Sunday, March 28, 2010

Unlimited Possibilities

One evening, I listened to a minister talk about God's ability to do anything. Raised in a preacher’s home, this message was not a new one to me. But no longer a child, I found myself, well, doubting.

Maybe it was just that the struggles facing me this night loomed larger than life itself. Because I thought my trials too deep and too dark to share with fellow Christians, I often found myself exhausted, bent over from carrying my burden alone. Often, I tried to convince myself that I deserved to suffer. After all, I had been the one who refused counsel, plunging headlong into this destructive situation. Maybe this—the mental anguish, the hopelessness, the feeling of failure—was the penalty I must pay for such foolish choices.

"God wants to take your negatives and turn them into positives," the minister was saying. "Remember," he said, "A car's battery has a negative and a positive connection. You hold the negative; God hold's the positive. Put them together and anything is possible."

That evening I crawled into bed thinking about those words, but unable to shake my remorse. Feeling like a total flop, I pulled the covers close and breathed a solitary prayer: Lord, please make something good out of this mess.

The next morning, I stood at my bay window, staring out across the backyard. Trees stood naked, not a leaf in sight. Grass that once caressed bare feet rested brown and strawlike. The yard’s barrenness seemed to mirror my soul.

In an effort to cheer myself, I bundled up and drove to a local antique mall. As I strolled through the aisles, my eye caught sight of a large mural painted on the back wall. For awhile I stood admiring the white stone fence surrounding a glorious array of flowers—zinnias, peonies, snapdragons, marigolds—exploding above lush jade grass. In the center, under an azure sky, a narrow pebble path led to a stately gazebo. Breathtaking!

Just then, the mural moved. Astonished, I realized I had been staring at the back of two garage doors, opening out to the loading dock.

My heart leapt. I knew, beyond a doubt, that God had brought me to this place to be encouraged. If a garage door could become a work of art, surely the Creator could transform my mistakes into a masterpiece.

“All things are possible to him that believeth” (Mark 9:23, KJV).

Adapted from the book, Whispers From Heaven, by Dayle Allen Shockley. All rights reserved.


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  1. yep...I believe...all things with Him are possible...Hang tight...Life with Him is a totaly adventure and the bad stuff doesn't last forever. Sarah

  2. Great post! Thanks for the encouragement so many of us need today.

  3. Dayle, I always enjoy your writing, and I especially enjoyed your post today. No situation, however hopeless it may seem, is outside of God's power to transform.


  4. It's so great that you posted this today. You may recall, our mediation is tomorrow. This is just what I needed - AGAIN.

    Love you, Dear Friend.


  5. Excellent writing, as always. Beautiful story. Great message. Thank you.

  6. Love this and love you. Oh, the messes we make. Thanks for helping me sort through some of mine.

  7. I know I truly believe! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing story with us, Dayle. May God richly bless you each and every day!

    Happy Palm Sunday!

  8. I loved this story. I also love reading your writing. God blessed you with a graceful skill.
    God Bless,

  9. Wow, what a wonderful sign you were given. God has also given you a wonderful gift of writing. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  10. I love how God reveals things to us in His way and in His timing! And through our trials, it causes us to grow and rely on Him more!

  11. What a wonderful post and story! Your writings are faith are most encouraging!

  12. Dayle,
    I was standing in the antique shop with you and I saw the painting just as you did - but what a surprise, the doors opening! Very nice! Thanks!


  13. Love this post! I do often think I need to suffer, because surely it is all my fault. Thank you for the reminder that God wants so much more for me than that.

  14. Fabulous post!

    Thank you for the TRUE reminder of the power of God. I love it how we are reminded of it in the most surprising of ways.

    Happy Easter!

    (I'm so glad I found your blog. It's very encouraging.)


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