Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Simple Pleasures ~ The Changing of the Seasons

Every week finds me looking forward to Thursday, a day when we slow down and notice the things that often get overlooked in the busyness of our lives. Simple Pleasures is what we showcase here on Thursdays, although we get an early start by opening up the doors on Wednesday evenings. And the lovely people who gather here, well, you rock! 

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Here in Southeast Texas, summer tends to take its sweet time leaving. But, lo and behold, we woke up Monday morning to—what?—cooler temperatures!

It was just the boost I needed. 

Summer has been put away for another year. Throughout my home, the smell of pumpkin spice and cinnamon awaken promises of brisk mornings and nippy nights, of bulky sweaters, and mugs of steaming chocolate. Autumn—my favorite season of all—is officially here.

What's your simple pleasure this week?



  1. What a warm and inviting photo! You mentioned pumpkin and it reminded me of the pumpkin scented hand soap from Bath and Body Works that my mother has by her kitchen sink. Smells delicious!

  2. Fall is certainly my favorite time of year. I have my favorite cinnamon apple candle - love the spicy smells. Our cool weather arrived this week also - it's great!


  3. Dayle, I could imagine the aroma...the one I'm smelling at my house is hazelnut. I needed a sweater last night for my son's football game here in MS. I see the forecast has got a low of 43 next week!!!! Thanks for hosting us each week, I look so forward to it. And it is amazing what the Lord gives me each week to share.

  4. Dayle,
    I just love the fall as well! Falling leaves of all beautiful colors, blue skys, yummy apples, the deep smell of cinnamon mixed with back yard firepits... these are a few of my favorite things! thank you for hosting us each week!
    Dee Dee

  5. I'm clinging to faith that Autumn will finally show - sometime before Christmas? It's supposed to be 107 tomorrow and I'm growing weary....
    Thank you, Dayle, for painting such an inviting scene!

  6. Dayle,
    Even though Autumn leads into Winter, it is one of my favorite seasons. Our cooler weather is coming this weekend and I can't wait for our first two blanket night! I even had my first pumpkin muffin today at Manhattan Bagel! Whoo Hoo!


  7. I have been longing for a taste of autumn and got one this week too!

    I'll see you in the morning. I always enjoy the simple pleasures. This week, I'm looking forward to it more than usual. It's been "one of those..." I need some uplifting stuff to read.

  8. Hooray for Autumn! I had my first taste this week too. Love your post and appreciate you for encouraging us all to share our simple pleasures :)

  9. It's cooler here, too, with some rain so we can camp this weekend without fear of burning up or burning the woods! A true simple pleasure.

  10. you paint a really cozy feel. ☺ Love Autumn too.

  11. Such a beautiful time ahead. We need to really get a move on out of these 90 degree temps and get started on fall. Your daughters pictures are beautiful, thanks for sharing such a sweet moment of your life. I tried to link up but am having some trouble...I'll try again later. Patty
    btw...I've moved over to Typepad.

  12. Dayle, I wish our nights would get a bit nippy. South Florida takes its time, too. My pleasure, a cool glass of iced tea with a sprig of mint and a good book.

  13. As one who views autumn as the precursor to a cold winter, I haven't appreciated the season as I should. I hold onto summer as long as possible! We've had freezing temperatures at night already, but we're back into days of 80 degrees. The foliage should be beautiful this year, though. And I must admit, we could use some rain. Maybe I need to get out the 'autumn fragrances' and get in the mood.

  14. I am late linking up this week. I usually try to type up my post on Wednesday, but for some reason that didn't happen this week.

    I'm with Evelyn S. right above me. I see autumn/fall as the precursor to cold weather, and I HATE the cold. I am a Florida gal who is currently living in the mountain west, and I have not adjusted well to living where there is winter...especially a LONG winter. I am hanging on to summer as long as I can, and right now, the days are still in the upper 80's and low 90's, so I'm a happy camper....nights, though, are a different story. I'm actually having to use a blanket already.

    I DO love the smell of autumn...cinnamon, clove, pumpkin, etc. I burn lots of scented candles and wax tarts year round, but I just change to the more spicy scents this time of year.

    Have a lovely day.


  15. Hi Dayle,
    What a beautiful picture on your post. Autumn is my favorite time of year. The hot weather has taken its own sweet time leaving Tennessee too! Many blessings to you in this new season of thanksgiving! Victoria Lynn

  16. Thanks for the link-up! Fall is by far my favorite season. I am still adjusting to a house with a huge double sided fireplace but NO MANTLES on which to decorate!

    I linked to an old post that shows what I have been doing lately - going through my grandparents' photos! What a simple pleasure!

  17. Dayle,

    I'm with you! Autumn is a favorite time. Love a brisk cool morning and a nippy evening spent by the fire. PLUS, nothing says fall like a steamy pumpkin latte! Mmmmm


  18. Sounds like everybody loves autumn. I know I do, and you make it sound so good too!

  19. I just posted yesterday about my love for autumn -- it's such a warm & cozy season! Up here in New England, the leaves have already begun to change...but summer's found a second wind and we've had some incredibly warm, and even muggy, days over the past week. I'm eager for the crisp autumn weather to set in.

  20. Just checking in here before retiring upstairs to say what a great week of simple pleasures it was. I got some new ideas and found many kindred autumn loving souls.

    I had had a bad week prior to yesterday. This party, as usual, improved my spirits.

  21. I love Fall-my favourite time of year! Love your blog picture on your post!

  22. Autumn truly is a special time of year, especially here in Western NY where nature gives us the most beautiful show of leaves and colors.

  23. Dayle, I also find great joy in the change of seasons. All of God's creation is a display of His love and faithfulness for us. It's simply extravagant!


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