Monday, August 22, 2016

Life Changes Us

Dear friends, it is Monday again. I had planned to blog during the week but the week wore me out. It seems my body has been dictating my activities lately, and in my spare time I find myself resting more than usual. Perhaps that comes with aging, and we're all doing enough of that around here. 

Last week, The Man had a birthday, so, in ordinary fashion, we celebrated him, the middle brother, awesome husband, amazing father, outstanding grandfather. 

I'm an avid collector of old photos and probably have hundreds in my family collections. They remind me of simpler times.

Whenever someone in the family has a birthday, I decorate the dining room table with photos and memorabilia, with fresh flowers, a “Happy Birthday” banner, and an occasional balloon bouquet. I fell in love with this image of Arabella staring at an old photo of her Papaw, probably wondering just who it was we were celebrating. I remember that man in the photo, but she has no idea.

Time has a way of changing things, from how we look to what we think. Life's experiences influence us, shape us. In a single day we can experience great joy and deep sorrow. Our lives are always subject to change. 

That brings me to this: My heart has been so heavy this week for the good people in south Louisiana whose lives have been devastated by flood waters, including personal friends of ours. One day they were in the comforts of their homes, the next day, the waters rose so quickly not much could be saved. 

Pets, precious children, newborn babies, senior citizens, handicapped people. Tens of thousands had to be evacuated and placed in shelters across the area. Businesses, churches, schools, many unable to open because of flood waters. 

Here's a snippet taken from Facebook, written by someone we know, and a photo of their home. Floods are heartbreaking. Here, we have experienced our share of flooding, as recent as April, but our home has never flooded, and I can't imagine how it feels.

My FRIENDS...🙏🏽💔 I live on the edge of East Baton Rouge the outskirts of Livingston Parish. Central, LA is 2 miles minimum from the Comite River💙. And about 5-6 miles from the Amite River💙 In Flood Zone X. I never flooded. And when my home was built 8 years ago was told I was second highest elevation in the CityPeople would always say to me, you're built high, if you ever flood, the entire city will be drowned! Well. It happened. And it did💔 We lost everything😳 Our home had 5.5 feet of the Comite River in it for 90+ hours💙 imagine this... 💔You take everything you own, one item or shovel load or backhoe load💔 Every piece of furniture, every keepsake, everything, every memory People are putting all of their belongings by the road & looks like a war zone. 💜Just like the footage I've seen in Serbia... Iraq...📣💜Blackhawk helicopters plucking people off of rooftops. 💚Fishermen or sportsmen in their private boats, with their own gas, rescuing person after person💛People being turned away at overfilled shelters💙It is heartbreaking. It's gut wrenching😢 and the majority...have the wrong type of insurance to cover this type devastationSo technically, No insurance. It's heartbreaking at best💔 It is truly a disaster💙 Prayers are more than welcome. Nothing was spared. So goods and drugs stores, and groceries are in very short supply😳 one station owner got his gas delivery (10,000 gallons) in the morning and hours later, completely out of gas💔 It is like living in a NIGHTMARE  Words cannot express the destruction💙 Thank you for your prayers for our state... Cajun Paradise prayers appreciated

I gathered the following photos from various sites online. I don't know who to give credit to. I only know I cannot look at them without tears springing to my eyes.

Such events change our lives, but one thing cannot be changed and that is the sovereignty and faithfulness of God. In sickness, in health, in heartbreak, in joy, in loss, in abundance, in grief, in human weakness, in wealth, in financial ruin, in both the desolate and prosperous seasons of life, God remains Godfaithful and sovereign. As a believer, that is what keeps me steady, what keeps me joyful, even in troubling times.

It is Sunday evening as I write. The weekend did not go as I had hoped but my blessings are abundant; I can't complain. I have been wishing for sunshine on my skin, and, with any luck at all, we may get a sunny day or two this week. Fingers crossed.

Until next time, dear friends, please pray for Louisiana, and for all of those who are donating their time and energy to help the flood victims, and please ask your friends and churches to pray also. Thank you!



