Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Going Home For Christmas

Some years, we have family Christmas elsewhere, but there's no feeling like going back to the home place where I lived from the time I turned 14, up until I married in 1980. And I'm very blessed to still have my mom and dad there to greet me. It's a blessing I never take for granted.

It seemed to be the year of hats (another name for bad hair days).
I arrived home with a festive red one on.

Being home always brings back so many memories for me, and also reminds me that nothing lasts forever. For now, I'm drinking it all in.

As the blue hour appeared, Daddy's star shone high and bright.
He's 83 and still finds a way to make it happen.

The full moon seemed right at home.

I love the wagon wheels, lined in blue.

The next morning (Christmas Eve) found me sporting a black hat, while twin sis donned a Santa hat. That's not the "hook-em horns" sign we're flashing. It's the deaf sign for "I love you," to no one in particular. ;)

My favorite picture of the season. The mail carrier arrived on Christmas Eve and honked her horn (that's her vehicle to the left). Twin sis seemed quite excited about what might be in the box.

As dusk drew near, Daddy went out to flip the lights on.
I glanced out the window upstairs and caught twin sis being a jolly little elf.
My mom and dad with The Man, enjoying the view and a cup of coffee.

My niece's boyfriend met the grandparents for the first time.
He passed with flying colors.

After a big meal, we open gifts and all too soon, it's time to go.
We gather on the porch and linger, savoring the moment.

One more picture, then it's goodbye for now.
Another Christmas, come and gone.

No place like home for Christmas.

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  1. Looks like a lovely holiday for you all! Love those Christmas smiles!

  2. Dayle, you obviously had a beautiful time with your family. Fantastic pics of your parents and their lovely home.
    They did a wonderful job decorating for Christmas. I love the star very much :-)
    It's easy to see why going 'home' is a sweet blessing for you!
    joy in Christ..Trish

  3. Happy Holiday Dayle! It looks like you had a warm, wonderful Christmas with your family. You are so fortunate to have your parents to spend this time with and have such fond memories. I just read through the post on your grandmother and it was quite moving. My Mammaw had a heart attack on my birthday in February of 1988 and died on March 10th. I am thankful I was able to see her in the hospital and spend time with her before she had additional attacks that left her unaware of her surroundings until she peacefully slipped away. I recall her murmuring in those final hours. We couldn't understand what she was saying as she fervently moved her lips. The only words we could here was "In Jesus name I pray." As her body was preparing to leave us, she was urgently talking to God. It was an amazing experience and one I will never forget. I miss her to this day. Wishing you all the best in these final days of 2010. I hope your New Year is filled with much peace, joy and love. Tammy

  4. Lovely Christmas photos. Your parents home looks really welcoming all lit up, especially the star that's such a nice touch.

  5. So glad that your Christmas was nice and that your parents appear to be in really great health. Here's wishing you the best in 2011.


  6. Yes. You've captured the spirit so well in those photos and words. Nothing like going home. And a CBD box? I'd be excited, too!

  7. Love and Christmas joy radiates from these photos! Precious family time. Your dad did a fabulous job on the decorating. Love it

    Sending wishes for a very Happy Hew Year!

  8. I am amazed that your parents do all that decorating at age 83! I am sure your visit was so special to them.

  9. Dayle, this post - your Christmas of home and family - blessed me ♥ Truly, to be thankful for.

  10. How nice it must be to "go home" and have both parents waiting there for you. Do they live close by?
    And I can't believe that you Dad still climbs up on the roof!

  11. Dayle,
    You said it !!! there is no place like home for CHRISTmas ....
    You are very blessed to still have your parents and savor every moment with them , go as often as you can
    I love that your dad still does the house in lights how sweet and the star to top it off
    Dayle I say again how blessed you are !!!

  12. That's so nice you are still able to spend Christmas with your Mom and Dad, Dayle. You are SO RIGHT to not take these precious moments for granted. One day you will not have your parents and then things will be forever changed. Your parents' house looks so gorgeous with all the lights. Imagine your Dad still making everything beautiful for everyone. You are blessed. Take care and have a great day, Dayle. Susan

  13. What a true blessing to be able to return to home...my children, nor I have that, but the people who fill the new structures are still family...I hope my children feel the same one day!
    What great pictures of precious times!

  14. Lovely photos and I'm glad you all had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year.

  15. Every time I look at the pic of me carrying the box, I laugh outloud!!

  16. ahhh,Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictues and words! Have a blessed 2011!

  17. Looks like a beautiful Christmas with beautiful memories... so precious!

  18. Beautiful pictures and post. At Christmas time there is no place like home.

  19. What a wonderful post...my kids always manage to come home for Christmas and it's always wonderful! Happy New Year!


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