Monday, April 25, 2011

Renewed, Refreshed, Refueled ~ The Girl is Back

Even though I'm blessed to live a retired lifestyle, there are still days that I don’t really take time out to just do nothing. Believe it or not, it takes an effort to do nothing, at least for me it does. If my hands aren’t busy, my mind is racing.

But last week, I slowed way down, and took care of my inner self (it's been needing some pampering lately). Can you believe I didn't even read a book? That's something I generally do during slowing down times. But last week was all about clearing my head, opening my heart, and refreshing my soul. I didn't want to follow a plot or anything that needed too many brain cells.

That’s not to say I didn’t have moments of business, but they were enjoyable ones, doing things I love to do, things that bring me peace and a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Like planting a few things here and there.

Nothing fancy this year.

But, for the most part, I spent a week doing things like this ...

Having my morning coffee outdoors, soaking in the sounds of the real world. It was here that I had my time of devotion, as I do most mornings, praying for friends and family, and even those I've never met, who need strength and healing and courage for one more day. Prayer. What a powerful thing. It is not limited by geographical boundaries. Prayer can scale a mountain or cross an ocean in a split second.

The Man did a fair amount of yard work last week.
Once his hat came off, that was my queue for serving him a tall glass of iced-tea.
While he rested, I thumbed through the community newspaper.

Listening to the trickle of my little water feature doing its thing was a daily "activity."

We had some wonderfully windy days last week.
The windchime worked her magic.

I wrote a page or two in my journal. Nothing has to sing there.
It's raw and it's real and oh, so cleansing.

In the evenings, I watched for that enchanting blue hour ...

... then spent some time in silence, thankful for another day's blessings,
and for the significance and meaning of Easter.

Easter Sunday found me in church with The Man and my twin sister (that's her on the left). Church is a place that always leaves me feeling refreshed and renewed, and humbled.

There you have it. The essence of my week away from blogland. I missed all of you and hope you had a blessed Easter week. I look forward to visiting with you soon. Isn't it great we can just pick up where we left off?


  1. Picking things up, right where you left off. That's just what good friends do.

    Glad to have you back and well rested.

  2. Hi Dayle, it certainly seems that the weather was quite cooperative during your period of recharging. Your yard is so beautiful! We have had dust and drear for a week now. :/ Best wishes for the week ahead, Tammy

  3. Looks like a lovely week! Having twins that are 5 years old...makes me especially enjoy the picture of you and your twin! My girls smiled to see it too!

  4. Sounded fabulous, Dayle. Good for you! Glad you had a good Easter. It was wonderful here, too. Susan

  5. Dayle, what a wonderful blessed week you have had to enjoy me time ~~ain't nothing better~~~
    Glad you had a great Easter !!!!

  6. Glad your back renewed, refreshed and refueled! Your yard looks lovely!!! Enjoy


  7. Dayle,
    I'm glad you made your executive decision to withdraw and renew. Except for volunteering at church, I was was doing the same thing. Love the plantings you chose for your yard.


  8. It sounds just lovely to me, Dayle. I loved the blue hour picture, and the rest of it was just plain restful feeling.

    I giggled that you felt you had to tell us that that was Gayle next to you.

  9. Hi Dayle - sounds like you had a lovely week. Those "downtimes" are so necessary. Like Debbie, I love what you said about the blue hour.

    Looking forward to Simple Pleasures this week.


  10. Sooo glad to hear of your "indulgence" week, Dayle! I've a hunch I'm not the only one reading this who's a bit inspired. :)

  11. It looks like you had a wonderful week-very relaxing. I felt relaxed just reading your post and looking at your pictures. Makes me want to plant some things in the garden. :)

  12. Looks like an amazing week. So glad you are feeling refreshed.

  13. I feel the winds of refreshing all the way over here. You always take me right where you have been. Doesn't get any better than listening to a water feature and wind chimes.
    You and sis look beautiful!

  14. It's always good to quiet ourselves and rest not only the body but the mind. I agree it's difficult but oh so worth it.

    Love that picture of you and your sister. You both look so pretty.

    I'm glad you had a nice Easter.
    Enjoy your day.

  15. Oh boy, does that tall, icy glass of iced-tea look good! I have been in the garden since 7:30 this morning, mostly pulling WEEDS! Zillions of WEEDS! well almost.

    Happy to read about your restful week! Love your photos, especially the one with your sister :)

  16. Sounds like a wonderful week...try as I hands and head are always going...I could use a day or two to turn them off!

  17. I missed your writings, but I also knew that being away is needed to create balance.

    I am so glad that you are able to plant something :) - here in the mountains, rain and more rain is what we are having.

    Be blessed in His Love,


  18. sounds like a wonderful respite! i took one, too, and it was so needed! can't wait for thursday!

  19. Looks and sounds perfect. :) So good to hear you had such a lovely week of peace and quiet. Inspiring for every day moments to steal. Making a habit of sitting, looking, listening... it's tough for me too. :)
    Glad to have you back! you and your sister look adorable together in that photo. :)

  20. Your waterfall rock feature is lovely... I like wind chimes too... maybe i will send out hints for one this mothers day..

  21. sounds like my kinda of week. Restful and reflective!!

  22. Your idea of "nothing fancy" looks absolutely beautiful, Dayle! You truly have a gift for making things beautiful. :) (plus that iced tea looks perfect for a hot summer day - which starts quite early here in Texas!!)


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