Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where Bloggers Create : A Tour of My Space

The lovely Karen, at My Desert Cottage, is hosting the 3rd Annual Where Bloggers Create blog party. This is my first year to link up, and I'm excited to see all of the great spaces that will be showcased.

But first, a tour of my creative space ...

Having a room of my own is a blessing. It is a sanctuary, if you will—where I can shut out the world and just write … or piddle, depending on how the wind’s blowing (piddling is just one guilty pleasure of being retired.)

Since 1989, when we bought our home, this room has been my home office.

A little history, if you have time or interest. It wasn’t always the case, having a room of my own. In the early years of my writing dreams, The Man and I lived in an adorable little rent house. He bought me an old desk from a friend and set it up in the middle of the living room. Space was scarce. And time was even more scarce. My daughter was just learning to walk, which meant I was always busy. But still, I wrote. Between my baby’s naps, between meals, and in the deep night hours, I could be found pounding away on the keys of my second-hand typewriter. Such passion I had. Such determination.

That was proof right there that you need not have a room of your own for creating; all you need is desire and energy. But having your own little space is a blessing, and I thank God for giving me this simple room to call my own.

Welcome to my home office, dear bloggers.

Please come in and look around. It doesn't look like much, and it’s a bit boring compared to others, but some days it feels like everything.

Kind friends, let me be the first to say that all of this clutter on the walls is an eyesore.


But this clutter is a small sampling of some of my work, and I keep it visible to encourage me to press on, when I'm seemingly out of gas, which seems to be quite often these days.

Seeing my first full-page article and first 3/4–page article in print sent me into my very loud and rambunctious happy-dance-while-squealing-routine. I guess you could say it was one of those "make a joyful noise unto the Lord" moments. :)

Hanging over my dear mother-in-law’s piano are the covers of my three books.

On quiet evenings, I sit here and play ... and think

... and marvel at God's unmerited goodness to me.

So many dreams have come true,
and I’m filled with gratitude.


One of the staples on my desk is this little daybook my mom gave me many years ago.

Historical dates, such as birthdays and anniversaries, dates that loved ones passed away, are all noted inside. I add to it, as needed.

My twin sister gave me this wonderful treasure box.
Hemingway had it correct, I must say.

Inside are flash drives and favorite pens, a few stamps and business cards.

On those rare perfect days we get here in Southeast Texas, I grab the laptop and head outdoors. I'm never disappointed by the inspiration found there.

Ever wondered how much work it takes to write an article? That depends on the assignment, of course, but you're looking at what it took for a single article that appeared in the "healthy living" section of a newspaper. Pages and pages of research, drafts, editor's correspondence, interview transcripts. Did I mention a deadline?

In case you're wondering what this contraption is, it's a digital voice recorder. Whenever you write articles, you almost always have to conduct interviews with experts or subject matters. With this piece of equipment, I can plug it into my cell phone, put on the headpiece, and talk to anyone from anywhere, and it's all recorded on this little device for me to decipher later. Handy, huh?

When I retired from my day job in 2008, it took me awhile to get my balance, but once I did, I made a decision that shocked even me.

I decided I would write less and play more. 

I wasn't sure I wanted to ever work as hard again as writing on assignment requires you to do.

Life was too short, I concluded.

I would still write, of course (I must write), but it would be on my own terms.

And whenever I do write, I’ve discovered that one works much better when surrounded by the faces of loved ones.


And having someone supportive behind you is always a good feeling.


I hope you enjoyed touring my creative space. Now ... I'm off to see what kind of fantastic spaces are waiting at Karen's blog party. Come on over and take a look.


  1. Your space is beautiful and your story is too!
    Happy writing!

  2. Dayle~

    I'm so glad you stopped by so I could find you. What an amazing blog you have. Your creative space had me at the French Doors. They are my passion.

    I love your walls. Love that you've brought out into the open what inspires you to press on. Although my things are different I have done the same thing. I must have what inspires me around me...not hidden away in some dark drawer to be forgotten, unnoticed.

    I read your love story. I've been married almost 33 years to the same amazing man. A gift from God. A blessing. Not perfect here either...but good, and lasting none-the-less.

    I, with pleasure, am going to follow you.

