Friday, July 1, 2011

The Gazebo : It took teamwork to build it

Last summer, The Man and I stopped at Home Depot and bought ourselves an outdoor fabric gazebo. It was something I'd wanted for a while, so, when they went on sale, we took the plunge.

If you want to read the rest of the saga, of how two people managed to put together 162 pieces, by following a few paragraphs of instructions, and how the whole ordeal taught me something about marriage, you can click on the image below.

If, however, you'd rather just see the pics of the gazebo, which has been shown on this blog at least a dozen times by now, maybe more, and will definitely be shown again, then skip right over the article and check out some of my favorite times under the gazebo.

I'm happy to declare that the gazebo has held up well, considering the intense heat we get here in our corner of the world, and it's never come close to blowing away, despite living near the Gulf Coast. And it even withstood a few puny icicles (the kind we get every blue moon in Southeast Texas). I'd say, for $200, if the gazebo blows away tomorrow, we've gotten our money's worth out of it.

Now, for your viewing pleasure ... Ladies and gentlemen ... The Gazebo!


The sad winter look.

Here's wishing you all a lovely 4th of July weekend, maybe under your own gazebo somewhere.


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  1. Dayle - Love the gazebo! I've had this very thing on my wish list, too. However, our next door neighbor went through three of them in a year! She has a very lush back yard and had the gazebo tucked into her patio just off her french doors. But, oh! What nastiness a nor-easter leaves behind - mangled and tossed about in the backyard. After the third time, she opted for nothing last summer, and this year is back to the old umbrella easily taken down in a storm. I can't believe she spent the money to replace it as often as she did!

    But, this year, our umbrella had been eaten through by the squirrels. We put the cheap pop-up tent we use at festivals downtown on the deck and that's held up functionally, albeit not as elegantly as I'd like.

    Your gazebo is worthy of repeated features here, milady - lovely spot!

    Miss Kathy

  2. Of course I love the pictures. A gazebo is on my wish list, right long with a little country house called "Pine Knoll".

    The story behind it was even better than the pictures, though. We've had a lot of parts F and J that don't quite measure up in my house, and we definitely have some nuts that fall through the cracks. I love how you made this analogy and brought it all home.

    Wishing you a happy 4th and MANY happy Gazebo years.

  3. The gazebo is absolutely beautiful! Many happy moments there I am sure making its construction a distant memory. Remember... long into the future when the gazebo has worn out, save those corner posts and make something with them as I did in my garden :)

  4. Your backyard and gazebo look so relaxing and beautiful. What a wonderful place to be. I do have a question though, because I would love to sit out on my back porch more often. When you put the fabric "down" or I guess, close it, how well does it keep the mosquitoes out?

  5. I remember you posting about sitting outside, under your new gazebo. You were blogging on that warm summer evening.
    I thought wow, how nice to be sitting outside, blogging!
    Well, when I recieved my new laptop in Dec. the first thing that came to mind was that moment.

    Your story is truley an inspiration to all of us.

  6. Wow! This looks like something out of HGTV or Home Beautiful ...
    only nicer, on account I "know" its occupants! :)))

  7. Oh Dayle...that is a beautiful place you have there :)

    I especially like it at night...and also the fact that you use jars for drinking glasses - so do I!

    Great minds think alike, as they say ;)

    Many blessings to your week end,


  8. Mine has been up at least four years. Only this year did the wind rip into it some. Enjoy your holiday!

  9. Lovely gazebo, Dayle. Great job you and your hubby did! Wowsers. Don't think I would have tackled that. It's simply enchanting at night.

    A most blessed holiday is wished to you, too! Susan

  10. Beautiful space for beautiful souls. I wish you many more joyful moments in the gazebo!

  11. Oh, I just loved reading that article Dayle! My husband and I have come a LONG way in so many areas since we were newlyweds (13 yrs. ago) and one of them is how we work together on projects. It really is amazing when I think about how much more calmly things are accomplished and how grateful I am for all of the ways we are the truest of partners. Oh, and your gazebo is absolutely lovely too, by the way! LOL! Thanks for sharing this at Inspiration Friday!

  12. I've always admired your gazebo. I wondered how it would stand up to the extreme heat we have around here. We may just have to get one and put it together ourselves. ;)

  13. Beautiful Gazebo... Some robins have taken over ours this spring... My hubbies next job is making the inside bird proof!! (Robins should be flying out this we can start enjoying it!)

  14. Just saw your gazebo featured at Chris' SAS Review! Yay!

  15. Dayle,
    You really made me laugh when you described the many parts and the few instructions. I am glad that you have had many happy hours using your lovely gazebo.


  16. I smiled, we just built an arbor and it was a challenge in many ways! I just posted pics over at Behind the Gate. I love the gazebo, Especially at night.

  17. Beautiful! What a lovely addition to your yard. So glad to see Simple Pleasures is back, too. :)

  18. Like the gazebo. Seems like a grea place to be on a summer evening. I've been away from blogging for several weeks and made a post today for simple pleasures, but it seems you are taking a break from that. Are you planning to do it again? Have a great evening!

  19. I love the gazebo and it sure beats the cost of having something built. I have wanted one for years, the small ones are great to set up and take down but yours is so roomy. Maybe late summer I will check them out again. Thanks for sharing, your blog is wonderful. Kathy

  20. I always love to see you lemon glasses and they look perfect on the watermelon tray.


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