Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas All Through the House

Welcome to our humble abode.

You won't find anything of grand proportions here ...

just a simple house filled with simple things ...

and a whole lot of love.

Just the way I like it.

In the early 1990's, I purchased this set of adorable porcelain dolls from the Ashton-Drake Galleries called, "Decorating the Tree." I've only brought them out a few times since then. This just happened to be one of those years. They sit on an antique drop-leaf table in the foyer.

I love Trisha's expression.

Ryan is a busy little fellow.

Melissa has a very important job to do.

The detailing of each doll is remarkable.

Patrick holds a string of lights. 

The family room has been the heart of our home since 1989.

Every year, my tree looks the same, except for the addition of one or two dated ornaments collected throughout the year, marking a special occasion or accomplishment.

One of this year's dated ornaments is from The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, purchased during our West Coast trip in August.

If you look closely, you can see another 2011 ornament, purchased in San Francisco. It's a tiny gold thing, just above the red butterfly.

Memories and milestones hang on the tree.

Handmade ornaments from 1976 (created by me and twin sis) still bring a smile.

In the evenings, we gather here, mesmerized by the lights.

Sugar plum (my great-niece), in all of her cuteness.

I'm in the market for new Christmas stockings. Four of these shown here were crocheted by my mother in the late 70's. She used them for many years.

I've only been using them the last two or three years, and I still love them, but they aren't quite wide enough for all of Santa's offerings.

But aren't they adorable?

Of course, Diesel has his own stocking.
He has already tried to rob it.

One of our favorite things about Christmas is stocking gifts.

After we open gifts under the tree, we raid the stockings ...

and always find surprises inside.

The quilt hutch got a little bling on top.

The Christmas quilt was made by my mother.
When fully opened, it depicts the Christmas story.

The photographs are of my ancestors, the quilt makers.

The firefighter tree is in honor of The Man, who retired as a captain from Houston Fire Department in 2008.

The assorted trucks and ornaments have been collected through the years.

My simple and in-need-of-remodeling kitchen is decorated in simple fashion.

My angel girl, 1989.

The center square of a table-runner my mother made me.

This cutie was made by my angel girl in 1993.

In the dining room, the old pie safe fairly glows.


I saved the best for last.

The nativity reminds us what Christmas is all about, the birth of a Saviour, Jesus Christ.

I hope you've enjoyed Christmas at my place.

May your Christmas season be filled with blessings.

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  1. It's all beautiful, warm and welcoming. It's obvious that it's a home instead of just a house. I just love the Ashton-Drake. Lovely indeed.

  2. Dayle - It seems like ages since I've been by - and it has been - I'm barely finding the time to post with my ob of late. Hoping things settle in the new year and I can get back in full blog fever! Just had to stop by and see all your Christmas delights - such a lovely tour of a beautiful, warm and inviting home for the holidays! Sugar Plum is too sweet! What wonders she sees at every turn! Blessings to you! I've got a grand new project for 2012 and can't wait to launch it in January with much fanfare - stay tuned!

  3. You KNOW I love it, but the pics are outstanding!

  4. Dayle, don't change a thing!!! I have never felt more at home across blogland. I think your kitchen is perfect and I see myself there relaxed. I LOVE your stockings, which I think I mentioned before. My tree is the same every year too, with all of the ornaments going back 26 years. I just took pictures of it for my blog this year BEFORE putting on all the other ornaments that we put up together as a family. All of this says home from beginning to end.

    As far as your request, it is my privilege.

  5. Love, love, love your beautiful house!!! :)

  6. Oh, I just love your tree and all your ornaments. Talk about a trip down memory lane. You must look forward to putting your tree up every year! :)

  7. Great house! Love the stockings

    Merry Christmas!

  8. Your Christmas decorations are soo beautiful and homey and warm. I LOVE them. Believe it or not I remember that Ashton-Drake collection and I loved it so. I was always going to get it, but it never did happen. I haven't seen it in years. I love your stockings too. Merry Christmas!

  9. Your house looks beautiful! Merry Christmas!

  10. Everything looks so beautiful! Your tree is gorgeous and your dolls are a treasure. Merry Christmas!

  11. I adore those stockings and have to watch my heart as I drool over the quilt hutch. I think I've fallen in love with it and will be seeking out one for my home in the future. Beautiful home, lovely decorating!

  12. Hello Dayle,
    Thank you for showing your Christmas decorations.Your house looks wonderful,full of Love and Christmas Glow.....
    The nativity is beautiful.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  13. Love it all! Especially all of the sentimental things. I wonder what Sugar Plum is thinking? She is so cute!

  14. Your tree is simply dripping with love!

    And the stockings... you highlighted the stockings! I LOVED them. Thanks for sharing their details and history. Precious.

    We buy an ornament when we visit a special place, city or nation. When I get home from Guam, I decided my Christmas fun will be to photograph each ornament and then write about its history. I didn't put up a tree this year, but this will be SORT OF putting up a tree, and just reminiscing. I hope I don't need Puffs plus lotion...

    Merry Christmas!

  15. Great tour!
    What a gorgeous tree. It's a show stopper.

  16. I think your kitchen looks splendid! And the family room. And the quilts of course!

  17. Dayle, everything is beautiful and I'd love to sit and be mesmerized with it all, too! I particularly love the "Decorating the Tree" dolls and their decor. Magical!

  18. Oh, Dayle, what a fabulous tour! Loved every second of it. So many beautiful things to see.

    Your dolls are sooooo darling. Everything looks great. The tree is always regal. GREAT JOB! Susan

  19. One of my favorite things on the tour had nothing to do with Christmas, but I loved it anyway. It was the apron hanging on the door of that pie safe. It looked just like the kind my grandmother wore.

    You have the kind of Christmas that I love. I love to go into a place or especially to look at a tree, and see a little story unfold that tells me something about the person.

    Those socks are fantastic! I love the sneaker ones the best.

  20. I wouldn't call it humble, I'd say charming.

  21. I just love your tree and your decorations! Beautiful,thanks,Deidre~ Http://

  22. Visiting from The Nester, your home is beautifully done for the holidays. Love it. Following you. Diane

  23. Debbie,
    Funny you should mention the apron and grandmother in the same sentence. You have a great eye. That apron belonged to my grandmother. She made it and wore it almost every day, including the day she unexpectedly left us and passed on to her heavenly home in December, 1987. It is a cherished piece of history.

  24. Love it all, especially the quilts! I have a collection quilted by my grandmother, and I have her pie safe.

  25. Thank you so much for the wonderful tour of your home. Your tree is lovely and reminds me of mine. So many wonderful memories. Merry Christmas! Kit

  26. I absolutely loved your dolls! They reminded me of my mother's collection. She had over 700 dolls when she passed away.

  27. I just loved your tree...You have a very warm and inviting home!! I'm a new follower from Cherished Treasures...I would love for you to stop by my "home"...

    Merry Christmas!!

  28. Wow those dolls are amazing. And your tree is just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your home.


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