Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Simple Pleasures ~ A Rainy Day

Welcome to another week of Simple Pleasures, a place where we slow down and notice the things that often get overlooked in the busyness of our day. Thanks to all of you who have been coming here and sharing your simple pleasures. I'm delighted to host this event, and it's fascinating, reading what you choose each week. Not only that, you're all just so nice and friendly! I love a good party, don't you? If you're new, please visit the Simple Pleasures page for complete guidelines. The main thing is to stay on topic, enter your permalink (email me if unsure what that means), don't link up until your post is active, and include a link back to the party (or include a Simple Pleasures button if that's easier). That's pretty much it.

Don't forget to mingle! I can't wait to mingle with all of you!

With Tropical Storm Hermine bearing down on the Gulf Coast recently, we've seen more than our share of rain the past couple of days. But ... if you don't have to get out in it, there's something relaxing about a rainy day. I find it holds infinite possibilities.

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  1. I love rainy days and yes they have come up to Arkansas also! Thanks for hosting us, Dayle.

  2. I love rainy days! (Minus the flooding). It's a great time for curling up with a good book.

  3. beautiful shot of the window. my favorite rainy days are those when i can stay home all day long. of course, then i don't get to wear my fun rain boots. ;) excited about linking up again this week.

  4. It rained all day here today. I was off work and the sound of the rain through the slightly opened windows was so peaceful. Just a peaceful, wonderful day. ~ Thanks for hosting!

  5. Hi Dayle...I agree that rain is a simple pleasure. Loved your shot, including the candle! Susan

  6. I LOVE rain, Dayle. I currently live in a desert climate, so we get very little rain. And that means, when we DO get some, it's a total treat!!! Before moving here, I used to grow weary of rain...or maybe I just took it for granted...but now that I live in a place that averages only 11 inches of precip. a year (most of that in the winter in the form of snow or sleet), I appreciate it as I never did before.

    Thanks for hosting this lovely party.


  7. Dayle,

    You will laugh when you see my post in the morning...we did the EXACT SAME THING!! I sure enjoyed our rainy day today and by the sounds of your post did too :) Have a very blessed week! SOoo enjoy your simple pleasures!!

  8. I got stuck in this tropical storm rain today. stopped at sonic to order slushies during happy hour, had my window open in horizontal rain to place my order... laughing at myself for what's important in times like this!

    by the way, just figured out that if you still live near where your husband retired from, we are nearly neighbors. I'm 100 miles up the road in a big college town where people say "Howdy!" a lot.

  9. Oh the whole reason I commented: I absolutely LOVE this photo of the candle in the window. It speaks to my soul. Thank you for that beauty.

  10. Hey Dayle,
    This is my first time linking up with simple pleasures -- thank you for the opportunity. I'm grateful for the healing sky and grassy plains of Nebraska this week. Exploring the fields and discovering bugs and flowers with my kids is a simple pleasure I'll embrace any day of the week.

    And I love a cozy, rainy day, too -- especially when I have a good book!

  11. thanks Dayle for doing these simple pleasures. I love reading them and being a part of them. And hey...can you send some of that rain up here. It's so dry and I would love one really good downpour.. Have a great day....Sarah

  12. Oh yes, it does. It gives that permission to just hunker down for the day! After years (and years and...) of drought here in Georgia, I have come to really enjoy the pleasure of rain.

    I'm late today. UGH. I have had some very annoying computer issues all morning. Hope all are patient with me as I shut 'r down and try to figure it out.

    And Dayle, THANK YOU for this party. I look forward to reading the pleasures all week as much as I do to discovering my own.

  13. Hi Dayl!
    What a lovely rainy day (or 5) you got!
    We haven't had rain in two weeks, and REALLY need it.
    I pray every time I look out the window at our mostly dead grass and my poor pitiful garden, that God would send us some rain.
    Still waiting. In His time.
    I relish a nap on a rainy day!
    My favorite!
    Hugs to you, sweet sister in Christ!

  14. Sorry I forgot the "e" on the end of your name!
    For shame!!

  15. Rain, it is such a wonderful simple pleasure. Especially when it incorporates old sweats, a good book, and something warm to eat. :)

    Your photo is great!!!

    Hope your having a blessed day!

  16. I'm another who has learned to love the rain thanks to years of drought here in Georgia. I've been craving a good old-fashioned rainy day for weeks now. This is a perfect simple pleasure!

    Thanks, as always, for helping us recognize the small things that make this life so special!

  17. I completely agree with you, Dayle, about the rainy day feelings. Yesterday, I just wanted a rainy day with gray sky and all. I felt the peace inside of me that I needed to rest in a rainy day. And, then, the sun came out...believe it or not, I was a little disappointed :)

  18. Hi! I found you through Words on Wheels and I'm so excited be joining your party for the first time and I just became a "follower" too! This is such a great idea for a party and I hope you might pop over to say hi and join my "Inspiration Friday" party this week!

  19. Dayle,
    There is nothing so sweet as a warm, rainy day with the window open so I can hear the rain falling softly outside while I sip my cup 'o' tea! Am loving Simple Pleasures and linking up with so many nice people with the same values and ideals. Thank you.


  20. That's a lovely picture, very atmospheric! Fortunately I like the rain too, especially a good downpour which is just as well because living here in the northwest of England we get a lot of it!

  21. This is a beautiful linky! I blogged about it today after I found you and I look forward to participating in the future.



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