Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Graduate

On Saturday, I watched my beautiful niece graduate from University of St. Thomas, with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. As the graduates stood in line to receive their diplomas, I snapped this photograph from way up in the bleachers. The quality is fuzzy, but I know which one she is and when I look at this picture, I think of all the time and effort that she spent, reaching for this particular moment in time... and I am so proud of her for sticking with it, even when it required long nights and late hours.

Hearing my niece's name being called, and seeing her walk across the stage, is a gift I will always cherish.
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  1. Sweet memories being made! I have a special relationship with my nieces and feel such joy as I watch them grow and make their accomplishments in life. I can see you love your niece to pieces too!

  2. Congratulations to her. Isn't it amazing what they (we)can accomplish in life? Good for her.

  3. How lucky she is to have such a supportive aunt! Congratulations to your special niece!

  4. And I am reminded that if I blink just once, it's going to be my boys wearing mortar boards and walking across a stage...

    Stopping by from Tuesday Unwrapped - nice to find you over there, too! Hope to see you tomorrow at Reluctant Entertainer!

  5. It's great that you were able to be there! I'm sure she appreciated it!

  6. Graduations and weddings are very emotional occasions. One is the end of a long journey and the other the start of one.


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