Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Warm Hands On Cold Days ~ Simple Pleasures

Welcome to another Simple Pleasures event. I've been a busy bee this week and haven't blogged, or been around to visit any of you. I'm really sorry about that, but such is my life at the moment. Things should return to normal in a few weeks. 

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I will be late getting around to mingle with all of you this week, but I will be by at some point. Your posts always make me smile. So, go ahead and make my day!

Please Note: Because of the extreme weather in some places, Mr. Linky may have some issues throughout the week. I will not be around to monitor things on Thursday, so if you have problems linking up, please be patient and keep trying.

I know this doesn't look like much of a simple pleasure, but let me assure you, it is. Here in Southeast Texas, we don't get a lot of extreme winter temperatures, at least not compared to those north of the Mason Dixon Line, but my leather gloves are never far away during cold snaps. And we are having a cold snap this week. I don't know if they're right, but the weather reports say we might even get a little snow before the weekend. If we do or if we don't, my trusty leather gloves add a touch of warmth on cold days.

What's your simple pleasure this week?


  1. Yes, we are in central Texas and we are currently working on thawing a bathroom pipe! Yikes. I really can't wait for warmer weather!

  2. Dayle,
    Warm hands make being in the cold so much more bearable!
    Thanks for hosting, and have a wonderful day. Keep warm!

  3. Elegant. Honest, Dayle, that was the first thought that popped in my head when I glimpsed this picture. (aka Grace Kelly, ya know?)
    Crazy weather, eh? Just this morning, a large fountain near our home was discovered frozen solid .. unhead of in Phoenix!

  4. I'm giggling up here in the Pacific Northwest. I wear my gloves from October until the end of April.
    Never thought of them as a simple please but you are so right!

  5. That's a great simple pleasure, Dayle. I don't know what I'd do without my favorite leather gloves. Well, yes, I DO know. I'd freeze my little fingertips at this time of year! Susan

  6. I can really appreciate how nice those gloves must feel on a cold day. I know that when I go out walking I really need to keep my hands warm or else I am cold all over. Hope it warms up for you soon. Thank you for hosting!

  7. Dayle, I'm afraid I am 'known' for my cold hands-guess I need to work on my circulation :-(
    Gloves are simply a must for me in winter, and definitely a pleasure!
    Your leather ones look very nice and cosy.
    Enjoy the snow :-)
    bless you..Trish

  8. I'm the same Dayle...leather gloves...a pair always in the them

  9. You know I have a pair of gloves that I never use. When it was 18 degrees a few weeks ago I sat freezing in my car with my fingers like ice cubes wondering why on earth I wasn't wearing my gloves. Yes, a simple pleasure that I'm going to prepare for from now on.

  10. I have a pair of gloves that look just like that. They were a gift, and I cherish them. I've had need of them this week, but I have watched the news, and OH MY!!! You are really getting it in Texas. Stay warm and safe!

  11. Dayle, warm hands on cold days is a blessing! And so is this link-up. I have enjoyed participating. Thank you for the inspiration and hosting it.

  12. Good morning Dayle-

    I hope you are staying warm.
    In South Texas we are having freezing temperatures.

    I linked to Simple Pleasures this week.

    White Spray Paint

  13. I've used the leather gloves, similar to yours, for years while driving the school bus....and this year, I had to purchase a new pair - - they aren't as warm as my old ones, not at I don't even bother wearing them now.

    Driving the bus can get pretty cold when the temp's are below zero; we've only had a few of those this year.

    I was watching the weather news last night and saw how this storm that we've just had, has been all through the U.S. Even in Texas parts. The world's doing it's thing, isn't it? Preparing the way for a Glorious Return ♥

  14. I have to have my driving gloves in the winter and I have sure worn them alot this year !!
    I saw that your guys did get some snow !!

  15. Yes, I'm the same way. In Oklahoma it gets cold, but rarely to the point I feel I need my gloves. We just came through the blizzard and it was -1 last night. I went out a few minutes yesterday to take pictures and it was just way too cold!

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  17. I hope you are being a busy bee for happy reasons.

  18. If only the steering wheel heated up like the seats in my car! ;-) I'll keep trying to link up...but Mr. Linky is 'closed' on this Thursday night.

  19. Oh yes, a good pair of warm gloves is a necessity and a pleasure! My husband tells me I have the coldest hands (but a warm heart.)


  20. Yes, I am grateful for my many pairs of gloves and mittens this winter -- it's been close to zero (or below) for several days in a row now here in Nebraska. Brrrrrr!

  21. Dayle,
    I know gloves are a must up here in the NorthEast, but I wouldn't have thought you would need them in Southern Texas! My SIL is from Amirillo and he said in that part of the state you definitely need them! I always have a few pair of gloves on my hall table ready to grab on my way out the door!


  22. Ooh, I heard it was so cold in your area. Stay warm.

    While visiting cold places, gloves have always been so heavenly. They most certainly are a simple pleasure.

    I could not participate this week but look forward to next. Have a great weekend!

  23. I have leather gloves too and I love them. We need them over here in the north of England. My hands are always cold so I prefer my sheepskin mittens when it gets really cold. A great simple pleasure.


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