Sunday, September 11, 2011

Honoring The Brave

Thank God, he never had to respond to anything as horrific as 9-11, but in his 33-1/2 years in the Houston Fire Department, The Man responded to thousands of calls, without hesitation, and I can’t let this day go by without giving honor to whom honor is due.

First, to all of those who answered the call on that day of terror, and especially those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. They will never be forgotten.

And then, there were the firefighters and first-responders from all over the country who came to Ground Zero and dug through the rubble, day after day after day. Some have become gravely ill in the years since, and some have not lived to see the 10th anniversary of 9-11. They will always be missed.
And I can't forget the firefighters and first-responders who continue to show up every day, serving the people of their communities, making a difference in ways that only few can. They will always have my support.
And finally, I honor my husband who gave 110% every day he showed up for work wearing a blue uniform. He’s made some heroic moves in his long career, had one very close brush with death, and up until the day he turned in his gear and said goodbye to his crew, The Captain gave it his all. He will always be my hero.
On this, the anniversary of that terrible day in September, perhaps the best we can do to honor those who gave so much, is to thank those who still do.


  1. Beautiful, Dayle. Please give a very personal thank you to your Captain for me. And inspired by you, I will be seeking out the local fire chief this morning, who happens to worship with me.

  2. Raising a glass and "Here, here!" to the heroes. They gave their all. Bless them.

    To other first responders, they give their all. Bless them.

    A moment of silence...

  3. We will never forget the sacrifices made by the first responders and those who followed. And I hope we'll each say a prayer today for the victims...and for our country.

  4. To, The Man, thank you.......thank you!

  5. Somedays, "thank you" seems woefully inadequate ...
    Yet, I'll continue to say so -- from my head and mostly, my heart.

  6. I wholeheartedly agree and thank your husband for his service.

  7. It is a very brave profession. They truly run into the buildings when everyone is running out.

  8. Dayle,
    Loved this post honoring those who performed so gallantly and those who still do. I salute your husband's 33 1/2 years of service.


  9. Anniversaries Remind Us How Much We've Forgotten
    "Nine {ten} years ago this very night, going to sleep we didn't see it. The next day we vowed we'd never forget it.
    Until we did.
    That was then. This is now.
    Lesson learned. Lesson forgotten.
    It's a good thing we have anniversaries to remind us of how much we have forgotten.”

    Your World Neil Cavuto

  10. Great post. Thanks to your hubby and others who put their lives on the line to keep us safe.

  11. Oh dear I need some tissues, what a beautiful post and well done to both of you for bravery and dedication. I found the anniversary coverage so moving yesterday, I eventually had to stop watching - I cannot cry here, doing my job!

    Dayle I sent you and email - you were a winner of one of my Lavender Sachets. Contact me with your postal details please.

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  13. Your Man and all those like him have my admiration especially on a day of remembrance like today.

  14. I meant to say admiration and gratitude in the comment above.


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