Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November Blessings ... and Photos Galore

November has been filled with blessings, and we've still got another week left, but in case I don't get around to blogging between now and then, here is a look at a few of mine. I should warn you, however, there are tons of photos.

I blogged earlier about The Man and I taking a trip to Branson and what a relaxing time away it was. Here we're enjoying the beauty of Lake Tanneycomo, and the gorilla was totally The Man's idea. The day before we headed home, we visited Silver Dollar City, which is always a treat and the Christmas lights, always amazing. 

But ... it was the coming home that brought the most joy, as at least one person was completely and utterly delighted to see her Memaw and Papaw, after eleven days of not seeing us. 

If you have a few seconds, this is what a homecoming should look like.



Here are more November blessings, a pictorial overload. 

You've been warned.

Memaw and Arabella, out and about on a gorgeous autumn day. As we drove from place to place, she clapped her hands to her favorite CD and randomly shouted, "YAY!" At a traffic light, I sneaked a peek at her, and said, "Arabella, Memaw wouldn't trade days with anyone in the world." I don't think she understood my words, but she let out a little giggle just the same.

Big Sis and brother-in-law have a lovely new dwelling place and we couldn't be happier about it. One weekend in November, my parents drove over to visit with them. All who could make it gathered one evening, and then again for a short time the next day. 

The evening was filled with family singing and the playing of instruments, as there is a fabulous music room in the front of the house. Big Sis is an incredibly talented organist/keyboardist, and has instruments galore in her home. Before it was over, we took turns playing something or other and enjoyed the company and fellowship of family. 

I look at my dear parents, dad is 89 and my mother is 84, and I know time isn't on our side. I'm so grateful every day for their presence in my life, for the prayers they pray for me and for making my world a much better place.

One sweet Sunday morning in November, this.
I don't know why my hair looks so black; in real life it isn't.

Arabella adores her Bubba, and we do too.

Cupcake, especially charming in another dress made by my mother's loving hands.

Cupcake with her beloved Aunt Gayle, sharing the backseat.

Memaw and cupcake, in sepia tones.


Perhaps the sweetest trip ever made in Cloud Nine took place last weekend. Papaw and I have been wanting to take Arabella on a short trip, just the three of us. Her mother finally said OK so we headed to the Island for two days, a perfect getaway not far from home. With her carseat securely installed, cupcake and her baby had a great view of the road.

Ba-Ba had his own special place to see the world.

Friday afternoon was warm enough to stroll along the seashore.

After checking in with Mama on her little phone, it was time for a nap. I can't even.

In the evening, the wind blew fiercely outside, the air cooling down, but inside all was cozy. Coloring with Memaw is always a favorite activity.

Saturday morning, I awoke beside the cutest bed buddy ever. After getting dressed, we headed out to IHOP for breakfast.

Dear friends, I cannot explain the tender moments that passed between us during our two days away, the kind of moments that live only in the heart. One such moment occurred Saturday morning. 

As we waited for our breakfast, Arabella sat at the end of the table in a high-chair situated between us. All of a sudden, she reached over and patted Papaw on the hand and said, "Papaw." Then she reached over and patted my hand and said, "Memaw." Then she patted her little chest and said, "Me." And I wish you could have seen the look on her precious face, a look of pure giddy love as she smiled wide at both of us. 

In moments such as these, I'm not sure how much love one heart can hold, and I don't know how we got so blessed to have such love and devotion. No matter what may be wrong in our lives, we look at her and it all fades away.

After breakfast, we bundled up against the wind and took another stroll to look at the beach. Arabella loves talking about the "wa-wa."

It's clear who the photographer was on this trip, as most of the pictures do not include me, but I was happy to oblige, because I never get tired of seeing these two together.

In the afternoon, a nap. 

I can't even.

The flash didn't wake either of them up. 😊

While the two of them slept, I walked outside and captured images of the evening sky.

After a simple supper of pizza, followed by a lot of playing and reading and coloring, we took a drive down the seawall and waited for the 10:53 PM rise of the moon. Although it wasn't a full moon, if you know me, you know I'm a lover of all things heavenly and I keep up with certain things on occasion, like when the sun is setting or the moon is rising. If you ever want to know what time the moon or sun will rise and set, just Google, "moon rise time today" or something similar, and you'll get to the "time-and-date" website. If it doesn't open to your area, there's a field where you can name the city you're in.

You'd never believe it, but what you see below is the rising of the moon out of the water. It was a black night, we were far away, and my camera is not one that can capture moons or things in the dark very well, but I zoomed up anyway and captured this orange phenomenon coming out of the water, a sight to behold.

All too soon our two-day getaway was coming to an end. I can't remember when I enjoyed anything more. It was perfect in every way, including the drive home.

Until next time, sweet friends, no matter what is troubling me, I don't want to lose sight of the blessings in my life, for they are countless.

Here's wishing you all a blessed and bountiful Thanksgiving Day.



  1. What a wonderful trip. We have no grandchildren yet, but they sure look like FUN!!! Yes, you are blessed. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!

  2. You have such a wonderful Grandma's heart!
    How fun to finally experience a trip with Arabella. What great weather, too.
    Lots of moving pictures in this post but my favorite is the one with Papaw and Cupcake and her little finger is pointing. Then the one of them walking away... sweet!
    I think it's so much fun to have all these fun nicknames for everyone!
    Good to see your mom and dad. I have "adopted" them!

  3. What a beautiful experience all the way around. A treasure to read through this--from your thoughts about your parents to the trip with Cupcake. Those sleeping pictures of her are just precious. I have to tell you I totally teared up reading about her patting both your hands in IHOP. How precious and perfect is the love of an innocent child.
    Beautiful family, Dayle-including you and hubby! xoDiana

  4. Oh, my word! That little face! SO precious indeed. I know you cherish these moments more than you can even put into words...if only time would slow down for all of us. We try to hold on to the moments and squeeze them so tightly, and, all the while, they are steadily slipping right through our hands. I am so thankful you were able to have such a wonderful time away, and I know you will hold these memories close to you forever. God bless you and your whole family...your Mom and Dad just look so sweet. I miss mine so much.

  5. Tears in my eyes...
    This post just brims with love.
    What a blessing that precious baby is!
    Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!


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