Sunday, September 25, 2011

Remembering San Diego

I n all of my posting of pictures during our seven-week vacation, I somehow failed to post any pics from our stay in San Diego, and since you must be dying to see them (wink, wink), here’s how our time went in this beautiful city. It was my first time there, and I hope it won’t be my last.

Be it known far and wide, and all points in between, that I am not a zoo person. Perhaps they serve a purpose, but I find it heartbreaking to see wild animals in cages. Not only that, they smell bad. But it was the famous San Diego Zoo, so I went, and when we boarded a double-decker bus for a tour, The Man said, "Are you going to smile?" I tried, but if you look carefully, you may can tell I'm just not feeling it. (hehe)

The skylift thingie takes you from one side of the zoo to the other. Before the day was over, we had seen the zoo on foot, from a bus, and from the air. Got it covered!

Mama, Daddy, and Baby Giraffe. Aren't they cute?

After our visit to the zoo, we took a ferry over to Coronado Island, just for the ride. It was about a ten-minute ride, and a pleasant afternoon.

A view of San Diego's skyline from the ferry.

Here is Cloud Nine, our home-away-from-home at the San Diego Metro KOA. We stayed here ten days. It was a beautiful campground, with lots of trees and special touches like bird-feeders and magnificent flower gardens.

Some campgrounds have it all. This one had a dog-washing station, the first time we'd seen such a thing :) Diesel was the perfect pooch while Paw Paw gave him a bath.

Speaking of pets (sorta), this is Petco Park ~ The home of the San Diego Padres. (Must say, I'm not crazy about that name, but I guess Petco paid good money for the title.)

The retirees strike a pose at Petco Park. It was a great ballpark, very unique in structure. You may or may not know that one of The Man's retirement dreams/goals is to visit all of the Major League Baseball parks. (If you're curious as to why he loves baseball so much, you can click here for a little history.) Since retiring in 2008, we've crossed off a lot from that list. Only have a handful left. Good thing I love baseball, huh? Although, I must admit I'm generally ready to leave by the bottom of the 6th inning.

Uh-oh! The girl gone shopping ... in a white skirt ... after Labor Day.

Fashion Police Alert!

If you're from the South, you know what I'm talking about it. If not, it's an antiquated fashion rule that you aren't supposed to wear white after Labor Day. Not sure who thought that one up, but I think the rule has since been debunked by the fashion gurus. If not, oh well ... I'm breaking the rules right and left.

After shopping, the girl was famished, which brings me to my next picture. Whenever we travel, one of the things I especially enjoy is getting out and sampling the local restaurant scene. The Fish Market in San Diego sits right on the bay and was a favorite place to eat. It offers not only fresh seafood choices, but amazing water views. This is an enclosed patio area where we enjoyed a late lunch.

Dear blogging buds, this is a plate of fried oysters. Oh yeah!

And this is the girl who ate them all!

Dinner at The Fish Market was also a great experience. One evening, we enjoyed a view of the water, at a charming table by the window. (Love the chair.)

This magnificent sculpture (replicating the infamous photograph from WWII) is ENORMOUS! You simply can't believe how large it is until you're there in person. It's located in Tuna Harbor Park, just a feet away from The Fish Market. Tuna Harbor Park is one of 17 waterfront parks in San Diego Bay. (That's the USS Midway in the background. More on that later.)

The Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery is located in Point Loma. Visiting a national cemetery is always a sobering experience, but what a beautiful place to be laid to rest, especially for a sailor, the Pacific Ocean in the distance.

The white "lines" you see are, of course, headstones. The cemetery is huge. The old Point Loma lighthouse can be seen in the far distance, on the left, the Pacific Ocean ahead. We wanted to visit, but it closed just before we arrived.

The moon was rising on one side of the cemetery, the sun setting on the other. This is the bay side. We visited here on the evening of September 11, so it made us feel proud and grateful, and sad. All at the same time.

The Man and the Pacific Ocean. I love how the violet of the sky reflected on the water.

The USS Midway was commissioned in 1945, and served through Desert Storm, in 1991. It was decommissioned in 1992 and opened as a museum in 2004. It is also so long that I wasn't able to get it all in my viewfinder. If you’ve never visited an aircraft carrier museum, you must. I’ve been on several and always come away a bit awestruck. The brain power that it takes to make it all work is pretty amazing.

