Monday, October 24, 2016

Considering a Change, and a Question for You

Dear friends, I have been batting an idea around for several months and here it is: I’m thinking of making big changes to my blog, only leaving it up as a professional presence online, rather than a space to document my personal life. 

Before making a final decision, I have a question:

Have any of you had books made from your blog? 

Doing the "blog2print" thing is something I would consider doing, prior to deleting my blog posts, in order to maintain the parts of my life that aren’t recorded in a journal somewhere, specifically, from the time of my granddaughter’s birth in 2015. It would kinda sorta replace scrapbooking, if you will, since I'm only a year-and-a-half behind.

When I shared the idea of calling it quits with twin sister, her question to me was, “Why?” I gave her a couple of quick reasons, but after thinking about it longer I think the main reason is because I’m lacking fresh inspiration. It’s as if everything I want to say I've already said. Oh, I could whine that I don’t have time to blog, and sometimes that's close to the truth, but if I had fresh inspiration I would make time, because that’s what we do; we make time for the things, and the people, we consider important.

If I were to shut down the blogging aspect of my space, I would still be around on Facebook and would welcome you to join me there, where I'm already friends with a few of my blogging buddies. 

In the next few weeks, I plan to come to a decision about this. In the meantime, sweet kindred spirits, any input or advice you might have would be considered and appreciated.



  1. Please let me know how you make out with blog2print. I've contemplated doing the same thing because mine is a sort of poetic journal!

    To everything there is a season,
    A time for every purpose under heaven:

    Best wishes with whatever time brings...Though I'm not an avid facebooker, I'd love to be a FB friend if you leave here.

    We have kind of a kinship with our blogworld, don't we? That's why its hard to make some decisions quickly.

  2. I have never printed out any of my blogs, but I know people who have. Most have used something called "blurb," and they have been very happy with it.

    I have deleted whole blogs before, and I have always regretted that I didn't save my writings somehow, so you are very wise to be thinking this through.

    My relationship with FB is very much a love/hate one. I am currently in the "hate" stage, largely because of the nasty political posts which seem to dominate my feed. I have deactivated my account for now, but I will go back at some point (post-election), and I would love to connect with you there.


  3. Well, for one thing--I have loved following your blog. I like it because you are real, down-to-earth and write beautifully. I took a long break from blogging in the last year when hubby was sick and I found that I didn't record many of the small, sweet precious moments of life that happened. I don't think you need brand new creative ideas when you write from the heart, Dayle.

    Only YOU can make the call as to whether the time has come to move on. I know a lot of people have stopped blogging with the advent of FB and Instagram. There are a few of us old dinosaurs that have hung in there but we are getting fewer and fewer.

    I have felt like I really connected to things you have said and have lived with you through the downs (blogging about parents) and the ups (Sweet little Cupcake). I know you will make the right decision.

    I have never had my blog put into book form although I have thought about it. Hm...that would be quite an undertaking at this point for me, I think. xo Diana

  4. OK... this is going to be an emotional comment because I am affected by what I've read.
    We, you and I, go back a long way. I almost feel we grew into this season of life together. With that said, most of my seasoned blogging friends have left their posts.
    I understand the "Why's", but can't get over saying good-by. It is emotional. I also find the unknown, the personal life of the friend who stops blogging, is left me dangling and unfinished. It's a grieving process that sometimes leaves me with even more questions.

    What ever you decide, I send my prayers and blessing to you and your whole family.

    I will miss reading about your mother and dad (blessings to me more then you know), adventures trips with The Mister and of course Arabella, Cupcake. I have loved reading and feeling the love you have for your sisters. Not having one, I often lived through you.

    You have encouraged me, lifted me up, carry me through and left me full of wonderful words, all inspired by God. I have learned from you that PRAYER is important and effective. Your walk with Jesus shines through and I will miss seeing that!

    You have been my Sister in Christ!

  5. Why can't you just create a separate professional blog in addition to your personal blog? I understand time is always an issue, but I do find that Facebook is not as intimate as personal blog journal. Also, if one of my FB friends posts more than a few of sentences my attention span is slim and I move on to the next picture. I come on the blog-o-sphere to read great blogs like yours and to write my own feelings on my own blog (whenever I have time). Good luck with whatever you decide.

