Saturday, March 17, 2012

Postcards from the Road ~ Sketches and Ramblings

Another weekend is half over. It seems the days are kinda sorta running together for me. I’ve not done anything terribly exciting since my last post, although there was laundry day. Woo-Hoo!

AND .... I’ve done a little more sketching in my sketch diary. Ain't that a thrilling thought?

This sketch was by the pool. I edited out a bunch of stuff because it was too hard to draw. In case you can't tell what this is (and it's highly likely that you can't; I have problems with it myself sometimes), this is a woman (wearing an ankle bracelet; don't miss that bit of detail), with very short hair, watching her granddaughter swim, but I ran out of paper on the left and couldn’t get the granddaughter in the sketch. J Clearly, I need lessons here.

Can you guess who this is? Diesel and I were sitting out on the patio one afternoon when I started sketching him, but he wouldn’t stay in the same position long, so I took a photograph and worked from it, as well. I have to say I thought it turned out quite nice. The Man thought it was frame-worthy. Hmmm ...

Speaking of Diesel, here he is shortly after his bath today. His papaw keeps him in working order, let me tell ya.

Let's see ... what else?

Oh ... The Man played a round of golf today. (I'm in love with all of the Spanish moss that drapes from the oak trees here. I've seen more on this trip than I have anywhere in a long time.)

I decided against playing today and was the chauffeur and scorekeeper instead. I wished later that I had played, as the course is all Par 3's and Par 4’s—something you don’t find very often.

Well, I guess that's about it. Monday, Lord willing, we will be back on the road, headed to the next destination point. Since I'm not sure what that is yet, I will have to share later.

On a final note, I’ve been a little homesick, missing people back home, and that includes a certain little person, in a mighty big way, my sweet sugar plum.

I send her “Dear Ainsley” text messages every day, along with pictures to show her what we’re doing. Her mommy said she sometimes gets really excited about the picture, and always says "Diesel," when she sees him, although occasionally she still calls him "Deedul." I sure hope she won't forget who I am before I get back home.

She and her sweet mom send me text messages, too, and when she sends a picture (like the one above), I look at her precious face and smile all over (I mean how can you not?), although a time or two I’ve had tears in my eyes, as well, just because I miss my sugar plum very much! [sigh]

I’ve decided if I ever have a grandbaby, I may never leave town again.

Until next time, sweet friends, press on, and thanks for bearing with me in this rambling post.


  1. This post spoke to me because it is all about simple pleasures- which are the best!

    White Spray Paint

  2. This is my favourite kind of post.
    I have grandbabies who live far away - it's verrrrrry hard.

  3. I agree with Stan. The Diesel sketch is definitely frame worthy!

  4. Your sketches are great. The one of Diesel looks just like him. I'd have to see the lady to tell if it was a likeness, but I'm sure was. ;)
    When we go on vacation we take the whole family so the grandbaby goes with us! Works great that way. This year we'll have two granddaughters to take along. So hard to believe.

  5. The sketch of Diesel IS frame worthy! And the photo of him sunbathing after his bath is the best. How come I feel more relaxed after reading your post :)

    Have fun, sweet friend!

  6. What an artist you are! And I agree ... that one of Diesel does deserve to be framed! ;-)

    And you're right ... once you have grandbabies, it's so very hard to leave them for any length of time. DH and I leave this coming Saturday for our week in southern Florida ... and I'm missing my grandbabies already! That's why we didn't retire on the beach like we had dreamed all those years. ;-)

    Thanks for taking us along on your journey! I can't wait to see where you go next.

  7. Beautiful sketches, Dale. I think I may be falling in love with Diesel!


  8. Sugar Plum will not forget you!
    Doing something special for her and just her, she won't.
    Isn't it technology amazing?

    Keep on sketching!

  9. Hi Dayle...Sugar Plum definitely is a cutie pie and I can see where you would miss her TERRIBLY. But she definitely won't forget you, especially with all the e-mails, photos, etc.

    Sounds like you are having a nice change-of-scene. I thought your sketches were wonderful. Nothing I could ever do. "EVAH!" Susan

  10. Your sketch of Diesel is frame worthy. You do beautiful sketches.
    Your little niece is so cute. I'm sure she will remember you when you get home.

  11. You're doing quite well in the sketching department. The Diesel sketch looks exactly like him. I think you should sit up shop on the campgrounds and start charging.

  12. Wow, Dayle! I think your drawings are wonderful. All I can do is stick-people! And Diesel is adorable! And huge! How much does he weigh? Loved this entire post! Thanks!

  13. Thanks, sweet friends, for your kind and generous comments about our big boy, Diesel, and about my sketches. I've always found I do better working with a photo, but it's been fun doing both. I'm having a blast. You should see the ones I'm NOT posting. LOL!

    Becky, I'm sad to say that Diesel is a bit overweight. He should weigh about 60, but is probably a good 70 pounds. He walks faithfully daily, but does little more than nap the rest of the day. :)

  14. You're quite the artist. I agree that the sketch of Diesel should be framed. I was wondering if the lady knew you were sketching her portrait? lol Sounds like you're having fun even though it's tough to be away from Sugar Plum! You'll have something to look forward to when you return.

  15. How could she forget you? IMPOSSIBLE, I say.

    I love how you love your family. It's my favorite thing about you.

    And you're really good at sketching? I can't draw a circle without a plate to trace. And sometimes, it still looks a big like an egg. God did not call me to be an artist.

  16. That wasn't supposed to be a ? after sketching. I'm just a careless dork this morning.

  17. Looks like you are having fun but ready to be back home. Wow, you are very talenting with your drawing. I am very impressed. Do you paint too? I used to sketch people and planned to study art in college. Well, so much for that; my dad really thought I needed a real career. I hope to have time to do some oil paintings some day.

  18. Great post, Lovely blog! I'm a new follower!
    Anne ♥♥
    (Diesel is definitely frame-worthy!)

  19. Oh darn, I've let myself fall so far behind :(
    Being as I lived in the Tampa/St. Pete metro so long, I'm thoroughly enjoying these updates!!! My favs always include Diesel :)

  20. Oops! ... Forgot to wish you 3 SAVE travels home!

  21. Your sketches are beautiful! You are truly an artist! Diesel is gorgeous btw! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!


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