Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kale Chips ~ A Skeptic No More

I'm a skeptic by nature and was very skeptical about kale. I wasn't sure I would like it in any way, shape, or form. I first tried it in a salad. It was good but didn't sweep me off my feet; I think it will grow on me with time.

Then I tried making kale chips, the ones I've heard so much about on every food channel in America. Bingo! They were a hit, with both me and my daughter. 

I've made them several times now, and one day I may shake things up a bit by adding garlic powder or other seasonings. 

After they come out of the oven, I put them in a bowl and nibble on them all day, if they last that long. The beautiful thing is, they stay crispy. I ate them with my breakfast one morning. Still as crisp as the night they were made.

Here's how I make them:

Kale Chips

  • One bunch of kale (you won't use the whole bunch; only what will fit on a cookie-sheet, as directed below)
  • Extra-virgin olive oil
  • Sea-salt

  • Preheat oven to 275.
  • With a knife or kitchen scissors, remove the leaves from the ribs and tear into bite size pieces. 
  • Wash and dry kale. 
  • Drizzle kale with olive oil and sprinkle with salt.
  • Spread on cookie-sheet.
  • Bake in 275-degree oven for 20 minutes.

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  1. Oh yes! My sweet DIL was the one who convinced me. They really are delicious, aren't they? Have you tried roasting broccoli in a similar fashion? Oh my word! Of course, I love it anyway but try roasting it drizzled with coconut oil and sea salt! Basically the same way as the kale only the coconut oil gives a little different flavor...YUM!

    1. Oh yeah...I forgot to tell you how much I like your new header :)

  2. I love kale chips. It's funny that I went to the grocery store this morning, saw a bag of kale and thought, "Oooh, chips!" Then I left them at the store. ;) Now I'll have to go back to get them!

  3. You'll have to fix a batch for me...your favorite twin. ;-)

  4. I feel into "like" with kale chips this year, too.
    Who would of thought we'd be enjoying vegetable chips?

  5. My daughter has told me about these for a few years now but I've been afraid to try them - now I won't be!! Thanks!

  6. *Header love X 18!

    **At what time shall I arrive to share thy kale chips with thee, dear Dayle?


    1. Come when you can, friend. I'll provide the kale. :)

    2. I attempted to email you .... again. Not sure things are going through or making it back to me. Such is technology, I suppose.

    3. Oh, and thanks for the compliment about my header. Thanks a big bunch!

  7. I make these all the time. When you add Parmesan to the last 5 minutes it is divine. I usually cook it with olive oil and a little coconut oil , its a great healthy snack.


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