  6. You have to do what the Lord is leading you to do but if you left blog land, I would miss you dearly even though we are facebook buds. Your posts are blessings to me and I love hearing about your family and I enjoy the photos so much. I think your posts, even when you share older ones, speak to your readers' hearts :)

  7. Personally, selfishly I'd be really sad to see "A Collection" go by the way.
    No, I've not considered blog2print because my early posts were so dog-gone sophomoric.

    I sense you're not the type to make any hasty decisions, and trust you'll follow your heart. But I'd love to hook up with you sometime on FB!

  8. Well considering yours is one of my favorite to stop by I'd be sad to see you go, but I do understand your reasons. I HAVE printed a few years of mine into books, but I am behind right now. At least 3 years. I absolutely LOVE having the books to look back on and read and my kids are already fighting over who gets them. What I am wondering is WHY do you have to delete all the old posts. I've wondered if I have to print mine, or leave forever on the web where my kids and grandkids can ALL read someday if they want to. I do like and have done many times looking back over the years to remember where we went for a certain holiday or what was happening etc. I have even found other members of my family have done it too because almost everything that was important is documented since I started. I always think I might stop, but then I press on for these reasons. Good luck with your decision.

  9. There are so many different reasons for blogging and I have changed my opinion on why I am keeping up with my blog a few times myself. What you say makes sense to me. I always tell my blogging buddies who are considering a big change that nothing is written in stone. If it doesn't work out the way you hope, you can change your mind. It is a woman's preogative after all. Blessings to you whatever you decide in the near term.

  10. Dear Dayle! Oh, this makes me SO sad! I know you have to do what God is leading you to do, but I am just saying that I would miss you so much. I truly would. You and Gayle have become very big encouragers to me, and I feel like I know you both. I loved doing your Inner Views, and I cherish the fact that you will both forever be a part of that (I am hoping to make THAT into a book one day, the Inner Views, I mean, but would only include the ones who agree to it, of course...another whole subject). I have never done the blog to print thing...I have no idea how much something like that would cost, so I guess I just assume I couldn't afford it, LOL! But, if you do decide to do that, I would love to know the details and how satisfied you are with it. I understand that you feel a new season opening up, and I just trust Jesus to guide you into it and give you the wisdom you need. I am not on facebook, so I wouldn't be able to keep in touch there and would just have to depend upon you stopping by my blog to stay connected. I know you will do the right thing. Sending you much love, much gratitude for every time I have been able to stop by here and be encouraged, and many hugs!

  11. Please don't stop. Your blog makes me happy. Blessings

  12. I've been having difficulties leaving comments on some of the blogger sites lately, but I think it's my computer's fault, not yours — but please know I've been around, just unable to comment.

    And as for your blog, I understand the complexities of sharing information and finding the time to get it all down, but I do enjoy your writing. If there were another way to find it, I'd gladly follow you there.

  13. I have printed my blog into two volumes so far using blog2print. I wish I could have printed all the comments too, but that was going to be too expensive. I'm really happy to have them on my shelf.
    How about just taking a blogging break? Your blog friends will still be here when you get back. And any decision you make doesn't have to be final. Best to you, Deborah

  14. My dear sister/friend, I would miss your blog terribly. Although I don't comment on each one, I do read each of them. As I've shared with you in the past, your writings have encouraged me and have been exactly what I needed to press onward when giving up seemed easier.

    Follow your heart and what you feel God wants. I really think he wants you to keep on blogging! Sending much love and hugs to you, Dayle.

  15. It's a question we all ask ourselves, even those of us who aren't professional writers, because we have to count the cost of anything that takes so much time. And exactly why we lose so many delightful blogger friends. I'm not familiar with the blog2print but I've always printed out my posts simply because they have taken the place of the stacks of handwritten journals I kept for years.

    I hope you do decide to stay here!

  16. I missed this! I don't Facebook so I would miss you terribly. I told my family I want to print my blog just because it holds the memories of 9 years, my scrapbooking. If you do find out the best way to do that, please share. I have no fresh material. I began blogging three days a week that became a theme for each day as you well know. I think it's boring for others to read other than family, though I do have a few friends who keep up with me that way. So I keep trudging on. When I think about giving up I go back to old posts and whether it makes me laugh or cry I decide to keep at it. Continue blogging? It would be wonderful to keep reading here.

  17. Oh my oh my I would miss your blog in the biggest way. I treasure the inspiration it often brings to me.


Dear Readers, I adore your company and your comments. If you ask questions here, I respond to them here, so please check back when you have a chance. Kind regards, Dayle