Friday, November 13, 2015

The Life of Leaves ~ A Look at Aging

In springtime, when barren trees put on new leaves, we walk around and marvel at the shades of green, the freshness. There are no blemishes, no crinkled edges. Just leaves, as spotless as a newborn baby.

Then summer comes along, the season when leaves shield us from blistering heat, providing a shady gathering place for family photographs and weekend activities. But summertime presents challenges for the leaves, trials of drought and disease, scorching days with no end in sight. 

It isn’t unusual for leaves to shrivel, in need of a cloudy day and rain. And when the showers come, the leaves rally and hang on. Life still remains.


And then one day, autumn arrives, ushering in chilly days and crisp nights, marking the beginning of the end for the leaves; their time on earth is coming to a close.

But instead of seeming miffed about that fact, autumn leaves offer glorious colors as they grow old, majestic colors not seen before, full of light and splendor.

It’s as if they are giving back to the Creator, thanking Him for a lifetime of sunshine and rain, for good times and bad.

Oh, that we would do the same in our human existence, saving the best of our colors until the end.

Until next time, dear friends, may our latter years be more glorious than the former ones.



  1. Yes! Just yes!
    I think about this often, and you so beautifully put into words what is always in my heart.
    Thank you for these lovely thoughts this morning, my friend.
    May you have a blessed, cozy weekend. : )

  2. Beautiful thoughts, Dayle. Yes- I hope that I am more colorful in these years than I ever was in my youth. We look at life so differently as we age, don't we? xo Diana

  3. Yes, but you didn't show the truly aged leaves...crinkled and brown and waiting to be binned or tossed into a ravine. In light of my post today, yours touched me!

    1. I know what you mean, Vee. I guess I consider that phase of a leaf as after death. True, we will all become crinkled if we live long enough, but our spirits can remain full of life.

  4. Wonderfully encouraging - since I am in that autumn season, and my *colors* are changing (hopefully, they're just deepening!!)


  5. Poem by Landor - Leaf after leaf falls off, flower after flower: some in the chill, some in the warmer hour. Alive they flourish and alive they fall, and earth who nourishes them receives them all. Should we, her wiser sons, be less content to sink into her lap when life is spent? No quote marks because I'm not sure of punctuation. Best B

  6. Life is fleeting at best. Help me, Lord, to make the most of what remains.

  7. Dayle, thank you for this...such truth and beauty.

  8. Well that's a nice way to look at the autumn of one's life, Dayle. Splendorous! Wonderful thoughts. Susan

  9. beautiful Dayle. I love the seasons, the green, the brilliant of spring and summer and also love the Fall, their colours.....I like watching as some fall easily, others hang on for all their worth and then a gust of wind one day and they're gone. I love nature. His lessons are so clear to me through it. Have an amazing weekend. Hope it shines in every way for you.

  10. What then? Shall we sit idly down and say
    The night hath come; it is no longer day?
    The night hath not yet come; we are not quite
    Cut off from labor by the failing light;
    Something remains for us to do or dare;
    Even the oldest tree some fruit may bear;

    But other something, would we but begin;
    For age is opportunity no less
    Than youth itself, though in another dress,
    And as the evening twilight fades away
    The sky is filled with stars, invisible by day.

    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882) from: Morituii Salutamu

  11. What a positive message! I was particularly touched, since the autumnal effect (to me) is prettier than the fresh green.

  12. What a lovely sentiment, that our latter years should be more glorious than the earlier ones. I've also heard that the leaves don't really "turn" colors; the green just fades away and reveals what was always there. Maybe the analogy would be, the older we get, the more we should be becoming who God truly made us to be. Lovely post.


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