Monday, May 2, 2016

What You Missed in April ~ In no Particular Order

Many years ago, two darling little cousins played hard together, but stopped long enough to pose for pictures for their mommies. The blonde one belongs to twin sister; the brunette one is mine. I share these photos because of the little plaid dress mine is wearing.

As a confessed pack-rat, I've saved things from my daughter's childhood, including a number of dresses like this one. I had hoped that one day I would have a granddaughter and would get to, sort of, re-live the past.

That day came in April for our darling Arabella. Although she is younger than her mom was, the dress fit to a tee. 
Memaw was happy.

The Man and I, along with my two sisters, drover over and helped my mother celebrate her birthday in April, then posed for a pic before heading home.

In the food department, twin sister shared a recipe for Mexican chicken soup. I made it and "yummy" doesn't begin to describe it.

I tried my hand at making quiche. If you ever thought eating quiche was eating light, think again. Total deliciousness though, and I've made several varieties since the first attempt and they all turned out scrumptious.

One Sunday afternoon in April, I drove cupcake down the street to visit with her Aunt Gayle, whom she completely adores; I have no doubt she would move in if her mommy would let her. Gayle captured these precious images and wrote a poignant blog post about their time together.

Sometimes, you just need to get away with your sisters, so when twin sister asked if big sis and I would like to join her on the Island (all expenses paid), we were on it, lickety-split. The San Luis Resort never disappoints, but it can't compare to the company of loved ones.

When I backed down the driveway of twin sister's home one evening in April. A full moon could be seen through the trees, big and bright; God's nightlight, I like to call it. As I always do when I leave her house, I said a simple prayer. It's always the same prayer, specifically for her, and I end with a praise to the God of the impossible, the One who took nothing and made everything. And so, on this night, I said my simple prayer, then stopped and rolled down my window to get better glimpse of the moon. I never take good pictures of a full moon, but on impulse I reached for my camera and this was the results. When I looked at it, the way the light of the moon made a cross, I took it as a sign from God, a message from Him to my sister, a message we all need to hear from time-to-time: You are never alone.

As you can see, I've saved the best for last. Oh my ... I can't even. These two are too adorable for words, at least that's Memaw's opinion.

Until next time, dear friends, this post has been all over the map, but there it is. Thank you so much for hanging out with me. Your company is cherished.



  1. Love the dress!!!!!
    I have saved special dresses from my girls as well.
    Hoping someday to see them on grand babies. : )
    Have a cozy day!

  2. I'm another one who has saved special dresses. It's such a treat to see them worn again.

  3. I love when my granddaughters can wear their mommy's dresses especially the ones I made for Rebekah. Nora is now wearing the only dress I ever smocked for Rebekah. I cannot wrap my mind around that, but it's so. It looks like April was a blessed month. I pray you continue to see His goodness in every single day. Hugs.

  4. So nice of you to share those precious pics of the grandkids with us. What a blessing to have saved that adorable dress! It's a keeper for sure. Love the pic of the moon that reminds us of His love!

  5. They don't make dresses this cute anymore . . . well, I guess they do, but the story behind it makes it extra-cute! The moon photo is gorgeous and touching. Now . . . on to a happy May!

  6. I love "the blonde one"—all my heart, and "the brunette one," too. Arabella is pure heaven in that little dress. Love those photos so much, and love HER!! She makes Aunt Gayle smile real smiles. I dressed little Audrey in one of her mother's onesies, once upon a time. She looked so precious in it, too. Thank you for the prayers over me and my house, and I loved the moon, making a cross. God never leaves us, and I'm grateful.

  7. What a great month you had!! That moon shot is awesome...and those grandchildren of yours, wowzers, too cute for words!!

  8. I sometimes observe that these "random" kind of posts seem to be some of the best. btw I too am a sentimental "saver of things" from years past. I held onto a wonderful red [like your little one's] Dress. My daughter was wearing it in a photo we had made together when she was about 12 or 14 yrs old. My thought process went like this: Maybe just maybe one of hers will wear it one day. Now l know how to make that happen-Gramma puts it on them and takes the pictures.

  9. What fun photographs! I confess that I've saved a few of my daughters' dresses--our first grandson will be a boy, though, so I'll have to wait awhile to try them on a grand child!

  10. Oh, I have so many comments. I'll try to limit my words!
    First of all, those two cousins are adorable.
    Oh, those snuggle pictures, cute.
    Look at your MOM! Style'n!
    The picture of Gayle's home, with the moon is beautiful but what really made it so wonderful, it that you pray for her when you leave... ~sigh~
    And now for the two adorables, you are right, no words.

  11. A wonderful post-all over the map! Those children are beyond beautiful. However, so are you and your sisters and sweet families. What a blessing to have family like that in your life. Great moon shot- a cross that is a sign from God for sure.
    Blessings to you and your sweet Cupcake! (and everyone else) xo Diana

  12. Dayle - Wonderful post. Precious children especially that darling little girl in her plaid dress. Isn't that a special time? I have two sisters whom I adore and love to spend time with and feel so blessed that I have them. I pray for them both daily. Sisters are special friends.


  13. Oh, my! I agree with you....they are just living dolls. I loved reading about your adventures and life! And, it is SO sweet how you pray for Gayle when you leave her house. What precious sisters you are to one another! God bless you, sweet friend. :)

  14. Oh my goodness, Dayle. What a charming and adorable post. That dress! The moon with the cross of light! The memories! All so poignant and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. Susan


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