Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Scenes from a Blessed Life ~ And Daddy turns 89

Last Friday, needing to give my feet a rest (another blog for another day, or not), twin sister invited me to hang out at her beautiful home … or maybe I invited myself. I can’t remember which. Anyway, I hadn’t planned to spend the night, but one hour led to six and before we knew it, midnight had come and gone, so I did the prudent thing and borrowed some pjs.

As usual, the evening held laughter, the kind where you hold your stomach and try to catch your breath. It can be the silliest of things that sets us off, but it's like a simultaneous explosion when it happens. This time, it involved the curious language of an auctioneer we were watching on television. A couple of rewinds and we were doubled over. 

Then there are times, when we’re together, that we talk about things we know will make us cry, but we do it anyway. We've both been dealing with personal issues that break the heart and I find such conversations are painful but necessary in the grieving process. For a brief moment in time, emotions are emptied out and the tears have a cleansing effect. It’s a lot like listening to music that is hauntingly beautiful, but you don’t turn it off. The lyrics and melody touch you at the deepest places, evoking feelings that leave you wrung out and done in, but you still listen, because somehow it helps.

Well, enough of the serious stuff. 

My dear daddy turned 89 a couple of weeks ago. How blessed we are that he is still with us, still in his right mind, still able to go and do, even after suffering a major fall in 2012. I’m constantly amazed at Daddy’s strength. His will to live independently is both amazing and a little scary at times. 

One thing I’ve learned, though, is Daddy is going to do what Daddy wants to do and no amount of reasoning will stop him. It's why he fell in 2012, because he refused to stop climbing on a ladder to hang Christmas lights. Some lessons are learned the hard way, and I’m not sure he completely learned it. He may or may not have been back on a ladder since his fall; I’m not asking and don’t even want to know. All I know is, if he falls again, we can say a big, “Sayonara,” because I’m afraid it will certainly be his end. In the meantime, we love him beyond words and would be just as happy if he lived forever.

To help Daddy celebrate, most of the family drove over and shared a meal together, although my pictures don't reflect that. There's nothing better than good food shared with family.

I put together this collage of my handsome daddy through the years. On one hand, if I look too long, it makes me sad, knowing that Daddy's time on earth is swiftly coming to an end. But tomorrow is not promised to any of us, no matter our age. Just this past weekend, a young family was killed by a drunk driver not far from our home. So, on the other hand, I look at these images and smile, thankful that I've had my father all these many years, knowing that no matter what life takes out of us, or how the years take a toll on our bodies, the joys and sweet memories we've shared can never be erased.

Speaking of birthdays, one of my beautiful nieces also has a birthday coming up. In keeping with tradition, those who could gathered for a little birthday dinner, complete with balloons, presents, and cake. Thanks to twin sister for always making occasions at her house extra special. Happy Birthday, beautiful niece! You are loved, always and forever! And I’m so proud of her; she’s recently lost 25 pounds, just by eating healthy and working that Fitbit for all it’s worth. Her husband has lost somewhere around 45 pounds. Don’t they look awesome? They’ve inspired me to lose a few myself. So far, I’ve lost a whopping five pounds. Woot-woot!

Did I tell you my precious grandniece, the one I call sugar plum, has finished kindergarten? A big lump settled square in my throat when I saw this picture pop up on Facebook the other day. I look at her and see all that is good in the world.

Well, dear friends, it is Tuesday as I write. The sun is playing peek-a-boo through the clouds, the air warm and heavy. Laundry is in the washing machine, and this music is pouring out of my speakers. It's one of the many amazing songs written and performed by Gayle Cox and Redeemed years ago (yes, twin sister Gayle), but music is timeless and this song is one of my favorites. By the way, The Man was a guest singer on this project and I remain his biggest fan.

I know this post has run way long. It seems I'm either short of words or can't find a stopping place. If you've made it to the end, thank you and God bless. Your company is always a joy. Until next time, I see the calendar is a week away from June, the year almost half-over, something that takes me by surprise, but there it is. 



  1. Happy Birthday to your wonderful Daddy! I loved seeing snippets of your sister's home, or am I assuming it's her home? And I can't believe your sugar plum is done with kindergarten. It seems she was just a baby a blink ago!

    1. Yes, Elizabeth, it's Gayle's home. Always great to see you here.

  2. I enjoyed reading about your time with your sister. I can relate to those times...laughter and tears with a trusted friend. What a blessing!
    Happy birthday to your dad. What a handsome man he is.
    Enjoy your day.

  3. The collage of your handsome father's pictures is wonderful! You can tell by looking at them that he is a good man, a strong man, and yes, probably a determined man. A very happy birthday to him!

    With 3 younger sisters of my own, I understand how those private talks together can go, how they can be healing even when they bring tears, just as some music does. For me, every autumn, it's September Song, reduces me to sobbing but I love it so much.

    Congratulations to your niece and way to go, young lady!

  4. Aww...what a sweet post. No doubt your daddy had a perfectly enjoyable birthday. Love the black & white collage...what a looker!

  5. I love sharing life with you — good or bad, happy or sad. We both needed that laugh the other night, and it was a killer. :-)

  6. P. S. I love the collage of Daddy. Still the handsomest man I know. :-)

  7. Your are the Queen of the Collages. This one is wonderful. Your dad's smile hasn't changed one bit.
    And look at your mom with the flower in her hair. All you ladies and girls must get your sense of style from her. From Cupcake, Sugar Plum, to all the sisters. Love it!

  8. Oh how I was blessed with my dad for 79 years. Your photos and collages are just gorgeous.

    I think it is so great that you and your sister have such fun times together. My two sisters and I make a point of doing "sister weekends" every few months and always have so much fun. Such blessings.


  9. always a pleasure and treasure...thank-you for a peek into your precious and blessed pieces of heaven on earth!

  10. i enjoyed this as always...Your soo right, your daddy is sure a handsome man, and what a blessing you still have him. Happy birthday to him!

  11. Happy birthday to your precious dad! Lovely pics and lovely family to make lasting memories with.

  12. Happiest of birthdays to your dad - and such a handsome man he is, at any age! Aren't you lucky to have your sister so close - my sisters are both hours away, in two different directions. Life is what it is, though...but enjoy your sister time, sounds like you sure do!

  13. My goodness (and dear God!), but your third paragraph about music and its effect on our mind? ... Here, I've been consumed with curiosity all these years, and in a few words you've provided the perfect answer!

    Happiest belated birthday wishes to your precious daddy. He and your mom are so cute in that collage. (Like they've a secret bustin' to share.)

  14. Happy Birthday to your Dad, and what fun you and your sister always seem to have! I've never had a sister and it's a hole in my heart I've always wanted to fill. Even the very dearest of friends aren't the same. Love your thoughts on music as it is also very dear to me!

  15. Happiest Birthday to your precious father, Dayle. I love the collage - and I can see in his face the kindness of his heart. May he celebrate many more years with his beloved family.



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