Wednesday, May 12, 2010

There's A New Girl In Golf ~ Outdoor Wednesday

I've never had the slightest interest in playing golf. The Man has played for a number of years (that's him above), and much more since retiring in 2008. On occasion, he has mentioned that I should at least "give it a try." His conclusion being, "You never know what might happen."

So on Monday, I decided to see what would happen. At the driving range, The Man purchased me a cute little glove that I was to wear on my left hand.

He bought a bucket of balls and handed me his club known as the "driver." He placed a ball on a tee and I addressed the ball, per his instructions. What a nice surprise when I actually made contact with the ball. It didn't go all that far (upper body strength is not something I have a lot of), but The Man provided great tutorial, which I tried really hard to understand and carry out.

After the first day at the driving range, The Man said, "Let's go buy you some clubs." I assured him his thinking was premature, but when he gets his heart set on something, well, there's just no talking him out of it, so away we went.

We left the store with a lovely set of reasonably-priced golf clubs (complete with golf bag), some delightful pink and purple golf balls, and a pair of those not so pretty shoes, although The Man insisted they looked "really cute" on me.

Yesterday was Day 2 at the driving range. The Man wanted me to try out all of the various clubs that looked so pretty sitting in my new golf bag.

He bought a bucket of balls for me and a bucket for him. I tried out all of the clubs, including the cute putter below. (It's too bad you can't tell the balls are purple. And yes, that's my shoe.)

Overall, I had some okay strokes and some not-so-okay strokes (that's me below), but The Man is convinced that, with enough practice, I can only get better. At least one of us is hopeful. In the meantime, it's been a lot of fun.

I'm joining Susan's party today.
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  1. Learning something new is always a good thing and doing it with your sweetie is the best! Looking good out there on the green!

  2. I anxiously await more posts about your golf journey. I used to play golf (before I was married) and the year I got married I bought new clubs. I now say that I have brand new clubs that are 30 years old. You could be an inspration to anyone wanting to try a new hobby . . .

  3. Here's hoping that whatever happens is 100% good!!

  4. Hi Dayle,
    I really, really wish we lived close by because I like to play golf, too. I took six lessons from a pro at one of our golf courses several years ago but it is really getting out and playing, plus practice, that makes the difference. You sure are looking good out there - keep it up!


  5. Although I had golfing lessons when I was younger, it is one game I just never really appreciated. I have a few friends who are trying to convince me to try it again but I keep trying to tell them I prefer tennis. I like more action! Good luck!

    ~ Tracy


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