Saturday, June 18, 2011

South Bound

Cloud Nine left the depot bright and early this morning, south bound.

The Man gave me the wheel for a few hours and, as odd as it may sound to some, I love driving this big rig, except when it's terribly windy, which it is today, but I knew The Man needed a break and so I collected my bearings, said, "Help me, Lord," slowed the speed way down, and we reached our first night's destination without a hitch. And now I'm out of breath from typing that very long sentence. (hehe)

We will travel a few hours on Sunday, then end up in a place we've been before and thoroughly enjoyed during our last visit, although it was winter the last time we were on South Padre Island. It's definitely not winter now!

We don't plan to stay long ... just long enough to unwind and forget about any and all unpleasant things. Sometimes you have to do that, whether you take a roadtrip, or just escape to the backyard, you have to step away from the tight places and just breathe.

Lord willing, I'll be breathing to the rhythm of the waves for the next few days.

I'd love to know what you'll be up to this week. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, I hope your summer is sailing along smoothly.


  1. First time looking at your blog... It looks great!!. We are in Central Alberta in Canada and love going 'south'...we have a little I know what your feeling...leaving in Cloud Nine! have fun (It is 10 C about 54 F right now and pouring south would be good...but will have to wait until winter...sigh...)

  2. Oh, for a Cloud Nine! Trying not to turn green. Sanctuary is a solace to me - enjoy your little get-away. School's out in another couple of weeks - I shall have to have an escape plan for July sometime.
    Miss Kathy

  3. Sounds like you've got a great week planned. We're in the middle of swim season and just had Nora's birthday party today. We'll be able to plan something soon. Enjoy your off time.

  4. Pip Pip
    Toodle loo
    Have a safe, fun time away.

  5. Wishing you both long, sweet moments of total relaxation!

  6. I am feeling more relaxed just thinking of your down time. Courageous girl driving Cloud Nine with the wind. Have a great time :)

  7. How wonderful! Have a great trip.
    Hey, I sure miss Simple Pleasures. If I could work the Mr Linky Widget, maybe I'd take them over for you for a while.

  8. Have a great adventure! I'm in huge need of one myself.

  9. Dayle,
    Enjoy and relax with the sound of the waves. I took a bus tour of a topiary garden in Maryland this past Tuesday and my kids are at the beach in Ocean City, NJ this week so I've been relaxing too.


  10. Pleasant trip, Dayle. This week? This week I'll be organizing in this house and will have a two day respite the beach. Hurray! Have a wonderful time. Susan

  11. As smoothly as can be...enjoy yourself :)



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