Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Happy Flower ~ Outdoor Wednesday

While visiting Fort Michilimackinac during our recent travels,
I came across this bed of pure happiness.

Aren't sunflowers just the happiest flower on earth?

This one wasn't opened up yet.
How can you see these kinds of things and not believe in a master Creator?

Gonna be a stunner!

Such beauty and perfection can only come from God.

The bees were out exploring.

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I plan to start the party an hour earlier this week.
Hope to see you there!


  1. Look at you, pretty girl! Those lovely sunflowers pale when it comes to spreading happiness as you do from your heartfelt posts and stories! :)

  2. i agree, sunflowers are the happiest flowers
    and the most heat resistant. thanks for
    sharing your gorgeous photos

  3. Dayle,
    One summer I grew sunflowers and the birds just loved them! They are such a showy plant!


  4. I appreciate the succession of pictures.
    Great looking fort!

  5. Thanks for sharing those lovely sunflowers - don't they just lift your spirits as God intended. A lovely blog. I'm glad I popped by..:) I have some lovely sunflower shots too I must publish sometime.

  6. I love sunflowers! My 8 year old daughter keeps begging me to plant some, maybe we'll try in the spring. These photos are good for my soul tonight. Thank you.

  7. a ROSE between 2 SUNFLOWERS!!!



  8. What beautiful sunflowers ..I remember all the big ones my parents grew on the farm
    I came from a southern dreamers blog...New to outdoor wed and I love your blog so signed on with you. Take a minute to visit both my blogs..
    Enjoy all nature has to offer Hugs elaine

  9. Oh Dayle, I'm loving the sunflowers. I agree, they are happy flowers, how can you look at them and not get a big smile. :)

    Beautiful pics.

  10. Dayle, I very heartily agree that the sunflower is the happiest flower I know. I love how they congregate in fields, too. I can picture a face in their great big centers.

  11. Yes, they are happy flowers! So full of cheerful sunshine!

  12. Hello Dayle,

    Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers! Gorgeous pictures! They are just so full of sunshine and happiness!

    ~ Tracy


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