Friday, September 2, 2011

Postcards from the Road ~ The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Sitting atop a hill with breathtaking views, The Ronald Reagan Library is one of California's most beautiful and unique destinations.

Outside the front of the library are benches for resting and enjoying the views that leave you practically speechless. The only word I kept repeating was, "Wow!

Me and The Man doing a little self-portrait taking. (Does anyone else do that?)


I didn't study the history of the design, but it has a ranch feel to it.

Standing in front of a life-size bronze of Ronald Reagan.

To read more about the personal side of Ronald Reagan, click on the link.

President Reagan comes from humble beginnings.
This was his mother's Bible. He used it at both of his inaugurations. She has written in the margin beside the "If my people, which are called by my name ..." scripture, "A most wonderful verse for the healing of the nations."

Ronald Reagan wrote over 700 letters to Nancy during their marriage. These are some of the telegrams he sent during his many travels, prior to becoming president. I loved his sense of humor.

The Man takes the podium, albeit a little under-dressed for the occasion. We'll call him the "casual" president. :)
Most people never knew how close to death President Reagan came, after his assassination attempt. The flattened bullet hit a rib, passed through his lung and stopped less than an inch from his heart. That day, he lost half the blood in his body. He summed up the experience with the words shown in the photograph.
At the library is a full-scale replica of the White House Oval Office, set up exactly as it was during the Reagan presidency, the office in which President Reagan never took off his suit jacket.

The chair behind the desk is the actual chair.
The men are saddled up and ready to roll.
Some amazing photographs can be found throughout the musuem.
This is the letter President Reagan read to the American people, following his Alzheimer's diagnosis. He lived ten years after his diagnosis.
President Ronald Reagan was laid to rest on the library grounds, following his death in 2004. I remember watching the funeral and thinking what a gorgeous place for a final resting place.

Nancy, the love of his life, surrounded by her two children.

The Air Force One Pavillion is a fabulous experience. You get to walk onboard the actual Air Force One aircraft, tail number 27000, which flew seven U.S. presidents, from 1973 to 2001, including Presidents Nixon, Carter, Ford, Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Clinton and George W. Bush.

For Ronald Reagan, this was the plane in which he hand-wrote many of his speeches, signed important legislation and even officially started the Daytona Beach, Florida NASCAR race via phone.

Air Force One 27000 is on loan to the library from the United States Air Force.

The president--I mean The Man--and I practice our waves.

Outside the Air Force One Pavillion is a terrace with a grand view of Simi Valley.

The views in every direction will blow you away.

There is a cafe onsite.

A piece of the Berlin Wall sits prominently, just outside the library.

These photos are taken behind the library and museum. The views can't be captured on camera.

What a spectacular place!

This is looking back toward the cafe/gift shop area. These grounds are a replica of the South lawn of The White House, thanks to the generosity of Merv Griffin. There is a plaque on the lawn that states this.
There are "his and her" trees planted close to President Reagan's grave.

This is where President Reagan is buried.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, in Simi Valley, California. It has been the highlight of our trip, so far.

On an editorial note, The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation is pleased to host the Reagan Centennial GOP Candidates Debate on Wednesday, September 7, at the Reagan Library. I'm not sure I will get to watch it (may be on the road on that date), but how fun to know I've "been there."

Thanks for sharing my journeys with me. Yesterday, The Man and I took a beautiful drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, into Malibu, and into Santa Monica again. I will share photos another day.

P.S. And on a note from home, the daughter says my front lawn is looking like a crying shame. Dead as a doornail. That's what triple-digit temperatures will do for you. I hope things cool off before we head that way in another week or so.

Until next time, Lord willing.


  1. Wow is how neat this tour is. I feel like I got to tour the library with your pics! It has many beautiful scenes....etc.

  2. Loved the tour! You're an excellent tour guide! Waiting for the next one!

    Love you,

  3. We love the Reagan Library!! Visited a couple times and plan to go back again in December. Awesome place in honor of an awesome man/President. Thanks for sharing pics .. gives me goose bumps. ;)

  4. I would love to visit there. My parents did, and they said it was wonderful. He was the first president for whom I voted, and that and a variety of other reasons, makes him very special to me.

  5. I loved President Reagan, but never considered visiting his Library. Now? Oh yes!!!

    He never removed his suit jacket while in the Oval Office? ... yep, there's a class act.

    Thanks for stopping by with your well-wishes; we're off tomorrow morning.

  6. Loved the pictures! I know it's a time-consuming thing, uploading and downloading and describing. Thanks for the work! I hope to visit one day!!

  7. Very interesting place. Very informative descriptions. Thank you for sharing not only the post with us but taking time away from your trip to do a post like this. Looks like you two have a great time together on a trip. Like my hubby and I do. Yes, we are always take self portraits and chopping one of us off, lol. I know....use my tripod and self timer but that means dragging out stuff and self portraits are impromtu when we are being silly and having fun. Love Ronnie as President and as a human being. They had a very special love between them. Safe journeys,

  8. What neat pictures you took. They tell the story so well.
    I’m new to your blog- just peeping around

    I have become a follower.
    Looking forward to many great pictures.



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