Monday, July 5, 2010

Anticipation grows

Last summer, after returning from an extensive trip along the East Coast, The Man and I made a conscious decision that we wouldn't travel during the peak of summer again, for several reason: 1) It's just too hot, 2) There are just too many people out there, 3) The kiddos are turned up a couple of notches above normal. So, since the good Lord has blessed us and allowed us to be able to travel during any season, since The Man's retirement in 2008 (something we never take for granted), we decided this year we would spend summer at home, doing all of the things around the place that need attention, and wait until after the peak summer months to hit the road again.

That said, cabin fever abounds. I'm ready to hop onto Cloud Nine and follow narrow streets like the one we found last summer in Washington, Pennsylvania.

I'm ready to open the slides and windows and doors and inhale summer's breeze like we did in Cape Cod.

And I want to write it all down in my faithful travel journal ... to remember on some distant evening.

In the meantime, what are your summer travel plans? I'd love to hear them. In the words of Confucius, "Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart."


  1. I wish I could hop aboard, but... duty calls. My summer plans, as you well know, are still up in the air. Ugh.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful, relaxing summer plan to me. I treasure times in the outdoors, away from the crowds. For us, we usually spend our times away in the Fall of the year, with only short day trips during the Summer. Hope you have a wonderful time together.

  3. Our adventures normally take us two states up to Maine :) That's where we spent this past weekend... and have plans for daytrips. But mostly we'll stay close to home this summer... we're lucky enough to have a few beautiful beaches nearby which make it feel like we're on vacation even on a random Wednesday morning.

  4. Hi Dayle....Plans for summer, huh? Well, we are planning one weekend at a Bed and Breakfast in Vermont. Plus, I'm doing swimming and aqua aerobics and walking for exercise. Of course, I love going to Farmers' Markets. Will take lots of day trips, too. Plan to read a lot and write a lot, as well. That's about it. Susan

  5. Last summer my kids and I lived in Florida as my dads was diagnosed w/lung cancer (we lost him last Dec) so this summer we are sticking close to home. We love to camp and hope to have a big camper like yours some day !! Traveling in the Fall would be beautiful ~ all those gorgeous colors!!
    Just helping out your Cabin Fever ;)

  6. I love my home in the summer and our town is very quiet with the 9,000 college students away until fall. The trick is to set aside days (weeks?) to just act like you are on vacation. Slow the pace and enjoy the everyday moments . . .

  7. We are home bodies. But once in awhile we will do a "Daycation". This summer it's a trip to the San Juan Islands. It will be a long day but oh... so worth it!


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