Thursday, November 3, 2011

When You Love Someone


Doing something a little different today. It isn't Valentine's Day or anything, but love can and should be celebrated every day, don't you think? 

This is for those who dare to love. Whether you discover the love of your life, or get your heart torn asunder, you are to be commended for putting it all on the line, risking everything for love, because that’s no small matter.

I put this video together just for fun. This song is from one of my favorite movies, “Hope Floats,” and also one of my favorite tunes by one of my favorite male vocalists, Bryan Adams. Yeah, that's a lot of favorites. And the orchestration is out of this world wonderful! While the song is written from a romantic viewpoint, if you listen closely, it is also quite fitting for how we feel about our children.

If you have three minutes and 40 seconds, click the play button, turn up the volume, and enjoy.

By the way, The Man can whistle the introduction flawlessly. Just thought you might want to know.



When you love someone, you'll do anything
You'll do all the crazy things that you can't explain
You'll shoot the moon, put out the sun
When you love someone

You'll deny the truth, believe a lie
There'll be times that you'll believe, that you can really fly
But your lonely nights have just begun
When you love someone

When you love someone, you feel it deep inside
And nothing else can ever change your mind
When you want someone, when you need someone
When you love someone

When you love someone, you'll sacrifice
Give it everything you got and you won't think twice
You'll risk it all, no matter what may come
When you love someone

You'll shoot the moon, put out the sun
When you love someone



  1. Thank you for spreading the love, I will make extra effort today because of it, to show my family I love them.
    thank you
    God Bless you

  2. Believe it or not the minute I read the name of your post today I thought of that song...How I love it! It really did bless me to listen to it today, thanks for posting it!

  3. Oh Bummer, Dayle. I couldn't get the sound. Looks good, too. Don't know why. Take care. Susan

  4. I love it, Dayle. Have always loved the song and the movie too. I'm one of those lucky girls who has a husband who loves chick-flicks and this is one of our fav's. The lyrics are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


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