Monday, May 16, 2011

Guideposts Called : And Other Weekend News

The weekend was a good one for yours truly, despite Blogger having a blowout.

It started Friday morning with a phone call from the good folks at Guideposts magazine. (And that was Friday the 13th, mind you, so phooey on the superstitious babble.)

Lord willing, and if all goes as planned, I will have an article in the October issue, and it will be my second appearance in their fine publication. YAY! All of the glory belongs to God; any talents I may possess came straight from His hand. I'm awed by His gifts and never take them for granted.

Saturday was my dear father's 84th birthday. The Man and I drove over and spent the day with the birthday boy, and my mom, of course. We told him it was his day, and we were there to do whatever he wanted to do.

Daddy's first wish was to drive to a neighboring city and eat lunch at a newly opened restaurant. We did, and left smiling and full.

He then asked The Man to drive him around to various places. (That's The Man below, behind the wheel, an excellent chauffeur, if I do say so myself.) 

I can't think of anything my dad enjoys anymore than getting in a vehicle and hitting the road. And as soon as he gets to where he's going, give him a few minutes and he's ready to roll again.

This is my sweet mother, digging in her purse for her cell phone. My parents have friends all over the country, and it seemed every few minutes, she was either receiving a text message or a phone call, wishing the birthday boy a happy birthday. She loved delivering the messages, Daddy loved hearing them, and I loved observing it all.

One of the places we drove to on the birthday tour was this beautiful little church—a church that Daddy was pastor of and helped finish the construction of in the early 70’s. Blood, sweat, and tears—it’s all there somewhere. And it still looks much the same as it did 40 years ago.

This place is near and dear to my heart, as well, as most of my teenage years were spent in and around this building, with friends I still call friends today. Memories that will last a lifetime.

~ Flashback ~ 
That's my handsome dad in 1974, after church one Sunday. 
In the current photo, this area is to the left.
The awning was constructed in later years.

When we arrived back at the house, we snapped a few photos on the front porch.

Mother always has something interesting sitting around, but nothing more fascinating than this little number called “hen and chicks.” Isn't it adorable?

When I see my parents aging, I could let myself be depressed about it, but I try not to. While it’s sad on one hand, I’m overwhelmed at the goodness of God, for allowing them to live so long, and they are both in excellent health. I think of my husband, who lost his father in 1985, when he was only 58 years old, and so many others who never saw their father reach the age of 84. I am blessed. Abundantly, and beyond words, blessed. And who knows? They may both outlive me!

Sunday dawned sunny and unseasonably cool. (Love it when that happens.) A perfect day for attending church in the morning, and enjoying the outdoors in the afternoon.

And how was your weekend?


  1. How exciting that you are writing for Guideposts! Happy 84th to your dad!

  2. Happy Birthday greetings to your dear dad! The pictures are precious and a forever reminder of the wonderful day you all spent together.

    Great news from Guideposts! :)

  3. congrats on guidepost! Love how you spent your Daddy's birthday!

  4. Congratulations on Guidepost and happy belated to your dad. Yes, indeed you are very blessed to still to still have him and your mom. I had no clue you were a p.k. ;) Great pictures of a beautiful day.


  5. Oh, Dayle, that was a heartwarming post. Your Dad was, and is, a handsome man, indeed. What a wonderful daughter you are to treat him so special on his birthday!

    Congratulations on the Guideposts call! Wow! That was truly exciting.

    The weekend was pretty good. The most interesting thing I did was attend a "shape note" class and two hour singing session that followed. Apparently, shape note singing originated in New England and has moved on down to the south. Many of the songs are from the 1800s and the scale used is very different from the "do, re, mi" genre. Cool!

    Take care and have a sweet day. Susan

  6. Congratulations on the article in Guideposts! The day with your parents looks like it was a wonderful time for everyone. Glad you were able to get together.

  7. What a wonderful day to spend with your parents. And as meaningful as it was to you, it meant so much more to them. How bless you are to have two such godly parents.
    Congratulations on Guidepost!

  8. Well first, congratulations on the Guide Post!! I'll be looking for it so I can tell everyone that I know the author.

    Might as well admit it. That's what I'll do.

    And what a wonderful Happy Birthday post to your dad. I agree that you are very, very blessed. I lost my dad in 1999. I miss him every day.

    We were out of town all weekend for a graduation. My stronghold is watching, not my father but my DAUGHTER growing old.

    Graduation will NOT be my simple pleasure this weekend. Sniff.

  9. Dayle,
    Congrats on the upcoming article! It is always exciting to see how God allows us to us the talents He has blessed us with!
    Thanks for sharing your Dad's birthday celebration with us!
    Dee Dee

  10. Dayle,
    Congratulations on your article being published in Guideposts! You are truly blessed - both by the article and for having your parents to love and do things with. What a nice way to spend your Dad's birthday especially since he loves to go driving. Love the picture of his (and your) former church.
    Your Mom's hens and chicks are really doing well!


  11. Our blessed you are Dayle, Parents still living is wonderful !!! Enjoy each momemt you have with them.
    Congratulations on the guidepost article.
    Glad you had a wonderful weekend ...

  12. Congrats on your article being published! This was such a sweet post. Your parents look great and what a blessing that they are in such good health! Glad you were able to spend time with them.

  13. Glad the weekend was a good. Excited about Guidepost for you. You're my favorite writer...and twin sister. Heehee. Loved seeing the old picture of Daddy. (Did he park close enough to the building??) Yes, we are so blessed. Hugs.

  14. Congratulations on being in Guideposts again! WOW! I love that magazine. That pic of your mom digging for her sell phone is adorable!
    What a wonderful post.
    Have a pretty day!

  15. Thanks, sweet friends. You're a blessing.

    @ Gayle - I laughed out loud about the parking. Those were my exact thoughts when I posted it. I guess that's a twin thing. HA!

  16. Hi! I'm visiting from Susan's Writing Straight from the Heart! Congratulations on the Guideposts acceptance!! I've only submitted to them once (didn't get chosen!) and I've heard how difficult it is to be accepted by them! You have a lovely blog and I'm sure to be back!

  17. Cell phoning and texting at age 84? Now how cute is that!

  18. @ Mary (Corners of my Life) - My mom is a bit younger than my dad (she's 79), but it's still impressive the way she uses that phone. If only I could get her familiar with a computer now. :)

  19. Wonderful that you have your parents still and in such good health. Life is a gift and we should treat it that way.Congrats on the call you got. Let us know when it will be published.

  20. What a lovely way to spend your dad's birthday doing exactly what he wanted to do! Also, such precious photos for you to keep the memory alive.

    I was amazed to see your mom's hen & chicks plant it's fantastic. I have one and it hasn't done anything. In fact it was one of my simple Pleasures back in September.

    Congrats on the Guideposts article!

  21. "I LOVED this post"...Congratulations on your magazine debut, we'll be waiting for more news on that! "Happy Birthday to your Dear Dad"! I LOVED your visit with them. I'm so happy to see how active and involved they are, THAT is the fountain of youth God gave us...
    Thank you for taking us along.
    Have a wonderful week,

  22. Oh Dayle,

    What joy to celebrate your dad's birthday! How blessed you are dear friend to have him close.

    My dad celebrated his birthday yesterday...but alas, we are far away from each other in miles, but close as a phone call. :)

    Be blessed dear friend,

    Mrs. M.


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