Thursday, November 3, 2016

Postcards from the Road ~ The Ozarks in November

Last Friday, The Man and I boarded Cloud Nine and headed north. Since the arrival of our granddaughter, our travels have not been as frequent, nor as far in distance. It's not because we have to be home, as we only keep her two days a week, and her mommy has back-up when we leave, but it's because, quite frankly, being with her is more fun than any vacation. I'm not sure every grandparent feels this way, but we do. Her mommy has already agreed that, if we don't go far from home, she can go with us next trip. How fun will that be? Exhausting, yes, but so much fun.

Anyway, back to my story.

After two days and lots of winding roads, we reached our destination Sunday afternoon.

Truth be told, I would rather have gone to our favorite fall destination, Pigeon Forge, as the Great Smoky Mountains will always have my heart in autumn, but Pigeon Forge is almost a thousand miles away from home, so we settled for the Ozarks this year, specifically, Branson, Missouri a place we've traveled to a number of times in the last 25 years, and one that is 300 miles closer to home for us.

Branson has its own personality and is popular with the older crowd, although young families come here, as well. There is a lot to see and do, but be prepared to spend some money. None of the shows here are cheap, but some are worth the price and make for unforgettable memories.

While a few shows are on our to-do list, this visit is not about seeing the shows but about getting away and relaxing for a week or so, having nothing pressing, nobody needing us, and nowhere we have to be. 

Monday evening, while driving around familiar places, the sun began to set in the west. With few places to pull off the road, I was afraid I would miss it, but The Man did a quick U-turn and I jumped out just in time to capture the photo below. 

When I downloaded it to the laptop, I whispered these words to myself: "No matter what is wrong in the world, there's always the sunset."

On Tuesday, we went to see the 3:30 performance of "Moses," at the Sight and Sound Theater. Last time we were here, in 2012, we saw "Joseph," and I couldn't imagine anything more spectacular, but "Moses" was just as spectacular. As one of their billboard says: "Seas. Will. Part."

If  you're ever in Branson, make plans to visit the Sight and Sound Theater. Not only is it a gorgeous venue, but whatever is showing is worth the money and worth the time. Guaranteed.

The sets and scenes and effects are breathtaking. The actors and singers are top-notch. Since they don't allow any photos during performances, I'm only able to share this online photo with you. Amazing show.

On another note, the theater is currently casting for next season's shows, and hiring support staff, as well. With 95-million Americans out of work, perhaps you know someone who might be interested in a career in Branson, Missouri. Please direct them to the website.

After the show was over, we walked outside to see another sunset on display, more spectacular than Moses.

In other news, our sweet daughter sent us photos of our precious granddaughter, dressed as Pocahontas for trick-or-treating. Arabella would surely be called out at the University of Texas (among other crazy campuses) for being politically incorrect, dressing as a Native American, but, seriously. Give me a break, and I'm not playing. I read this article and nearly puked. How ridiculous can we be? 

What's the saying? "Imitation is the highest form of flattery." Pocahontas has never looked cuter.

Until next time, blogging friends, may the days of November be kind to you. We'll be headed home in a few days.



  1. Love it! Adorable Pocahontas! Gorgeous sunset! (I am sending the link to a loved one.)

  2. I enjoy being called, a Stay At Home Grandmother. Not that we stay at home all the time but we are close for any reason.
    Enjoy your time away. That's what we are doing, too, right now!

  3. I have not been in Branson in a very long time. I would love to see that theater/show.
    Your little Pocahontas is adorable. The link that you provided just comes up as 'access denied' though for some reason. I do think we take this politically incorrect thing WAY too far many times...and I am STILL gonna say Merry CHRISTmas no matter what anyone says. lol xo Diana

    1. Diana, I didn't have any problem accessing both links just now. Not sure why you were "denied" access. And, yes, Merry Christmas, all day long!

    2. Access denied for both links for me, too.

      What a cutie Pocahontas! *mwah*

      *hugs* and happy trails,

  4. We have never been to Branson but it's on our to-do list. Your sunst captures are AMAZING and you are right on point with the offense people take these days, at just about everything. What is wrong with people anymore?? And yes, Arabella IS the cutest little Pocahontas I think I've ever seen :)

  5. I've never seen a more adorable Pocahontas!
    Branson, MO just leap-frogged its way up my Bucket List. Sounds hopelessly old-fashioned, but I was always fascinated by the Lennon sisters and would love to see their show.

  6. Dear Dayle. Your Pocahontas is the most totally adorable EVER. Makes you want to just kiss those sweet little cheeks. So glad you are on a getaway. Have fun and drive carefully. Susan

  7. Oh, my word! That precious Arabella! She is just so are right, Pocahontas could never have possibly looked cuter! So happy you are getting some time away, sweet friend. Enjoy it to the full, and God bless you all with safe travels. :)

  8. I'd want to see that beautiful Pocahontas as much as I could if I were her grandmother. I'm with you on the "politically correct." No politician that supports the slaughter of the unborn need EVER talk to me about political correctness!! Branson is about 3 hours south of me, and yet I haven't been there in years. It is a very neat place, especially in the fall. So glad you had a great time. That "Cloud Nine" looks like a great way to travel. Blessings my friend!

  9. Love that sunset! Gorgeous. And that little Pocahontas? Cutest thing ever! Apparently, we can be more ridiculous than I previously imagined. Yes, imitation should be construed as flattery.

  10. Politically correct or not, Arabella is adorable! I can certainly understand why getaways just aren't as much of a priority these days. Getaways in the RV can't say "I love you" the way adorable little granddaughters can!

    I have never been to Branson, but I've often thought it would be a fun place to visit.

    Oh, and I'm with you on Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. I discovered the Great Smokies back in 1998, and, truly, I left my heart there.


  11. There are no comments allowed on your election post, so here i am on the Winnebago and adorable costume post!

    I think tomorrow will go well. Weller than we expect. Amazing. I think tomorrow will be amazing.

    God bless you, Dayle.

    1. Thanks for stopping by anyway and commenting. My election post was more of a PSA than a blog post, thus the comments off. God bless you too, friend.

  12. Hi Dayle hadn't dropped by in a while! What a lovely vacation you were able to take! The Sights and Sounds Theater is something we have heard about but never gone. It sounds amazing. But I agree, those sunsets were far above and beyond anything man could produce, only GOD! Such a sweet grandbaby you have too! Hugs to you today :)


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