Saturday, March 31, 2012

Postcards from the Road ~ Catching Up

I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the next edition of Postcards from the Road, and now the wait is over. Woo-Hoo!

I’ll start somewhere in the middle and go all over the map before ending this post, so bear with me, sweet friends.

Here’s a look at some of our activities while in Port St. Lucie:

One evening, we combed our hair, put on normal clothes and struck a pose before heading out to eat. (And I thought that top was so cute when I bought it. I ended up looking like I was wearing half a blanket. But it was comfortable, which means I will surely wear it again.)

The Man decided on prime rib.
Don't you love the lampshade?

Does anyone know what kind of tree this is?

They are in bloom all over this area of Florida. I've never seen anything like it and I smile all over whenever one appears.

Here's the bloom close-up. They resemble some kind of trumpet flower.

One morning, I had this for breakfast at The Original Pancake House. You'll be glad to know I didn't clean my plates, but came frighteningly close.

We witnessed as God painted this sunset's reflection aross the Atlantic Ocean. Another masterpiece.

In my spare time, I picked up my crochet hook (after many years) and have been crocheting away, for no apparent reason. I'm thinking I might make a headband or bow for sugar plum, but for now, just piddling. (I saw some of these at Hobby Lobby, which gave me the fever.)

If you're a lover of all things in the sky, as I am, then you already know March has been an amazing month for planet watching. I snapped this photo on March 26th, at our campsite in Port St. Lucie. What you're looking at is the moon (you probably guessed that one), along with Venus (above the moon, and my favorite planet) and Jupiter. Jupiter is slipping closer to the horizon, and won't be visible much longer, but April promises to have a few spectacular evenings, as well. Count on me, your unofficial astronomer (not to be confused with astrologer) to keep you posted.
Cloud Nine rolled further south on Wednesday, and on Thursday, we took a little riverboat cruise tour and saw how the wealthy live, with their multi-million dollar homes and $30-million dollar yachts.

It was an amazing sight.
Mile after mile of mansions and yachts.

Most of the owners don't live here, but use these places as getaway homes. I told The Man I'd need lessons to learn how to live like this. We both agreed we don't want to find out. There's something to be said for contentment.

Many of these people started with nothing and created empires. My hat is off to them.

Others are of the Hollywood sort.
(Yep, that's a single-resident house.)

Did you know Ft. Lauderdale is the yachting capital of the world? Me neither. From all we saw on our little riverboat cruise tour on Thursday, I’d say that sounds about right.
Yesterday was a glorious day at the beach, my favorite kind.

This gentleman had the right idea.

The Atlantic never looked better. This was my favorite picture of the day. Love how that umbrella makes a bold statement.
I guess I'll leave it at that, for now. Thanks for taking the journey with me. Until next time, sweet friends, press on!



  1. Award for cutest couple! :) A lovely photo!
    I love catching up with you two through your postcards from the road. Your posts make me smile like a visit from friends.

  2. Ditto what LDH just wrote! (I'm smiling, too, way over here.) Being an unabashed lover of anything YELLOW, I think your blouse is so becoming!

  3. Living the dream for sure. That breakfast is making me hungry. Hubby and I love to go out for bkst. more than dinner. I think we are tired by dinner time.

  4. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. May favorites are the sunset over the ocean and the night sky with the moon, Venus and Jupiter.

  5. Hi Dayle...LOVED the tour. Like you, I would not want to be one of those millionaires but it was fun looking at their mansions and yachts. It would be nice to have a LITTLE more $$$$ but not too much.

    Your photos are absolutely beautiful....the umbrella on the beach is perfect for framing! Yesterday's sunrise shots? Fabulous. Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventure. Susan

  6. Florida has been spectacular this season.
    Your adventure sounds wonderful.
    We're still in Venice FL - stop by for coffee :)
    No sunrises here but great sunsets!

  7. Glad your days are sunny ones. I think the tree might be a Carribbean Trumpet Tree.

    1. Thank you! That is exactly what it is, a Caribbean Trumpet Tree. They are breathtaking. Eventually, the blossoms fade, but it's a sight to behold when in full bloom. I sure wish they would thrive in Texas.

  8. I'm so glad I now know what those yellow-blooming trees were! We saw them everywhere but I couldn't figure out what they were. Glad to know that now!

    That cruise sounds like fun ... and an excellent way to be reminded that God has given DH and me just enough. ;-)

    I'll be following along as you continue to travel, since we've left Florida. We're on our way home now ... along with half the state of Florida and much of Georgia, too ... it took us almost 14 hours to travel what should have taken a little more than 11 hours. :-(

  9. Awwwe, what a sight!
    The beaches, sun, flowering tree and food.
    Sounds like you are out of your funk.

    PS, has The Man lost weight? Looking good, both of you.

    1. I don't think The Man has lost any weight, Christine, but that beard thing he's got going on does slenderize his face a bit.

  10. Oh, girl. You're havin' SOME kind o' fun!!!

  11. Great photos of a lovely couple and God's artwork.

  12. Wow and then again Wow! Those houses are incredible. And your plate of yummy food is making me hungry....LOL Glad to see you are having such a great time. Kit

  13. What a nice trip you're having - and we're enjoying, vicariously! I love the beach shots!


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