    Love to you~

    A Gathering Place

  3. Awesome! Thank you for sharing your space. I especially love how you have framed your articles. Writing for a job has always seemed like a very hard job to me. I see here how satisfying and rewarding all that hard work has been for you. Happy blogging.

  4. You have a beautiful space! I can see why it is a sanctuary for you. Congratulations on all of the articles you have had published. Your wall is not an eyesore at all but a testament to your talent for writing.

  5. I love your creative space! Your little four-legged sidekick is adorable too.

  6. Thanks for stopping by, Dayle. I LOVE that last picture. It stole my heart.

    Your wall is inspiring and I would set up those frames just like that to keep me going. My favorite is that treasure box your sister gave you with the Hemingway quote. Perfect.

    I so agree about having our own space. I just started having my own. Used to drive 20 minutes to the beach for it. ;) Now I brought the beach to myself. Our house is mostly open floor plan and not too large so I highly value my own space.

    Keep dreaming...and writing.

  7. Your space and story are wonderful. As a writer you need what inspires you around you more then anyone I think. I admire any wordsmith:)

  8. Dayle, what a fascinating tour. I love seeing all your articles on the wall! Thanks for giving us a peek inside the life of a writer.

  9. I enjoyed visiting your creative space, it's beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

  10. Thank you for the peek into the world of a writer. I can only imagine the thrill of seeing your own words in print. Girl...if I had anything published, I'd hang it from a chain and wear it around my neck...daily!
    Love your space and all that it represents.
    P.S. BTW...I can piddle with the best of 'em.
    P.P.S. Do you think it's the heat that makes us Texas folks just a bit crazy?

  11. Congratulations on all of your articles. You must be so very proud of yourself.

  12. Dayle - What a clean space - so organized. You have inspired me today to think on a larger scale of just how I'm going to re-organize my space this coming week. Of course - you must frame and hang your works of art - all artists do! Your little treasure box is precious - functional is nice - beautiful and functional is better!
    Bless you piddling today!
    Miss Kathy

  13. I like how you have framed the articles........your home office looks like a wonderful place to write.

  14. I definitely do not think your wall of framed work is an eyesore. It is proof of your dedication to the work and art of writing. Surrounding yourself with reminders of your accomplishments is a good thing. Have a blessed day, Tammy

  15. Dayle, this is a marvelous place to create - it does take a lot of work - but it is so interesting and fascinating to continually learn about things and to be inspired by people! I truly enjoyed reading this and that we can share through blogging!
    God Bless,

  16. I can't remember the last time I saw such a comfortable, grounded, space. It quietly speaks of security, accomplishment, and love. Wonderful space, wonderful story - so glad you stopped by so I could find my way here!

    I have to admit I had just a twinge of envy when I spotted those amazing quilts in the photo on your sidebar. I'm going to follow so I can find my way back here!

    Thanks for sharing a piece of your world.


  17. Oh yea... it is a beautiful room. I can sence it's warmth and appeal.
    I'm so glad you write as a blogger. I take away something that I have learned or think about.

  18. Loved seeing your writing space, Dayle. Everything is neat and clean, too! Nice job and thanks for sharing. Susan

  19. Congratulations on a lovely space and your description was inspirational -thank you for sharing

  20. Dayle, what a wonderful place to write. I, too, wrote but gave it up. Every once in awhile, I feel the urge but it doesn't seem to last long. I love the framed articles and how they're displayed. Thanks for sharing!

  21. What a wonderful post, Dayle! I think that must be the driving force for all creative people - passion. It is lovely to have your own space, but as long as you can pursue your passion you find spots that work.

  22. wow lots of articles. I do the occasional bit of writing, but mostly i never get round to it. Hugs Sara

  23. Loved seeing your space Dayle. I have written my first two articles for Stampington this year. It was probably even more exciting that having the art published. I am so glad you display your work. Not an eyesore at all. Your dog is adorable. Mine are always at my feet too. So nice to meet you and have a chance to explore your space. What a sweet story.

