Monday, March 5, 2012

The Making of a Photograph

Saturday, The Man and I drove over and spent the day with my parents, since we won’t see them for awhile. We ate Mexican food out, then came back to the house for coffee, dessert, dominoes, conversation, and a lot of laughing.

Before leaving, I pulled out the camera for a photo. If you’re a fellow-self-portrait-user, you know full well that sometimes things work out better than others, and there’s always a bit of testing the waters before you finally get a shot you can all live with.

Not having a tripod with me (which I seldom do) makes for some interesting angles and outcomes, to say the least. Heads chopped off. People missing. Too far away. Camera pointing skyward. People talking. Nobody paying attention. That sort of thing. Ten seconds isn't very long to get people situated and make a mad dash to get in the shot yourself. Even if you do the two-shot thing, it's still a challenge and not the ideal conditions.

But in my family, the real fun is in getting to that final shot, especially if my dear old dad is in the mix. Saturday, he was in his usual fine form, telling funny stories left and right, between every take. By the time the planets aligned and the camera didn’t tip over, we were all smiles. And that’s the goal of a good photograph after all, isn't it? "Everybody smile!"


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  1. In the end you got your shot and it's a good one. It just doesn't get much better than a smile on every face!

  2. You managed to catch the love. That's some pretty good photography.

    I've never done the self portrait thing a single time in my life. I never thought about it until now. Hmmm.

  3. What happy times and fun photos! The photos are keepsakes to remember happy times...yours are all perfect! ♥

  4. I can just imagine the view of y'all trying to get the shot. I would have been rolling on the ground laughing, I'm sure!

  5. It's like herding cats, isn't it? Thanks for showing us the happy results!

  6. Sweet! Good laughs and great memories all caught in a photo.
    Have a great trip/adventure! I love Destin. Just remember to wear lots of sunscreen whether the sun is shining or not. I went one March on the beach there when it was shady. Probably the worst burn I've ever had!
    Have fun!

  7. That's a darling photo, Dayle. Good job! Your Mama's smile is so sweet, and your Daddy's, too. And you and your man, too. Lovely. The trip is off to a good and smiling start! Susan

  8. This is is wonderfully entertaining piece, Dayle ... I can practically hear your dad chuckle, and your mom's smile just speaks volumes. Love the love here! :)

  9. Wonderful photo's and post! I know what you mean though...I feel like this when I take photo's of the animals here on the one co-operates! Love your boots ;)
    Maura :)

  10. Awww. Love it! It was worth it. Smiles are precious!


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