Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday's Photos : Scenes from a Blessed Life

Dear friends, the week has been painted with shades of gray. As I write, The Man is trying to finish mowing the front lawn, amidst great claps of thunder. I do hope he makes it in before the downpour.

Since my writing slate seems to be blank these days, I decided that, instead of trying to force words to come, I would share some random photos with whomever may be out and about in blogland today. There may be more than a few photos of my darling granddaughter, Arabella, my precious cupcake. Consider yourself warned.

But first, if you’ve followed me here for very long, you know I have a grand-niece that I call sugar plum, and I love her dearly. Can you believe she is entering first grade in a few days? Last week, her Nanna (my big sister) posted this picture on Facebook and I loved the story behind it. After sugar plum finished playing and singing a little tune, my sister said, “Ainsley, you are a great songwriter,” to which sugar plum replied, “Nanna, I just write them as they come.” I got a big laugh out of that. Perhaps she will take after her Aunt Gayle when it comes to songwriting. 

Our darling Arabella will soon be 18-months old. She is a lover of books.

Most of her books belonged to her mother, but she has a few new ones, as well. Did I mention there's another whole tub of books in the attic? There is.

We have read to cupcake almost since she was born. I remember one evening, when she was just a wee little thing, not even walking yet, I started quoting the beginning lines from Goodnight Moon, a book I'd read to her many times: "In the great green room there was a telephone and a red balloon and a picture of ... a cow jumping over the moon." Immediately, she stopped what she was doing, crawled over to her stash of books, and pulled out Goodnight Moon. Have you ever?

It seems that every time she gets quiet I find her with something to read in her hands. As a lover of books myself, and a writer, nothing could thrill me more.

Her vocabulary is growing almost daily, but, so far, she still calls every letter in the alphabet A. Anytime she sees letters anywhere, on menus, on billboards, on the side of a bus, she points and says, "A." I love it! I told her A is for "Adorable Arabella."

Another of her favorite activities is watching children's music videos with her Aunt Gayle. Seeing these two together warms my heart.

Before The Man and I left on our anniversary getaway a few weeks ago, we had the RV in the driveway. The last time Arabella was  in the motor-home, she was four-months old, too young to know what was going on, but this time, oh boy ... she was completely entranced. It was hot as hoot in there but I thought I was not going to get her out of it! And she only went kicking and screaming, believe me.

I clearly remembered both of the grand-nieces being just as captivated by the idea of playing in the motor-home. I couldn't resist making this collage of their adorableness.

In other news, on Tuesday, The Man and I went over to spend the day with my parents. In the afternoon, I drove Mother to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. Before we reached the counter, the pharmacist saw us and called out, “Hello, Mrs. Allen. How are you today?” Mother returned her greeting warmly and said, “I have my daughter with me today.” That’s when the pharmacist said, “I’m sure you know it, but you have the sweetest mother.” I couldn’t agree more. I love my mama no end.

And I love these two beyond words. Our precious Julian is now in middle-school. Unbelievable!

Last but not least on the "love" list, twin sister and I stopped and ate supper at Cracker Barrel on the way to church Wednesday evening. The Man and I have a tradition that we never leave a Cracker Barrel without sitting a spell in a rocking chair, so Gayle and I carried out the tradition in his absence.

Until next time, sweet friends, I'm afraid I overdid the photos. Please forgive. Here's wishing you all a terrific Friday and a peaceful weekend.



  1. "I just write them as they come," how beautiful and real is that?

    Both of these girls are darling. And pictures of them are stories that stand alone. But your goodnight moon story squeezed my heart because of all the nights long ago when I read it to mine, and now our "baby" is reading it to his.

  2. There is no such thing as overdoing the photos. I enjoyed seeing every one.

  3. All the pics made me sigh. One in particular made me catch my breath a little. Time marches on, doesn't it? Each day is a gift.

  4. Precious photos, and how we all love Goodnight Moon!

  5. Your photos truly speak happiness and blessings ♥

  6. I always enjoy seeing photos of your beautiful family and your love for them is expressed beautifully in your words.

  7. You did not overdo the photos! I love photos, especially when they are of your sweet Arabella and grand-nieces. And your mama! She just looks like the sweetest lady. You are so blessed!

  8. Oh, no, I don't think you overdid the photos at all! I love looking at pictures, and it is always a joy to peek into your days. Thank you for sharing your life here, and I pray God blesses you and every person you love with much health, happiness, and peace.

  9. I.

    Summertime *hugs*

  10. You absolutely did not overdo it on the photos! Every single photo is a joy to look at. You have a beautiful family! And the closeness you all share is even more beautiful.


  11. What a beautiful family you have!!!! I love seeing all these peeks into your life - thanks for sharing with us!!

  12. I'm a grandma and I say you can never overdo photos especially of the kiddos :)


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