Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday Musings ~ On this and that and "in sickness and in health"

As I watched my darling granddaughter watching her Papaw out the window on Thursday, a tear slid down my face, so many emotions sweeping over me. There she stood, wearing a little dress that her mother wore, a dress made by my mother’s hands, back when the pace was slower, when the world seemed so much kinder. It’s been said that photography is a universal language, evoking emotions instead of words, and I so agree, yes.

Dear friends, I’ve not been well the last few weeks, dealing with a physical condition that is accompanied by pain and the inability to be very active. In times like these, I thank the good Lord for a good man who really meant it when he said, “for better or worse, in sickness and in health, ‘til death do us part.”

There’s no way to know if someone really means what they say when they vow to stay by your side “in sickness and in health.” As in most things, time is the great revealer and will tell the tale. Sometimes, a spouse’s longsuffering stretches across many years but, ultimately, gives out, and often when it’s needed the most.

Through the years, on a number of timely occasions, The Man has taken me aside and assured me that he would never leave me to suffer through an illness alone—be it physical or mental. And while words are just words, I’ve always found comfort in his assurances, and, based on our history thus far, I think it’s safe to take him at his word.

One evening, a while back, we listened as a man talked down to his wife, a woman who struggles with comprehension and speech, due to a devastating illness. It was an awkward situation and I was glad my husband spoke up and said something to divert the conversation, but the incident disturbed us both; we talked about it on the drive home and felt helpless to do anything about it.

Later that same night, as I piddled around getting ready for bed, my husband came to me, cupped my face in his hands and said, “I know I’m not a perfect husband; sometimes I may not treat you right, but I want you to know that what happened tonight will never happen to you.”

His abrupt declaration caught me off guard and for a long while I just stared into his eyes, unable to speak. I know his words were just words, but even on our worst days I still, with all of my heart, believe he means every single one of them.

Well, dear friends, the night is deepening as I type these words. I had no idea what I would be writing when I hobbled into my office to try and drum up a blog post, but there it is, for what it’s worth.

Until next time, in the words of Plato: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.”



  1. My friend,
    So many things to say.
    First...prayers for your healing and your heart.
    Your thoughts on your lovely granddaughter are so very true.
    And sickness and in health...
    I was blessed to witness the most beautiful display of this as my dear father faded from us as Dementia took control. My beautiful mother was beside him every step of the way...loving and caring.
    Blessings my friend...

  2. Praying that this time of illness will be shortened. I have been quite unwell for a month and so what you have said this morning has resonated with me. Your husband sounds like a prince among men and a fine example of what a true husband is. I am sure that you are a great blessing to him as well. Many blessings...

  3. I got tears in my eyes when I read about this encounter between you and The Man...what a treasure you have in him. I am sorry to hear about these issues that have you down and I will remember you when I pray. Thank you for sharing this. {{Hugs}}

  4. Dayle - What a precious husband you have. Praying for your health issues. That is such a precious photo of your granddaughter. Priceless.

    Hoping you feel better real soon.


  5. Oh, Dayle, so sorry you are not feeling well - how awful for you. I have to say, you made me cry with this post - you are so very lucky to have a man like that in your life. Cherish him. xo

  6. Touching post because of its raw honesty. Sending you hugs and prayers because though we can't see or hear it I believe prayer is the most universal connection of all!
    I really hope you feel better soon!
    Hugs. One for you and one for your DARLING granddaughter!!
    Prayer. One for you and one for your hubby! His tenderness choked me right up!!!
    God bless and keep...

  7. My prayers are with you. I am also one of those that have a good man. He has had to put up with my and my panic attacks for over 30 years and not once has he blamed me for the many times I was not able to go places because of them. He has stood by me and not complained at all. We are truly blessed Dayle with the Men in our life.

  8. Dear Dayle ~ Love, hugs and prayers for your healing and for your dear husband as he lovingly takes care of you. God is your strength.


  9. I hope that this illness soon passes. You are, indeed, blessed to have a husband to stand by you. I am so very grateful that our DIL stands by our son as he makes his way through cancer treatment. It is not something that I take for granted.

  10. Prayers for you, sweet Dayle.

    We love you, too, Stan the Man. Take care of our friend for us.

    *lump-in-the-throat* *g'baby pic*


  11. I've had RA for years now and understand the frustrations of physical pain. When you have someone you can count on, it really does make it more bearable. Love the photo and the little dress.

  12. Faithfulness.

    It's a superpower and it does so much good.

    Loved this post!

  13. I know PAIN! It's not easy to live in constant pain.
    I'm lifting you up in prayer because I know what it is like to be overtaken.
    I also know what a supporting husband is. They are blessings and treasures!

  14. So sorry to hear of your struggle. You are in my prayers. Your man is a good man to assure you he will take care of you. I think all of us women worry about that when we face illness. My malady, migraines, caused me to realize how loved I was because I couldn't get out of bed so many days and he helped me get well. Bless you this Easter season and may God heal you quickly!

  15. So sorry, Dayle, for your struggles. But how God has blessed you with a loving husband who stands so closely next to you in these times of trouble. My husband is a kind and thoughtful guy, too, and I never take for granted how he stands by me.

    Prayers for healing.


  16. I'm sorry to hear you've not been feeling well. What a blessing to have a kind and supportive spouse!

  17. Oh, Dayle! I am so sorry you are not feeling well. May God bless you and send the healing you need. Your husband sounds like a kind, gentle soul who is faithful to the core. God has blessed you indeed. And that little granddaughter of yours! Oh, my! She is just precious...what a dear, sweet picture. I can see why those feelings and that sight made you cry. God bless you and keep you and grant all of you a Happy Easter!

  18. Oh I am soo glad I didn't miss this post as I can't tell you how much I identify. My arthritis has escallated soo much recently it seems I hobble everywhere and hurt ALL THE TIME. I have thought many, many time what on earth would I ever do without my husband who waits on me and caters to me and is always there for me. How blessed we've been. So sorry you've been dealing with whatever you have been dealing with, but soo glad you have that man to rely on. Wishing you all a very blessed and happy Easter

  19. I hope you feel better very soon Dayle. Sounds like you are getting the care you need :-) My honey has also shown me how well he can care for me when I'm not well. I do feel blessed to be sharing my life with him.
    Take care

  20. Dayle, this is a post that speaks to all of us, both to be thankful for the kindness shown us by others and as a reminder of how much difference it can make to someone who needs it. My heart goes out to the woman who does not have that, to all who don't.

    Your camera caught a sweet picture of your little granddaughter in the dress her great-grandmother made, of love that went into every stitch and the concentration that shows on the little one's face as she watches her Papaw.

    Feel better soon, Dayle,

  21. I'm so sorry to learn you've been under the weather, Dayle. Better days ahead!

    Arabella Marie's birthday photos are a joy. Wishing you and all those you love a most blessed Easter!

  22. What a dear and good husband you have, to be by your side in your struggles, now and always. Just as Jesus is. Sweet little girl in the photo.

  23. I'm sorry you have not been well. It sounds like you have a wonderful, thoughtful husband. I have no doubt my husband is with me through life's ups and downs, but we don't always tell each other that. The photo of your little granddaughter speaks volumes. So very sweet.

  24. Doyle I simply concur with all these blessed comments you have been given. Prayers of encouragement sent to all of your family and you.

  25. Precious lady there really are men in this world like that-and it sounds like you got one. I did. He never hesitated to embrace anything we faced...for 54+ years-until death us do [did] part.


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