Saturday, September 17, 2011

At the end of a long day, the Creator

Yesterday was one of those days on the road that can try your patience. A day where one minute you’re on what seems to be an endless, uphill climb …

Only to find yourself, a few minutes later, dealing with a 6% downhill grade, praying your brakes hold firm.
You come to places along the road where, no matter what direction you face, obstacles are there. S-curves ahead.

As the evening approaches, you pull into a sparse little campground, expecting nothing more than a good night’s rest, knowing you will face a similar day tomorrow.
And then ... something wonderful happens.

You step outside and see that the Creator has painted a masterpiece, seemingly just for you, as there is no one else present.

Suddenly, the day’s worries melt away.


  1. When we stop to take a deep breath He is there. Love this, Dayle.

  2. Feels like I'm back in Vanna, towing the Li'l Dutchgirl through the gorgeous Southwest. Thanks for the memories!

    Dearest Creator, You shore done good!

  3. I have so many days like this. That sunset is amazing!

  4. Great analogy!

    Your pictures a wonderful, the view from inside and those mighty clouds.

  5. Love the comparison of your road trip to "days in our lives". So many times, "life" seems to press in on me, and something as simple as "looking up" toward either an awesome sunrise or sunset making me realize how insignificant my worries are when He is in control. Beautiful post each of us can relate to in our every day life. Blessing and safe journies.

  6. Dayle,
    Isn't is wonderful to know that HE is always with us even though we cannot always see HIM?
    Love the Creator's masterpiece -- delivered at the perfect time -- HIS timing.


  7. Simply beautiful. Only the Creator can paint a masterpiece like that.


  8. those are beautiful pictures you shared. I love blogs with a lot of pictures,

    btw, I just followed.

  9. A picture worthy of a frame. Breathtakingly beautiful.

  10. So beautiful!Isn't that just like Our Heavenly Father to reveal Himself in the midst of a challenging journey?

  11. This is a wonderful post and to Know that GOD is closer to us than the air we breathe is so Awesome !!!!

  12. What an absolutely spectacular sunset, Dayle. You were so blessed to see it.
    The vistas in the other photos look like parts of Arizona. Take care. Susan

  13. That is one spectacular sunset. Great photo of it too.

  14. Dayle, I do believe you just had a bonus simple pleasure!


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