On the flight deck, The Man flashes a thumbs-up.

The girl, flashing the "victory" sign ... I think. :)

The flight deck takes up over four acres. Hello!

If warships don't interest you, feel free to skip over this part, but here are some mind-blowing numbers about the USS Midway that left me scratching my head:

212,000 horsepower (oh my)
Weighs 69,000 tons
1,001 feet long
258 feet wide
2,000 feet of anchor chain
20-ton anchors
18-foot tall propellers
2,000 electric motors
1,500 telephones
2,000 compartments
12 boilers
18 decks
4.2 acre flight deck (we're standing on the flight deck in this photo)

3.4 million gallon fuel capacity (that is a staggering thought)
100,000 gallons used daily (and another staggering thought)
260 gallons of fuel used per mile (finally, something gets worse gas mileage than Cloud Nine)

Carried a crew of 4,500, including:
- 600 men in engineering
- 225 cooks
- 200 pilots
- 40 corpsmen
- 5 physicians
- 3 dentists
- 40 different skippers in 47 years

Food Logistics:
10 tons of food daily
13,500 meals served daily
3,000 potatoes daily
1,000 loaves of bread daily

From the Midway, you can see San Diego Bay, The Fish Market, and the sculpture. The USS Ronald Reagan had just returned home from its latest tour of duty. It is way in the distance, on the right.

Every day, there were hundreds of sailboats out and about on the water.

One evening, The Man surprised me by taking me to Ruth's Chris Steak House, overlooking the bay. (Sorry, girls, I think I'll keep him.)

The meal was spectacular, as was the ambiance. Ooh la la ... romance!

A very kind lady offered to take our photograph outside. (If you ask me, The Man is rocking that beard. It's called his "vacation" beard, as he only grows it out on vacations, although I like it so much I wish he'd keep it, but he's already shaved it off since arriving home. Bummer.)

I miss you, San Diego! You were good to me.

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  1. Love seeing every photo! I can see why you enjoyed your time here so much! Delightful post!

  2. Thanks for sharing your super trip photos! What adventures! Love the water shots - that violet beach was stunning! Nice weather, too - no rain! Too much here on the east coast and not enough in Texas. Just right in San Diego - thanks for the virtual tour!

  3. Loved this share! The food, theviews, the fun, the new experiences.

    My hubby rocks a beard on "vacation" too, but sadly, I've seen MAYBE three of 'em... and they're RED! This redhead loves that!

    I don't understand people who don't take pictures. I'm soooo glad you did. Probably my favorite: the rise of the moon above the beach The Man's walking along. Spectacular and one that will be very special for you.

  4. Thanks for sharing these with us! I've been living in San Diego since '08. I've never been to the Fish Market or seen that statue (loved the last sunset pic!!). You've inspired me to check it out! Glad you had a good vacation!
    PS You rocked that white skirt! No rules here in SD!

  5. We visited San Diego for the first time this summer too. I LOVED it...a beautiful city. Of course, I am partial to anyplace near the sea!

  6. San Diego is wonderful. We love it there. It is only about an hour from us. As for the white skirt, you were in Cali. Anything goes here. We will have to check out that KOA though we usually use my hubby's Marriot points and stay at a Marriot down there. The residence inns are perfect for our family.

  7. That was a great post , Dayle. I've never been to San Diego but if I ever do I'll know just what to go and see. I'm with you on zoos I don't like them either. I'd much rather watch wildlife programmes on the telly and see the animals in their own habitat. I also think your Man looks very handsome his beard

  8. Dayle,
    Thank you for all the great photos in and around San Diego. I was there in the late 90's but didn't get to see as much as you did so, again, thanks for the memories! Glad you had such a wonderful trip and are now safely home.


  9. What a trip! Love that you've given me a glimpse of a place I've never visited before. And that kissing couple? That picture was the first thing Rebekah bought for her dorm room when she began college.

  10. Thanks for sharing,it amazes me how many times I've seen the statue of the sailor and his girl this week.Great shots

  11. Ruth's Chris is my favorite steakhouse restaurant, I LOVE their food. Gorgeous photos!


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