Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Open House ~ Come On In

If you were to use one word to describe my style, I'm guessing "simple" might be the top choice. I live a simple life, and it shows in everything I do. This year was mostly about the Christmas tree, as I chose to scale back on my decorating. Although I do miss my big one, this is the second year that I decided to go with the skinny tree. It serves the purpose and doesn't take two days to complete.

Can you spot one of my dated ornaments for 2015? It's below the ornament that I made marking my daughter's birth 29 Christmases ago. If you look closely, you can see a reflection of me holding cupcake while taking this photo. Memaw is multi-tasking.

More 2015 ornaments, purchased and personalized at the amazing Christmas store in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. 

I've written a few times about my tradition of collecting dated ornaments. You can find the backstory here. I've also written about my homemade ornaments, which some have lasted 39 years and are still found on my tree. You can read that backstory here.

It all started with this one.

Every year since has found me purchasing one dated ornament, sometimes more. They generally relate to an event or milestone.

My adorable grandniece, the one I call sugar plum, born in 2010.

Me, holding another precious grandniece, the one I call pie, born in 2013.

A very special fire captain retired in 2008.

I'm in the market for new Christmas stockings this year, but I can't find anything I like. The mantel looks odd without them.

Here's my daughter's first teddy bear, Fuzzy Joe Bear, wearing the Santa outfit she wore on her first Christmas in 1986. The bear was almost as big as she was.

Since my daughter was only six months old her first Christmas, and a preemie at birth, I knew the little suit would never fit cupcake, who just turned nine-months, but I managed to squeeze the hat on her, 29 years after her mommy wore it. I'll consider it a success.

The Reason for the season, a baby born in Bethlehem, the Savior of the World, God with us. This cardboard nativity has been in the family for 75 years.

Until next time, dear friends, I leave you with a sweet image my sister captured earlier this week. To share life with my precious granddaughter, to see the world through her eyes, is a joy like no other. 

Should I be scarce in blogland in the coming days and weeks, may your days be filled with the love, joy, and peace that only Christ can bring, and thanks for sharing a part of yourselves with me. It means the world.


There's a Christmas open house party going on, and you can link up your Christmas posts (old and new), or just go mingle with the party people. I'm linking from Brenda's Cozy Little House.


  1. Thank you for inviting us into your lovely home, my friend...
    I sat here with my coffee and enjoyed every moment.
    Blessings for a peaceful, family filled season. : )

  2. Perfectly lovely! I can't get over that cardboard Nativity that is...what? Seventy-five years old? Amazing! Love your memory tree with all the photos of your favorite peeps. A baby at Christmas is so much fun. Enjoy your Christmas!

  3. This is such a sweet, sweet post, Dayle. I love all the photos of your ornaments. And that last one? Preciousness.

  4. Your words and pictures leave one's heart feeling like a warm hearth! THANK-YOU! Now I'm going to find a tray, add ornaments and a lantern. I really liked that!

  5. I love your simple decorating, Dayle, and also love your Christmas sentiments. How true they are. Lovely post. Susan

  6. A lovely visit... so many memories wrapped up in all your ornaments. And now new memories with that sweet grandbaby!

    Wishing you a beautiful Christmas....

  7. I think that you can change that from "simple" to, "simply charming". I love how you have that cupboard filled with quilts, plus the one hanging on the door with the wreath, very lovely. Your Christmas tree reminds me of ours. All of our ornaments have a memory that goes along with it and each year when I decorate the tree these wonderful people and adventures come back into my mind and heart. Thank you for visiting my blog . . . it brought me here and now I am your newest follower.
    Merry Christmas; I'm so happy to meet you.
    Connie :)

  8. Simply adorable. Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas, Dayle!

  9. Your home is just lovely and all the sentimental ornaments you highlighted are just treasures we are glad to have seen! Thank you for sharing your home Dayle!

  10. I also went simple this year and my kids had a hissy fit! I think I've reached a point I want to savor the season and not be knocked out by it. I love your ornaments and decorate my tree in a similar way. Lots of little photos, travel trinkets and such. So very sweet! Merry Christmas to you!

  11. I love, love it, and I know how much effort it took on your part. :-) Oh, the things we do for those we love.

  12. I say usually less is more. You have just enough. It's all very elegant!

  13. Oh...what a wonderful post. I love your skinny tree and your decorations are beautiful. Your family has done a fantastic job of taking such good care of that precious cardboard nativity! We had a similar one when I was little but have no idea what became of it. And are you sure you didn't replace that photo of Anna with cupcake's on that ornament? They look like the same child! Thank you inviting us into your home...Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  14. Seventy-five years old! How wonderful! You all must handle it very carefully to have had it stay in such nice shape. I was so disappointed to see the ugly, secular "Advent" calendars out there in the stores this year. What a nice tradition of getting a dated ornament each year to commemorate the year.
    Your daughter and granddaughter look like two peas in a pod in those photos! Enjoy the little one over Christmas. Blessings to you, Deborah

  15. Simply beautiful! I also have had a skinny tree for the past two years. Our home is small and it is perfect! Thanks for the tour!

    Grace & Peace

  16. I loved touring your home! It's so warm and inviting. I love the mix of old and new ornaments. But most of all, that photo of you and Cupcake at the tree - well, that was simply too precious!!


  17. It looks like Christmas at your house.
    A baby will add even more to that.
    The picture of your daughter and then your grand daughter are exactly alike. So cute1

  18. Oh your little sweetheart looks so much like her Mommy! How cute! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  19. Hi Dayle, just wanted to let you know that you won my Stress-Buster giveaway! I sent you an email, but sending this as back-up, just to make sure you get the message. Please contact me asap so I can send it out to you, and of course, do a "winner" post! Thanks so much for reading, and for entering my little contest!

  20. I enjoyed scrolling through your ornaments and especially liked the picture of your dgt and granddgt and getting the little hat on her head. She's absolutely adorable. Happy Weekend.


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