Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday Musings ~ Notes from the Weekend

Saturday, the rains came. For weeks, I had yearned for a rainy day, or a rainy night, and when it came, I exhaled. In the evening, I opened a window, picked up a book from the nightstand, and sat in my bed reading for the longest time. There’s something magical about the sound of rain falling, the scent of it in the air. It captivates me every time.

I feel pained to speak of rain in a positive light, as those to the east are dealing with historic rising flood waters; personal friends have escaped with their lives but maybe not much more. My neck of the woods knows what it’s like to deal with major flooding and my prayers are with those in harm’s way.

Please pray for the flood victims in Louisiana and surrounding areas. If you watch this video, you may need a Kleenex. Such devastation brings heartbreak and months and months of trying to restore and clean up the aftermath. Lives are never the same. The governor's latest estimate is that 10,000 people are in shelters and 20,000 have been rescued. The worst may not be over yet.


On Sunday, I received unsettling news, the kind of news that sends you to your knees in prayer. If I’ve learned anything at all in life, it’s that there is power in prayer. We don’t always get the answers we seek, but sometimes we do. Prayers are never wasted. We grow from them and find strength for the journey. One thing is sure: We can trust the One who leads the way.

As I wrote that sentence, I remembered so well one winter morning when my daughter was just a little girl. It was my day to driver her to school and, as usual, I cranked up the car and reached for her hand. "Let's pray, while the car warms up, Anna," I told her.

Closing her eyes, my daughter joined me in a simple prayer that went something like this: "Thank you Lord for all of your blessings, for waking us up this morning and for warm clothes to wear. I ask you to keep your hand on Anna today at school. Give her wisdom in her work and help her to be kind to others, Lord. In Jesus Name, Amen."

I backed down the driveway, and rolled to the stop sign at the corner.

"Mama," Anna said. "I could see Jesus while you were praying."

"You could?" 

"I could," she said. "I could see Him putting His hand on me, and I could see Him walking in front of me."

My heart skipped a beat. For here was this little child who fully realized that Jesus must lead the way. She didn't see Him behind her or beside her, but walking in front of her, and therein lies a great lesson for us all: If Jesus is not leading the way, we’re on our own, but if He is leading the way, we have nothing to fear.

On a lighter note, if you don’t think a year makes a difference, just consider the two images of our darling Arabella below:

The one on the left was taken August 2, 2015; the one on the right on August 2, 2016. Oh, these precious days, here and then gone so soon. I'm squeezing all of the sweetness out of every single day that I can, making memories to last a lifetime.

Well, dear friends, I had intended to write more, but it is late Sunday evening as I write and I seem to be on empty. Until next time, thanks for keeping me company. It means ever so much.



  1. A year makes such a difference. Chubby little legs stretch out and before you know it the one year old is up and running!

  2. Unsettling news that sends us to our knees - yes, I know of what you speak. May the Lord be close to all of us when we battle fear and uncertain times. He is the Author of Peace, and we desperately need Him.

    I love how Anna saw Jesus. I remember as a child, how vividly real Jesus was to me. It's sad how life sometimes beats that feeling out of us. But, with His help, I'm picturing Him holding me, comforting me, walking by my side, and once in a while just giving me a big 'ol smile!!

    Arabella, so precious. They grow up too fast, don't they? I recently viewed some older photos of my granddaughter, and I cannot believe how much she's changed! Oh, though the days go by quickly, may we cherish each and every moment!!


  3. LOVE how Anna saw Jesus...and such truth written here Yes they grow up soo fast and we must squeeze as you said every moment out of it we can. A year makes such a big difference. Have a good week!

  4. Praying with you, Dayle. That God will giv eyou peace and comfort in it all.
    The flooding. How devastating! We had some here before, but it's always heartbreaking to see how quickly it all can change.
    Arabella is a cutie pie. Seriously. How can she be that big? We were discussing the Olympics and when I realized the next Summer Olympics would be in 2020, I drew in a breath and tried not to think about it. Ethan will be a high school graduate by then if the Lord so wills. Wow.

  5. First of all, your beautiful bedroom is so cozy, and I imagine it is a wonderful place to read and listen to the rain fall. Secondly, the flooding! Oh, it just breaks my heart, after witnessing what happened to White Sulphur Springs, WV. I do trust Jesus to protect and bless these dear ones and hold them close! I am SO sorry to hear of your unsettling news, and I hope God will work all of this situation out beyond what you can ask or even think. And, dear Arabella! Oh, my, that little face! She is just so precious!!! I loved the story of when your daughter was precious! God bless you, my friend. It is always a blessing to come and visit with you here!

  6. Your words have touched me, deep in my heart. We all know what sorrow feels like. God has used you and shown us that we all need to PRAY.
    Thank you for sharing your precious memories with us.

  7. I enjoy a bit of rain every now and then too. We here in southwest Idaho get virtually not a drop from May through October. Oh, how we desperately need it to put out fires and to clear up our smoky skies. Too much rain in Louisiana, too little here. Wish we could help each other out.

    There certainly is power in prayer. Please know I am lifting you and your situation to the Lord.


  8. I enjoy a cozy, rainy evening myself...
    And I so enjoyed your memories of praying with your girl.
    So beautiful!
    Yes. Those baby days are fleeting.
    I know that even as hard as we try to live in each moment, and strive to keep them close, those babies grow. And change. I finally reassured myself with the knowledge that I did, in fact, savor every moment. Even if now I may not remember them all. : ) Hugs!

  9. I know the power in prayer will fill your emptiness.

  10. Love the story about the prayer in the car. Children . . . what more can you say? Their hearts are so pure and honest. No wonder they see Christ.

  11. A comforting post when comfort is most needed by so many, and don't most of us fall into that category so often. And may we all have the faith of Anna as a child.

    The picture of your bedside makes my own heart calmer.

  12. Oh, the faith of a little child...wouldn't it be wonderful if we could grasp it so easily like they do? Your words always bring such comfort :)

  13. Hello Dayle. Arabella is so lovely----just a sweet darling girl. Your bedroom is very beautiful, too! I love listening to rain pelting the windows and feeling cozy in a dry and softly lit room. Susan


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