Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Day on the Island (and news about Simple Pleasures)

If all goes as planned, our brief summer escape to the island will end tomorrow (at least we'll start heading toward the barn, as we say in the South). We will return home a bit tanner than when we left, rested and ready to tackle whatever awaits us. I heard it rained in our absence, which is a glorious piece of news, as it has been drier than a bone back home.

Here's how our days on the island have gone.

Morning coffee on the patio. (Wish you were here.)

Mid-morning: "Shall we go have some fun in the sun, dahling?"

The water has been rough and choppy and cold, but the sound of the waves rushing to the shore is one of my favorite sounds in the whole world ...
soothing the spirit and cleansing the soul.
I could be a serious beach bum.

If you've checked in with me lately, you know I've been reading my favorite book, Gift from the Sea, by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. It's become a summer tradition.
(Don't ya love my flip-flop bookmark?)

The Man is a serious reader, especially when it comes to American history, particularly the American wars. This is yet another novel about Gettysburg.

Afternoon naps are essential.

After naptime, it's time for just chilling outdoors.
(Can you tell this is my grand-dog?)

Early evenings find us heading out to one of the local joints for food. This was taken from our indoor table at Pier 19, a super casual restaurant, situated right over Laguna Madre Bay. The seafood is caught fresh daily, and cooked to perfection.

It's also within walking distance of our campsite.

This is a platter of fried oyster nachos. We weren't sure what they'd taste like.
In a word, DIVINE!

The last time we were on the island, it was January 2010. I caught some fabulous sunsets on camera during that visit.

The earth has shifted since then, and the sunset wasn't as "accessible" this time, but still worth watching and capturing, as you can see here.

This view is steps away from our campsite, which overlooks Laguna Madre Bay.

Using my zoom brings it up a lot closer.
That's the bridge that takes you over to the island from Port Isabel.

And another day on the island comes to an end.

I hope you've enjoyed the day with me in pictures.
I've missed visiting with all of you, but I will catch you back at the homefront.

And, guess what?

If all goes as planned, the Simple Pleasures series will return next week! I may break again every few weeks, but, for now, let's roll out the party carpet!

I suppose we could call it "Summertime Pleasures," if you'd like.
What summertime pleasures are you enjoying? Do tell.

Hope to see you all at the party!


  1. What a wonderful and relaxing post! It looks like you had LOTS of fun...Thank you SO MUCH for letting us peek into your "Fun in the Sun"!
    I'm happy you got rain at home, that is SWEET!
    Hugs to you,

  2. What a beautiful day you've had! So happy to meet you, Dayle. Thank you for your comment on Gracious Hospitality. Tasha Tudor was an amazing woman and influenced so many. My mother was an avid gardener, painter, and writer. Tasha was someone she adored. And I learned from my mother...


  3. Enjoyed your restful retreat vicariously through your photo-log. Thanks for sharing! Simple Pleasures sounds simply delightful!
    Miss Kathy

  4. The neighborhood is empty without you.

  5. I remember this coffee mug! :)
    Loving these pictures, Dayle ... especially your "grand-dog"; what a sweetie!

    thanks for including us in your

  6. Oh Dayle, the beach looks so inviting :)

    Very nice pictures!


  7. What a relaxing, enjoyable, yummy, delicious getaway. All the essentials of a great time. I've been enjoying time at home doing what I like to do best ... piddling. Pajama days every day that I can get away with it. Too hot for outdoor activities anyways. Hubby and I are going to friends tonite for dinner so he will be very happy to see me in real clothes for a change. Ha! Best wishes as you settle back in at home. Tammy

  8. From a fellow beach bum it all looks divine!

  9. Oh, and my husband and I fight over the American history books, particularly the Civil War ones.

  10. Dayle,
    I love your short and sweet vacations - a lovely pause for refreshment. I'm happy to hear that Simple Pleasures (or Summer Pleasures) will return next week. :) I've been at the beach also with my children and grandchildren and I will have pictures!


  11. Poppies and gardening are the pleasures here. But your island retreat sounds positively wonderful!

  12. What a beautiful spot to recharge. We are headed out to Catalina Island off the coast of CA in a couple of weeks. I can't wait. See you next week at the party.

  13. Man those sort of days look hard to take!! WONDERFUL!!!

  14. Good food, great companion, pretty scenery. What more can one ask for?

  15. It looks like you had a perfect time! I'm glad to see you rested and obviously rejuvenated.

  16. Love the hat!
    What a great place to R & R & R & R!

    Welcome back Home!

  17. You are so right that a few days at the beach can leave you rested and ready. Welcome home and I look forward to reading more Simple Pleasures.

  18. I feel more relaxed and more refreshed just reading you post and seeing the photos! Very handsome grand-dog!

  19. Your pictures are beautiful! Hope that you are having a fab time!


  20. Looking through your pictures was like an instant vacation. They are gorgeous. I mentioned the book to my dear bloggy friend while on yappin' it up on the phone and she purchased each of us a copy. Look forward to reading it this summer too.

    PS--Have you ever written anything about the picture on your header? I ask because I may have missed it but it's absolutely beautiful and I'm not sure if it's yours or just a random pic.

  21. Hi Marcia,

    Thanks for your kind words. Yes, the photo header is mine. It's my summer mantel and that's a photograph of me and The Man walking along the shore in Destin, FL many moons ago. If you search for "summer" on my labels, there may be something there. I don't remember if I've written about it or not, but thank you.


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