  24. Hi Dayle,
    Love your creative space and the story behind your journey. God has truly blessed with the talent and the determination to make your dreams come true.
    I also live in Texas (north) and when we are not having 100+ days, I take my laptop outside on the patio too.
    Loved seeing your piano in your space. You inspire me to move mine into my space if I could fit it somehow!!
    Loved the tour of your space. God bless you with continued writing and mnay happy days in your studio/office.
    Hugs from Flower Mound, Celestina Marie

  25. Oh Dale, I don't think that wall is cluttered at all! It is a wonderful tribute to your talent and I'm sure brings a smile to your face when you think of your accomplishments!! Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us!!

  26. Dear Dayle...I loved your post and your studio is beautiful. I loved the way you presented it and I agree that having your work and pictures of those you love around you really helps to inspire. I am so glad to see so many people who are using their God given blessed in your journey and hope to see you over at my studio!

  27. If I had all those articles published, I would have them hanging on my wall, too. Congratulations! Your studio is simply lovely.

  28. Dayle
    Your room looks so comfortable and welcoming...I know it is just for you but always nice to be welcomed home, right? I agree with you, in order to write I must have my loved ones around me to keep me company. Loved the tour.


  29. Dayle,
    Such a gift you have. I am always amazed by those who can write. I love your wall covered with your accomplishments. Thank you for sharing~

  30. What eyesore? I didn't see any!
    Everything looks fabulous to me!
    Dayle, you have a lovely sense of decor and your room is very special and inviting.
    The personal items and mementos give your
    blessings..Trish room 'soul'.
    I enjoyed seeing where you do your writing very much!

  31. My husband and I call walls like that "I love me" walls, because we have them with our military medals and plaques on them -- we worked HARD for those! So you should feel PROUD of that! YES!

    I hope you'll have time to visit my creative spaces!

  32. I love that you have your work hanging on the walls as a reminder and inspiration. I don't think it's clutter at all.
    Stopping by from the creative spaces hop.

  33. elegant..clean and simple. loved it!

  34. So lovely.... and I think the framed articles are fabulous.... and I think they SHOULD be on your wall. I know I'd have them plastered everywhere if I had writing success.

    Warm blessings,

  35. Ahhhhh, the idea of having a sanctuary!
    Even saying that word out-loud tastes sweet. But, as you've pointed out, one doesn't require a sanctuary to create ... only passion.
    I'm not there ... I may never be.
    But that's something I soooo appreciate about blogland -- it's not a competition, but a loving and supporting camaraderie!

    PS - Your wall "art" is perfect!

  36. your space is wonderful.

    Congratulations for your success as a writer. I think its great you have your articles on the walls.

  37. Some days it's everything. I love those words. I think that could sum up this blog party!

  38. A true writer's studio. I love how you have framed articles.

  39. you definitely have a way with words. I found your space inspiring, quiet, and wonderful.


  40. Wow! What a fantastic inspiration wall you have! Full of your creations. Thank you for a peak into your creative world.

  41. What a great space!! It is such a blessing to have your own creative space...and how nice to have so many framed pieces of your work!!

  42. You do realize that you are an inspiration to me, don't you?

    Just thought I'd say it.

    I love your space more than I can say. What a wonderful thing it must be to be a vocational writer. Of course, I'm glad that you share the avocational writing side with blogland.

  43. Dayle, I am totally enchanted by your office and creative space. I have wanted to be a writer since I was a little girl and enjoyed so much reading of your writing journey. I think it's awesome how you have your articles framed. Congratulations on your books! I admire you so much. Have a nice weekend! Twyla

  44. This is why I love this tour Karen hosts each year! So inspiring to see all the different gifts, talents, and ways people create. Each adds such a sweet layer to life. As a life long avid reader {with a book collection to prove it!} what a treat to visit your space today. I esp. liked the encouragement you shared about not having to have the perfect surroundings to go for your dream! Congratulations on your hard earned accomplishments! Xo, Sue

  45. Good for you for keeping your published work around you for inspiration! I love the grouping of frames. A great space and thanks for sharing.

  46. A beautiful space perfect for a beautiful lady.

  47. Hi Dayle
    As a part-time (garden only) writer I am impressed by your work space and success. Things are on a very small scale for my writing compared to yours but life is good when you can write about your passion and get paid for it.
    I love having my dog in the room too when I'm writing, he's a good sounding board for ideas.

