one split-second—stopped moving, as if time stood still, as if in that moment, there were only the two of us in the whole world. I pressed my cheek against hers and felt my heart swell, filled up with so many emotions.

Maybe you can understand when I say I’m trying not to hold her too tight, not to love her too much. But is that even possible? Can the heart choose the depth of its feelings? Life is short. Should we hold anything back, despite the risks?

On a lighter note, last week, after way too many years of not seeing each other, twin sister and I enjoyed the pleasure of the company of a childhood and lifelong friend. From the first group hug, the long years of separation melted away. Dinner and conversation lasted three+ hours, as we had lots of catching up to do. There were tears, but much more laughter. Old letters were read and photos passed around. As we parted ways, we remarked on the fact that we’ve known each other for more than a half-century, and neither time nor space can erase the history our families share, or break the ties that bind us together. It was Longfellow who wrote: "Ah, how good it feels! The hand of an old friend."

Do you have four seconds? That's the totality of this video clip of cupcake enjoying herself in Memaw and Papaw's bed. I'm not sure why it makes me laugh every time I watch it, but it does. She's plumb out of breath, in four seconds flat. If only time could slow down, if these sweet sounds would only last, but you know the drill: "Father Time waits for no one."

Well, sweet friends, it's been a rambling road, this post, but some days are like that. Until next time, as always, thanks for keeping me company here. It means so very much.



  1. I had to watch cupcake a couple of times... or was it three?! Hilariously adorable baby girl!


  2. I think that any grandmother can relate to your description of the moment with your Cupcake.
    I'll have to wait to watching the clip when I am at home. I won't want to miss it, as it touches the theme of my thoughts today. Last night was my mother's last night in her own bed - a haven for all of her children and grandchildren.

  3. Thankfully, the Lord sprinkles our lives with moments of sheer joy. And, it's no surprise that these moments are often found in the presence of children. Cupcake is special, and I'm sure she's beginning to realize that her grandmother is, too. Thank you for sharing this post, and the uplifting story about your childhood friend. It's these times that counterbalance the heaviness that sometimes weighs on our hearts.


  4. Sweet moments! I big puffy heart that video!

  5. My dear, Throw yourself unreservedly and wholeheartedly into the love you have for her. There is never too much love! Thank you for sharing her video. Good to hear about the reunion. Such good memories. Take care and God bless.

  6. Dayle- I know exactly what you mean. It is really SCARY to love those children like we do. It is like our heart is wrenched out of us when they are sad. One of my most memorable moments was when we were a school function and SweetCheeks (who is somewhat shy) walked up to two little girls who were holding hands and dancing and, although I could not hear the words, she asked if she could join them. They both shook their heads No-SC;s little head dropped down on her chest and she made her way back to the bleacher seat trying not to cry. My heart about burst. I got up and walked up to her and asked. Hey- would you do me a favor and dance with me (I was the only adult on the floor). She smiled and took my hand and her world was righted...but....oh! That feeling of KNOWING how she felt at that moment was so painful. So, I understand what you are saying.

    I watched that video. Hysterical, it is like she is running in place and someone sped the camera up. lol

    I am really sorry you have had so much heartache in the past few months. Blessings to you- and I hope they are soon behind you- xo Diana

  7. Oh Dayle. Precious treasure she is. No wonder you are over-the-moon in love. Susan

  8. That video clip is adorable. When she learns to walk - watch out! You'll all be chasing her all around the place!

  9. Well as usual my heart really identifies with yours. Those precious little people in our lives have a hold on our hearts in ways I didn't know were possible. Oh the joy of it all! Nothing brings me much more pleasure then a little voice saying, "grandma, I miss you...or Grandma can you come over, or grandma, I want to come to your house! How blessed we are!

  10. I love how you say you are going to try and live gently and quietly through the holiday season. Sounds like a good plan.
    I lost 4 babies before our daughter, and three after. She was a treasure and a miracle. I was afraid that I loved her too much. Then we had two sons. I loved, and still love those children so much. I get it. It's been hard to let them go as they've grown up, but I never regretted how much I loved and invested in their lives. A friend of mine once said, you treat your children like they're treasures. Yes, indeed. Love your little Cupcake. She's a darling. xo Deborah

  11. My grandson came into my life during a really troublesome time. He will never know how he was my very reason to continue to live each day. So yes I understand your heart and love for little cupcake. Never feel scared nor quilty for what is truly a blessing from God. He always knows and fulfills our needs, even through the gift of a child. God Bless you and Cupcake.


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