Thursday, June 22, 2017

Simple Pleasures ~ In the Kitchen and the Yard

Dear friends, as I write it is overcast and warm. Our darling Arabella is down for an afternoon nap, I am still in my pajamas, and coffee is brewing for the second time today. Gray days seem to make pajamas and coffee that much better, and I find it hard to resist such a cozy call.

After a sweet Father’s Day weekend, and breaking every food rule that I normally attempt to follow, I’m back to enjoying just good and simple food and I’ve become fairly obsessed with a concoction I call a fried-egg-soft-taco. It works for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, whenever.

I've prepared various versions, and the possibilities of this concoction are endless. The one pictured here is a fried egg, with fresh tomatoes, avocados, and cilantro. Have mercy.

This one includes a handful of fried potatoes and onions, with fresh tomatoes, and cilantro. My food motto is: Enjoy everything and anything in moderation, and it's the moderation bit that often gives me problems, but I find I maintain my desired weight better, when following this rule, than when trying to stick with a plan that restricts certain foods, so a few fried potatoes and I’m good.

The best part of my new craving is that delightful egg yolk. When you fold the tortilla over, and it runs over all this goodness, oh my. Hand me some napkins.


Last week, the girls took a much-needed vacation, leaving me free to roam about, both inside and out, and even though it was hot as blazes, I’m a gardener at heart, although not a skilled one, per se, so I pulled on my gloves, grabbed my tools, and set out to completely start over in the little flower bed out front.

As much as I like playing in the dirt, my aging body resists something fierce these days. And unless you’ve ever dug up monkey grass (not the official term, but it’s what I’m calling it), you don’t know how difficult such a thing is on old bones. I wasn’t sure I would ever finish but I was ready for the stuff to be gone and gone it now is. Hallelujah and amen!

This flower bed gets very little full sun, so I went plain and simple with plants that prefer filtered sun and shade, and I found the perfect garden accent at an antique mall in the form of an old ladder.

I love its vintage charm and it will allow me to enjoy a variety of plants throughout the seasons.

One of the great joys of having flowers outdoors is bringing some of them indoors.

Even though each day in the yard was long and exhausting, I find there’s something exhilarating about working the earth, a certain oneness with the Creator occurs, leaving me confident that God is in control, that each of our paths is uniquely designed for us, that we can let go and just breathe. If we have surrendered our lives to Him, He promises to go before us and make the crooked places straight. All things will work together for our good.

After a particularly tiring day, I stopped a moment and observed the evening skies, a masterpiece in pastel shades.

It is always in simple pleasures that I find sweet rest.

Until next time, dear friends, I hope you are well and enjoying these long days of June.


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  1. Dayle, my first visit at your lovely place! I love your egg looks filling and healthy! Your hard work pulling up the monkey grass has paidwhat a beautiful spot! Blessings~

  2. Oh my, a fried egg taco? I have tortillas in the freezer wondering what to do with them - now I know. Just add Cambodian pepper and hold the cilantro.

  3. That egg taco looks amazing! I'm unwilling to make friends with Moderation right now; but I love eggs to distraction and this sounds relatively low-carb.

    Your words remind me of my sweet DIL -- who's happiest while her hands are turning the earth and creating beauty in her path.

  4. Your concoction is giving me all kinds of ideas. Looks delightful. What a great job you did with the garden! It is both beautiful and tidy. My garden is one of those. 🌺

  5. Ooh, I love the look of the old ladder in the garden! What a great idea.

    I must say, the thought of your fried egg dripping its yolk all over the place made me gag. I like my eggs scrambled or hard-boiled. Runny yolks give me the heeby-geebies. My husband has fun with that. He will sometimes order hamburgers (medium rare, which already gags me), topped with a runny fried egg. Ugh!

    The cilantro, avocado, and tomato look delish...but I will make my eggs scrambled.

    I so agree with your motto...Everything, and in moderation. It's the moderation I struggle with too, especially when it comes to cheese or potatoes.


    1. Patti, I guess to each is own, huh? I love eggs, in every possible form.

  6. Thank you for stopping by and commenting Dayle. If you hadn't I never would have found your lovely blog.

    I think that taco us right up my alley. Love all the ingredients. I think cilantro is something one either loves or hates. I'm the former:).

  7. Dayle, I'm so glad I got to see a picture of the ladder, your garden art, that you wrote about. I do like it very much! And it will be something to use in Christmas decor too. It's nice that you had some time to devote to your garden, always good for the body and spirit.

    Dayle, I'd never noticed before now that on your sidebar is the story of when you had cancer diagnosed. I just finished reading it and it blessed my heart reading about what you experienced after being prayed for and then after your surgery, the surgeon's surprise.

    One night before I went in for my recent surgery I was rereading a Jan Karon book and came across the verses from Thessalonians about giving thanks in everything. I felt such peace fill me because it reminded me that while I really wasn't able to say thank you for the lab results, I could certainly give much thanks that God was with me in it, whatever the outcome.

    We often learn much during a time that we wouldn't exactly choose, don't we?


  8. "I love eggs, from my head down to my legs...I love eggs!"...remember that commercial on TV? I know, I've lost it but it was the first thing I thought of when I read how much you said you love eggs...HA! Your garden looks lovely and that ladder just makes it! Sweet post :)

  9. Oh, your pictures of the eggs and vegetables look so good! I love to eat things that are colorful. Your pictures are gorgeous and I'm sure delicious.
    Ahhh... Simple Pleasures... love them.

  10. Looks beautiful! Thank you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  11. Yum! Your egg concoction looks wonderful! And, your pretty yard is just so inviting and comforting to look at! God bless you, sweet friend. :)

  12. Beautiful! I love "runny" eggs as my husband calls them. I am going to have to try it.
    The ladder is perfect.

  13. You can't beat simple pleasures ...
    What a lovely post, I so enjoyed my visit to your blog.

    All the best Jan

  14. I wanted to make this for my son when he was visiting but could not remember where I saw it. After searching the internet for a l-o-n-g time I gave up. Now on my return visit to your blog I am VERY happy.


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