  48. Lovely and what a pleasure to be retired.....I love the wall of's very inspiring.
    Margaret B

  49. I love this and seeing where everyone creates. Your space is wonderful and so official looking. I am usually on the couch or the bed. I cannot seem to carve out a space for me yet. Too many kids still at home. I am in no rush though.

  50. Lovely space...I especially like the box your sister gave you! I would love to pass on that photo you took of it to a writer friend of mine in India...Only with your permission. TFS!

  51. Hi Dayle! I love the Creative Space you've created...and I love even more at where you are at in your journey - and that you're learning to play more. I'm trying to get's a process, for sure. I'm in banking, a job that I work because I need to. I enjoy writing, and it's part of my own dream. I have a full plate with life, a beloved Husband, three adult children and three gorgeous grandies. I've created my space to be used for multiple purposes, one of which is writing (oddly enough I didn't mention that in my post) :) I instead thought of the "other" things I love to do...that I call brainless work...things I can create when I don't need to think at all... sigh! I love what you wrote about putting pics of your loved ones to inspire you...I do the same. Lovely post today! Thanks for sharing your space, it's AWESOME! :)

  52. Dayle, Moi again! ;) I just read your profile! I learned we have much in common, FAITH! I have been so blessed today on this Tour of Creating Spaces and have met such awesome women of God using their talents; and I'm blown away by it. I told my husband this evening how much of a blessing it is to see how many women are making a difference inspiring others with their talents; but also for women like yourself; share the Love of God. So refreshing, just had to come back and tell you! ;)

  53. It is always wonderful to bump into a fellow writer and it was a distinct pleasure to view your creative space and catch a glimpse of your grateful heart. Thank you for sharing.

  54. Hello Dayle ~ Love your inspiration wall ~ how fabulous ~ This is my first time participating in this wonderful party, and I am so enjoying seeing everyone's spaces where they create and get inspired ~ I have so enjoyed seeing your space!!

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  55. Dayle,

    Your space is for you and is far from boring. The history displayed is extraordinary and you must be very proud.

    Thank you for the tour.
    Warm regards,


  56. Hi Dayle, I loved seeing your space and reading your story. Writing is something I've never really been good at so I admire someone with that talent! I love your little dog too. I love how our pets love to be near us when we create. Thank you for visiting and following my blog!

  57. Lovely space Dayle, I don't think that your wall is at all cluttered, it is wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing your space with us.

  58. I visited your wonderful space the other day and was unable to leave a comment. I love that you have surrounded yourself with framed pieces of your work that inspire you. I think it is so great that you are able to use your gift for writing and have a beautiful place to do it in.

  59. Really wonderful! Love that you are able to write and then share it with others...........the space is beautiful!

  60. Hi Dayle,

    What a wonderful room. And I love all of your articles that are framed. What accomplishments you've made. I do agree that playtime should prevail over those deadlines. Life is short and we must make it count. If we don't it's like giving back a gift that God gave us...So I reach for all I can each day and give praise to Him for all that I have. He's rescued me and blessed me many times over in my life. I've so enjoyed my visit and would love for you to pop in for a visit!

    Pink Sparkles for your day,
    Stephanie Suzanne ♥
    Queen of Dreamsz

  61. What a great space, and I am in love with your pens. To have your articles framed and all around you, must inspire you so. I loved visiting your blog, and it is so nice to meet you.


  62. Thank you for sharing your writing space! I loved reading about your writing career-and the quote from Ernest Hemingway-I have to remember that one!

  63. Lovely space (looks relaxed and very inspirational), and you are so blessed with such a great talent, I sure wish I was better at writing. For me its the drawing rather than words, but I love reading. And your dog is just adorable.


  64. What a lovely space with lots of great inspiration! I still haven't lost the skipping round the house in glee feeling of seeing my work in print, and hope that I never do! Thanks for the tour.

  65. What a wonderful space, it has a very friendly, comfortable feel to it. And I must say, you are quite the writer and you should be very proud of every one of those framed gifts of yours! Thanks for sharing, Nan

  66. Aloha Dayle,
    Just wanted to stop in again to thank you for your visit and thank you for leaving a sweet comment.
    Hugs to you again.


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