Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Simple Pleasures ~ An Impromptu Picnic

Yesterday found me and The Man keeping the roads hot; some days are just like that. You ride and ride and no matter how comfortable the ride may be, there comes a time when you're itching to stop, step outside, and just be still. So yesterday, somewhere in the beautiful state of Wyoming, we found a shady Rest Area. I made a couple of sandwiches, we spread out a blanket, and had ourselves a picnic.

What simple pleasure are you enjoying lately? Whatever it is, you're invited to join me. Some of the nicest people show up here each week. If you're new to this party, please read the guidelines before linking up.

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  1. Dayle,
    What a lovely simple pleasure! Looks like everyone is having a great time.

  2. Dayle,
    It looks so lovely and peaceful there. Nothing better than a quiet picnic in a shady rest area. I am so glad you are enjoying your time away...sometimes that's all that is needed to get us back on track. Stay safe.


  3. Oooo! Hope you're enjoying big sky country! Will you be stopping at Yellowstone? I've fond memories of inspirational visits to the National Park when we lived in Idaho. Simple pleasures sharing the wonder of God's creation with the children - when they were children.

  4. It looks like you are having a lovely trip. It looks so relaxing and I do hope it is refreshing for you. Mave

  5. A lovely idea. Looks like Diesel is enjoying every moment of the trip.

    Glad you are having a great time. I do hope you will be able to see Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks - the beauty of God's creation abounds there.

  6. I know what you just stop and rest...and breath in the shot of the dog's bod...too cute....

  7. Aww that looks amazing!! Something to be so thankful for, for sure :)

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  8. A picnic in summer. Hard to beat that. Is that your motorhome in the background? Sweet ride. blessings, k

  9. How nice to have the shade of a tree and the great outdoors to enjoy. Safe travels and happy trails! Tammy

  10. I haven't been participating in Simple Pleasures for a few months. I've really missed it and am so glad to be back.

    I LOVE picnics!! They are one of my delights in life. For some reason, food just tastes better on a blanket under the shade of a tree.

    By the way, I know I-80 across Wyoming quite well. (I'm assuming you're on the interstate.) I live in Idaho, and we've taken that trek across I-80 3 times. The sun was always shining...and the wind was always blowing.

    Blessings and safety on your travels.


  11. Hi Dayle,
    I am so happy to be participating this week! I love all your posts and your inspiring blog! Thank you for sharing your heart with us and all the simple pleasures that make life so blessed!!!
    Have a lovely week,

  12. Hi Dayle,
    I'm glad you're having a good time.Picnics are the best of times, especially when shared with hubby and dog. Relaxing, laid back and fun!!
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  13. I love your simple pleasures party. Sometimes we just need to focus on joy without all the "doing." My simple pleasure this week is the joy found in "stolen" moments with the Word to give me a shot of caffeine for my spirit.

    You made me want to go on a picnic!

  14. That is a simple please I would love! My husband and went on an impromptu picnic recently. We ended up at the softball fields and sat outside the fence and watched the games while we ate dinner and spent some time off by ourselves.

  15. Dayle, what a lovely little spot you picked to rest up a while and relax with your Man!
    "Stop and be still" - you've just got to do it sometimes!
    Love picnics :-)
    Have a blessed week..Trish

  16. Oh Dayle,
    isn't that just what summer's about - taking leisurely little trips here and there.
    Spreading the picnic blanket for lunch and enjoying the scenery is the icing on the cake.
    I must come back to your 'Simple Pleasures' soon - I've only ever done one!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Shane :))

  17. Love picnics, haven't enjoyed one for years. Looks like the two of you are living it up. Enjoy.

  18. Hi Dale Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share. I love this carefree life, hitting the road, stopping for a picnic when you want, and moving at your own pace, in whatever direction you feel at that day and time. Wonderful...Thank you for taking me along on this picnic as well.

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    Thank you sweetie for a wonderful post. I love it. Have a glorious weekend. Country hugs from Phoenix, Sherry

  19. OK. I admit it. I am actually jealous of this one. I think the whole thing sounds just perfect.


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