Monday, May 1, 2017

Scenes from a Blessed Life ~ April's Amazing Gifts

Dear friends, I hope you are well and finding sweet places of beauty in every day. As I write, a crisp night has fallen on the last evening of April, a month filled with both gifts and griefs, a month not unlike all of those before, and those that will follow, for life is a journey of hills and valleys and we would do well to remember that neither hill nor valley lasts forever.

I often wonder what else I have to say that might hold the least bit of interest for my handful of readers, and then just as quickly I decide it has all most likely been said, in one form or another. It was Solomon in Ecclesiastes who said: “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” The best a writer can do is hope to convey fresh word pictures, or open a line of thought that the reader hasn’t delved into before.

But this post will not be deep or contemplative or sad, only a simple display of a few of April’s amazing gifts, for my gifts always outweigh my griefs.

Morning's irresistible light.

When children make music, the world is a happier place.

It's often heard or said, whenever a matriarch or patriarch of a family passes away, that they live on in the loved ones left behind. I find that to be true, but they can also live on in not only people but the things they leave behind. I was reminded of this truth recently as I polished the silverware that my dear mother-in-law gave to me before her death in 1996. It always brings a smile.

When life gets heavy, the sea brings relief, 
and there is no gift quite like a gift from the sea.

My baby and her baby. 
How rich I am.

 Any day with twin sister is a gift, but a day together at the arboretum results in too many gifts to count, all free for the viewing.

One cannot study flowers and remain unmoved.

These two men are not praying, as ye might suppose, but they are attempting to unearth a pocket-knife, lost in the bowels of my father's favorite sitting chair. In the end, four pocket-knives were discovered, although my father said none of them were his. Me thinketh he doth forget. Meanwhile, the search continues. (I love my mother on the couch, staring at her iPhone.)

 Cupcake and Baba. They seldom are parted.

Finally, for those still with me, a very funny story, but first, Arabella looked quite adorable in one of the little dresses I made for her not long ago. A seamstress I am not, and this dress was made without a real pattern, so it still needs a bit of tweaking, but I saw nothing except her sweet face the minute she put it on. 

Now, here's the funny story that I shared on Facebook. On a recent afternoon, while she and I were out and about, I weakened my back with too much lifting her in and out of the car-seat, so that night I took to my bed earlier than usual. As cupcake was making her way down the hall, she peeked in my door and said, “Memaw seek?” meaning, “Is Memaw sick?” I said, “Yes, baby, Memaw’s back isn’t feeling well tonight but I’m OK. Come give me a kiss,” which she proceeded to do, then ran quickly out of the room. Within seconds, she reappeared and rushed to my side holding the Pepto-Bismol in one hand and a dosage cup in the other. I about fell out of the bed laughing so hard. Cupcake to the rescue! Whatever was wrong, she seemed certain she had the solution.

Until next time, dear friends, don't let today's gifts go unnoticed. 



  1. Ah, yes, a blessed April for you, indeed. These are lovely photos---all of them---and I can easily see why each of those things brought joy to you.

    I must say, though you say you are not a seamstress, the dress looks perfect to me. Very cute on your sweetie.

    And that photo of Arabella sleeping is beyond precious. Nothing like sleeping child photos!

    Finally, my husband's back has been bothering him lately. Maybe I should give him a dose of Pepto Bismol! Very sweet story that is.

    Have a blessed day,

    1. Thank you for your sweet words, Patti. Great to see you. I love the idea of a dose of the pink stuff for your hubby's back issue. Who knows? Cupcake may be on to something.

  2. How adorable and who is not to say that Pepto Bismol does not help a tired back, especially in this case?! You write so beautifully that it is a pleasure to read your words. You are having new experiences all the time no matter what poor old tired Solomon had to say. 😉

    1. Thank you, Vee. You are very kind. You made me laugh with the "poor old tired Solomon" line. Yes, indeed! As for the Pepto Bismol, I may have to give it a try for the poor old tired back next time. :)

  3. There's a cool breeze in my corner of the world this first day of May. Cupcake is simply adorable anyway, but especially so in that cute dress. I can just see her bringing Pepto Bismol to you, eyes shining brightly. Nothing cures a hurting heart like a grandchild. Much love to you, Sister/Friend.

    1. It's delightful weather here, as well, dear sister/friend, and the weekend was magical. You are so right about grandchildren curing hurting hearts. I often say, "She is the cure for everything." How rich I am.

  4. To be clear, I didn't laugh AT my adorable granddaughter, but gave her big hugs for delivering medicine to her ailing grandmother. After she left the room is when I got the giggles.

  5. Your granddaughter is just about the cutest little thing EVER in that sweet dress you made for her! You are so right, your gifts are many!!

  6. That is way too funny, Dayle. Your Cupcake is just a precious little soul and I love all your stories and photos of her. She reminds me so much of our little SwseetCheeks when she was that age.
    Blessings- thank you for the sweet post. xo Diana

  7. Your photographs are lovely, and I love are filled generations of love. Have a wonderful weeks.

  8. Dayle, I can certainly see where Arabella would fill your heart to way overflowing. She is so very, very precious. Love your posts. Hope your May is memorable and filled to overflowing with blessings! Susan

  9. thank-you for the laughter (and tears) and reminder of life's greatest preciousness found in simple things!Your grand-daughter is ADORABLE!
    (I know what you mean when you mention 'handful of readers':) but we never know who or how we touch a reader so we write and leave the rest to God, right? I love your opening paragraph! Not new thoughts per say but still, thoughts that bear repeating to be renewed! God bless.

  10. I love the little peeks into your life...and the laughter you brought to me today!

  11. Oh, that dear, sweet baby girl!! She is just a doll! I know you just cherish every, single second God gives you with her, and I am so thankful you share snippets of them with us here. :) God bless you all.

  12. "neither hill nor valley lasts forever" ...perfect.
    Gift from the sea, I always remember you inspired me to read that book which instantly became a favorite ..and I still read it again and again.
    Our babies, how rich we are indeed.

  13. You are a great story teller! And when you add such sweet (and very funny) pictures, it enhances your story!
    I'm still cracking up seeing the two men "praying"!

  14. The Ecclesiastes quote makes sense. We need to hear it again and again as we dwell together & do life! Your little cupcake is a cutie; nice sewing job too! I smiled at the pocket knife story - that's our home for sure! I love those flower pics! April treasures abound.

  15. Beautiful images! And I love your sentiment about the sea. So true. <3


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