Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Simple Pleasures ~ Capturing the Moment

(Photo by Dayle)

On Saturday evening, The Man and I drove over Michigan's Mackinac Bridge, into the little town of St. Ignace. I wasn't expecting to see much; we were just sort of killing time. We stopped and went into a small souvenir shop, sitting right on the banks of Lake Michigan. There was a walkway with a railing behind the store, and, as we stood there, looking out over the calm waters of the lake, I ran and grabbed my camera from the car and snapped this photograph. It contains no editing, as God's artwork doesn't need it. To me, it speaks of pure peace.

"Photography is important because it takes a minute and makes it an eternity," wrote Isaac B. Singer.

Capturing moods and feelings with my camera ... it's one of my ultimate simple pleasures.


I've lived long enough to realize that the simple pleasures of life are the most important ones, but it's easy to let them slip by, unnoticed, during the busyness of an ordinary day. That's why I created the Simple Pleasures series, to remind me to stop, to look, to listen, to slow down and pay closer attention to life's simple things. And whenever I do, I'm never disappointed. It might be the sound of a baby's laugh, the gentle splash of a summer rain against the window, or flowers in a jar on the kitchen windowsill.

What simple pleasure have you been noticing and enjoying lately? You're invited to share your simple pleasures with us here, every Thursday. I hope you will. For complete posting guidelines, please visit the Simple Pleasures page.

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I'm looking forward to visiting with you this week!


  1. Oh, what a gorgeous photo. You're right...peace and serenity abound in that photo.

    Blessings to you,

  2. I find that since blogging this past year, I view things quite differently, see opportunities for photos where before I wouldn't have taken a second glance. It really has opened my eyes to what is around us.

    I spent much time in Michigan over the summer, and Mackinaw Island was on our list of places to go, but it just didn't pan out. Looks like you had a wonderful time there.

    Best wishes and happy belated anniversary. :) Tammy

  3. Oooh. Gorgeous. I'm sitting on one of those rocks in my spirit. :-) Love the quote.

  4. Just as beautiful as can be, and you're right, God needed no creative editing! I'll be here in the morning with my own "moment". It is similarly inspired. I take it as a great compliment that we think alike.

    You, however, probably feel the need to sign up for therapy now that I've said that.

  5. Beautiful photo! I also love to capture the moment in photos and as you said, God's artwork doesn't need editing. I love the quote.

    Glad you and Stan are having a wonderful anniversary trip.


  6. Oh,Dayle, photography is definitely a simple pleasure. It's one of the best. Lovely photo. Susan

  7. I agree completely! I live with two very talented photographers and I am so thankful for all they capture because I don't just get to see their beautiful pictures but I feel it allows me to see their beautiful hearts as well!

    Have a blessed week! My post will be up early in the morning :)

  8. Hi Dayle,

    Last Thursday, a very busy day, I read our friend Debbie's post about rainbows. I decided this is something I need too! Thanks for your amazingly peaceful picture, thought and the blessing of recognizing more fully the beauties around us. I look forward to being rewarded here...thanks again.

  9. I would love to be sitting there watching that scene myself!


  10. Hi Dayle, I found your blog today and so glad I did. Simple pleasure is such a good link party. Since that seems to be what most of my blog is made of these days, I know I will enjoy seeing others and linking to the fun. Love your photo of Lake Michigan. What a beauty!

  11. i love this idea of simple pleasures and will
    try to link next time. i'm not very techno-

  12. Absolutely gorgeous! I can almost smell, hear, breathe in the beauty from that photo.

    Thanks for inviting me by. I look forward to catching up on everyone else's simple pleasures tomorrow...I was a little late in the game!

    I love looking for these small things in life that mean SO much! This is a beautiful party you host here!

  13. Gorgeous! Soon I want to participate in this meme... just a soon as I can slow down to do so :) August is such a busy time here. Family visiting, birthdays and such. It is just such a joy stopping by to visit each of your posts!

  14. Dayle, I just want to thank you for Hosting Simple Pleasures. What a wonderful idea. We all can stop and look, hear, feel or know of something that just "feels" good. And then share it! Great idea you had.

  15. Capturing those moments is definitely a simple pleasure for me, too!


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