Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Day in History

Two years ago yesterday, my parents met their newest great-grandchild for the first time. I remember the day so well. Arabella was a colic baby and the day Mom and Dad came she was not a happy camper. Have mercy, have mercy. But my parents did what they’ve done all of my life: they made the best of the situation, although it was obvious they felt distressed that this little being was apparently distressed herself. I'd never believed in colic until Arabella's birth but I'm a true believer now. 

At one point, I remember my mother cradling her screaming newborn granddaughter in her arms and walking around and around and around the house, whispering sweet nothings, hoping for that magic moment of calm and quiet. We were lucky to get a few pictures between the screams, and I will always cherish them.

Since Arabella's birth, we’ve made an effort to see that she spends time with her great-grandparents, and it takes the working of both sides to make it happen, but they adore their grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and I love how they have captured Arabella's heart, as well.

She calls my mother Nanny, instead of the usual Nana, which only makes me smile. We’ve seen my parents recently, but the last time they were at our house was in January and Arabella still remembers where they sat. Even today, she’ll walk over to the couch and pat it and say, “Papa,” then go to the rocker/recliner and say, “Nanny.” And, in her own little way, she still recalls the details of their visit. It goes something like this: “Nanny. Papa. Home. Bye,” interpreted as Nanny and Papa came, they went home, and we waved bye as they drove off. As an afterthought, she usually adds one more word later: “Song.” That means that while they were here, we listened to one of Papa’s CDs and he sang along with it.

Oh, these fleeting days make my heart happy, in a bittersweet kind of way. 



  1. Oh- so sweet. My daughter's two boys both had colic and it was horrible. I had never experienced it before either. Nothing would soothe them. We were dreading the thought of colic when she had her third baby....who slept, ate, smiled like an angel...no colic!!!! It IS real!!!

    Love that your mom & dad got to spend precious time with little Arabella even if she was colicky. I have two grands (out of 15) that call me Nanny instead of Nana. I think it is so comical...and very sweet.

    Your Arabella is just darling and so are your mom and dad. What a blessing to have them in your lives. xo Diana

  2. Oh, how precious! Those dear moments are worth more than gold and will stay in your memories forever. Your parents look like such sweet, Godly people. So, your Daddy is a singer? I imagine it is a wonderful thing to listen and be able to hear him sing along. God bless you and whole, sweet family.

  3. What beautiful memories you are making for Arabella and, for Dayle! Lovely,lovely column, Dayle.

  4. Such sweet, sweet memories captured in pictures and words. You'll hold them in your heart forever.

  5. All of your pictures are precious BUT my absolute favorite is the one at the top, left side corner and the one next to it. Your dad is holding Arabella and your mother looking on! I appreciate your parents!


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