Friday, August 18, 2017

The Heat and The Man ~ Scenes from a Blessed Life

Dear friends, it is the middle of August and the air is unyielding, hot, humid, and heavy. I’ve never been one to complain about the weather as it will always be with us, but summer is my least favorite season, because it lasts for such a long time here in my neck of the woods.

If you’ve never been to these parts during the summer, we experience five or so months of this scenario: You walk from your parking space 30-feet to the grocery store entrance and by the time you enter the store you are covered in sweat, from head to toe, undergarments and all. You walk to the curb and pick up the mail at home and return covered in sweat. Outdoors, it’s like walking into a sauna. You can hardly breathe it’s so hot. Nothing brings relief.

Can you tell I am craving cool days and chilly nights? I realize there is no perfect geographical location, but if I had only myself to consider, I would up and move somewhere—probably to the Great Smoky Mountains area, where they have four season and the average yearly temperatures are not extreme during any of them. I’m not playing. I would really move.

In other news, The Man celebrated a big birthday this week. 

Isn't he a dumplin'?

On his sweet mama's lap, surrounded by sis and big brother.

I'm not sure of the occasion but he's plumb filling up that wash-pan.

The Man is a low-key kind of guy so we kept the celebration low-key. 

Dinner out, us four and no more. 

Back home, there were gifts and cards and cake galore. I hope The Man knows how much I love him and how important he is around here. In relationships, it’s easy to focus on what’s wrong instead of what’s right, but, if you’re reading this, dear husband, I love you supremely and wouldn’t want to face a day without your strength and support.

I doubt you know that The Man is a great singer. He doesn’t sing these days but he’s still my favorite. He and two of his siblings formed a trio in their youth and recorded an album, but The Man is awesome on his own and has been singing his entire life. Some years ago, he teamed up with a singing group, headed up by my twin sister, to record an album that features Gayle’s amazing talents as a songwriter. 

If interested, this particular song features The Man as soloist and I have to admit, sometimes I listen to it in my bed, just before turning out the light. There’s something calming about the words, and the voice.

Until next time, dear friends, stay cool.



  1. Happy Birthday to your dear hubby!! I'll have to listen to the video when I'm home, not at work!! :) I could not live in a climate like that, not a chance!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your man!
    Your celebration sounds perfect.
    I love the photos of his baby days!!!! Thank you for sharing. : )

  3. Happy birthday, Stan!
    Dayle, I so enjoyed listening to his beautiful solo. These olden pictures are priceless!

  4. A very happy birthday to your handsome husband with that glorious voice! And that cute photo of him in a dish tub

    I certainly understand about your wish to move to the Smoky Mountains, all my life when we've returned to visit family in Asheville I feel as if I leave myself behind when we drive back to Nashville, which is why living in FL for 9 months last year was not fun. You do have a long summer where you live. I've tried to appreciate summer here in Nashville this year just because I'm so grateful to be back. But I am an autumn gal and will enjoy it so much after missing it last year.

    Any chance of talking all your loved ones into moving to East TN with you?

    1. meant to say that the cute photo in a dish tub was so typical of the photos parents took of their darlings in those days, I have a few myself!

    2. I crave autumn, every single day of the year. I think some of the loved ones would come with me, but we'd miss those left behind for sure. Life is always about trade-offs, isn't it?

  5. Happy Birthday to your dear husband. He has a wonderful voice and the words to the song are very uplifting.

    Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  6. Wishing your hubby a very happy birthday. He sure was a cute baby and turned into a handsome man. I love the pictures of you, your daughter and that sweet little cupcake. I can't believe how big she is getting!!! Time goes way to too fast and they grow up way too soon!
    I hope you all have a wonderful weekend- and soon you will get your wish and it will be summer. Our HIGHS in summer are usually in the 70s. We get down into the 50s or 60s at night and only have about 3+ months of summer. Winter here, though, is WAY too long. xo Diana

    1. I would adore your summers but wouldn't want to trade winters.

  7. Oh Dayle, that was a sweet post. Your hubs DOES have a great voice. WOWSERS. I was so surprised. I had no idea he was a singer. Happy (late)Birthday to him. Hope his new year of life is wonderful. The four of you going out to dinner looked sooooooo happy. Gift of life! Thanks for your visits, Dayle. I am always honored. Susan

  8. Stan, the man! What a marvelous voice! (Beautiful song, too!)

    HaPpY BiRtHdAy!

  9. Happy Birthday to your sweetheart! What an amazing voice!

  10. Happy Birthday to your husband, and God's blessings upon you and each member of your family!! May He bless you with many more happy birthdays and years together!!

  11. Happy Birthday to your Husband, And dear lady he indeed has a beautiful voice! I must go and listen again.


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