  1. Dear Dayle,
    I have tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat after seeing these images and reading the words from FB. I don't know what made me more upset, the aged & infirm, the babies or the pets??
    God Bless the all.
    Take care

  2. Those poor people. It almost defies understanding when the devastation is so enormous.

  3. Thanks for writing this. Amazing how our lives can change so quickly. And here I'm wishing for rain when I should be thankful my home is safe and life pretty normal. I too love old photos. In fact I'm working on a project with my mother's old albums, scanning pictures for a book for my sister. Love the stories they tell. Each one is worth a lot because maybe only one photo is taken of an event---so we glean all we can. Not like today when we snap endless digital images!

  4. Our lives can change in an instant. I appreciate your post too and hope this week brings sunshine to those that need it. And I am praying for those that are suffering. Hugs, Diane

  5. The flood in Louisiana reminds me of what we went through in tropical storm Allison ... 35 inches of rain in a short time ... the storm just kept circling over the area. My heart aches for these folks.

    Lovely way to celebrate a birthday at your home. Beautiful family photos.

  6. These photos are heartbreaking. Thank you for sharing this post so that we can pray. The mother kissing her baby's head while feeding her brought tears to my eyes. I hope that sunshine will return to Louisiana, and that there will be relief for these dear people.

  7. Oh those poor people. My heart just breaks for all of them. The losses are honestly just unimaginable. I have been praying for them all, but this just reinforces my intent and efforts. Hope you have a good week!

  8. I will never forget watching the news footage what seemed to go on forever when Katrina hit. Although the loss of life is not as great, the devastation is horrific. I can't even imagine what it must be like for those people...but I do know that God is at work in ways that we don't even know. Thank you for sharing these photos on your post as a reminder to be praying.

  9. Happy Birthday to the Man. I love your idea with the pictures. I have been watching tv and praying for those in the flood areas. We had a terrible flood in our state just last month. Things are still not back to normal and I don't think they will be anytime soon. So many lost everything.

  10. Our poor, broken world. How my heart grieves over this devastation in Louisiana. May God bring the comfort that only He can give. I am glad that He is close to the brokenhearted and the crushed in spirit - for these people are certainly that.

    Hope you're feeling better, Dayle. And Happiest Birthday to your dear husband.


  11. My tears have not fully disappeared for days now ... usually, it's the little animals that tear at my heart. (Yes, ALL lives matter.)

    Love that photo of Arabella staring at her PaPaw's photo. She's stunning in yellow, isn't she?

  12. Happy birthday to your man!

    It was last November when we were watching people in our state struggle to get out of homes from flood waters. You are right. It is devastating. Praying for them all.

  13. yes, Louisiana is flooded...Calif is burning in West Texas, we are doing well. We always appreciate every drop of water we get...but the 3 digit temps have passed and we are thankful for that....

  14. As usual, the churches in the area are springing into action and my church will be the drop off point this week for the community outpouring of supplies. We are forming "muck-out" teams to go over and physically help and do what we can. I lived through a week of mess and no electricity with hurricane Ivan, but this is far worse. Water damage will bring years of mold and health problems. It's just heartbreaking.

  15. Heartbreaking. Can't even imagine. Prayers for all involved. Thank you for the beautiful reminder that no matter what, God is faithful and sovereign. We are in the midst of a storm in our lives . . . three weeks ago my mom was diagnosed with "you know what" in her colon. She has surgery on Thursday (August 25th). I woke up that morning with no idea what the end of the day would bring. But thank God nothing catches him off guard. Blessings from Missouri!

  16. Happy and sad photos. God is faithful. Sylvia D.

  17. Oh dear... I hope for the best for the Louisiana too ♥

  18. First of all, Happy Birthday to your hubby! May God bless the two of you with many more happy birthdays to celebrate, and may you always be able to celebrate them together. And, that Arabella! Oh, my word...she just gets cuter by the day. That picture of her staring at her Papaw!!! It made me sad when you said you remember that man, but she has no idea. It made me feel that twinge of getting older and seeing my own sweet husband get older and the way things used to be. You are so right, time does change us. It is a thief. We just have to make the most of each day we are given, for we never know when it will come to an end for us. Those dear people in LA! Oh, my word! Those pictures! I am just so heartbroken right along with looks like what happened in WV in June. Surely there is much to pray for. Thank you for all you do is always a deep comfort for me to come by here.

  19. The flood is devastating, hard to imagine the losses and how people are surviving. Praying for them.


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