Thursday, February 16, 2012

Repurposing : Sewing-cabinet-turned-end-table

When I repainted my family room last year (never did post pics on that; my bad), and purchased new sofas (after 23 years; I’m nothing if not content), I wanted to change out my tables with something more vintage (although the ones I had were 23 years old, as well, so I guess they would fit into the vintage category nicely).

Anyway, moving on … I found one end-table right away, at a wonderful used furniture store (never posted pics; my bad). I loved it, but I needed another one.

And I found it recently, after a trip to my favorite antique mall. It isn’t really an end-table, but it works for me.

What we have here is a vintage sewing cabinet, British made. Because of where it sits, I choose to use it sideways, if that makes sense.

It has a sweet little drawer that I probably won’t use much, but sweet nonetheless, don’t you think?

And the cabinet opens up and has lovely storage for something or other.

The Man wasn’t sure why I would buy something that opened up, if I planned to put stuff on top of it (he’s smart like that).

Oh well … I still like the cabinet.

And I still think it makes a cute vintage end-table.

I continue to look for the “perfect” coffee-table. Initially, I wanted a trunk of some sort, but the more I think about it, the more I’m not sure if the height would be pleasing to me. I’m used to propping my feet up on the one we have, and it's much lower than a trunk would be. Decisions, decision.

Any thoughts and ideas always welcomed here at the retirement home.

Until next time, sweet friends, press on.


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  1. Oh, Dayle, it looks great! Perfect! Good job. Susan

  2. It looks perfect there and I love how it is lined. Such good quality in older furniture.

  3. Love it. It would fit perfectly in my home.

  4. Don't you just love the quality and patina of an old piece? I am a seamstress and adore collecting old sewing stuff like this. Great re-purpose too.

  5. I don't like it. I really and truly love it. That is so much the type of thing I like.

    I have zero suggestions about the coffee table because I'm in "look" mode too.

    Looks great, Dayle.

  6. I love it too. It looks great there.

  7. Dayle,

    I love it as an end table and the crate underneath is beautiful too!

    Pressing on!


  8. I love using things for other than what they were intentioned. Lovely!

  9. The perfect width your little sewing table. I have been looking forever for something similar. Great find . . .

  10. i like it because it's cute and vintage, also.

  11. Sweet piece that fits the spot perfectly. You could keep current needlework projects inside or maybe secret treasures :) Whatever, it is lovely!

  12. I really like it! Those kind of pieces are what I like to use in my home. And you can store items that you do not use all the time in it. Kit

  13. Hi Dayle,
    The little cupboard is beautiful!!!!
    I like the colour of the inside and the drawer is a good size.
    I would leave it empty and it would make me happy to know I have some special space I could use if I really wanted to.
    I like it exactly how you have it, some things displayed on top and empty inside.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  14. I love your built-ins! Adorable little treasure of a table! :)
    Check out our blog if you get a chance!!


  15. That's pretty adorable and I love that it opens up, even if you have stuff on top of it now. Husbands don't get it sometimes.

  16. Dayle,
    You cute table looks perfect sitting there I am sure
    you will enjoy it for years to come.
    I have been looking for tables for sometime now myself

    Love the pictures

  17. Beautiful piece! I've never seen a sewing cabinet like this.


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