Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pondering the Blog Blahs

Once upon a time, there was a girl who had the blog blahs. A very bad case of the blog blahs she had.

The girl was not out of ideas for blogging. No, nothing that radical. In fact, every morning, she would stagger into her home office, fresh coffee in her cup, punch the button on the trusty old Compaq, pray that it fired up, then scroll through hundreds of photos and writings that would—in her humble opinion—make interesting subjects for blog posts. Her head literally swam with ideas.

But, alas, the blog blahs were waiting for her every morning, along with all of the ideas.

And so, the girl would sit at her dusty desk, sip black coffee, and ponder.

Or piddle.

Or count paperclips.

She learned one thing at least. Pondering and piddling and counting paperclips is an awful lot of fun, but it does not produce blogs.

One day, amid all of the pondering and such, the girl kinda sorta heard a voice, and it went something like this: Dear girl, the world will not be sad if you never blog again. You should ponder that, dear girl.

So, the girl pondered that and pondered it long and hard. Her pondering went on for days. 

Then one morning, while still pondering the matter, the girl kinda sorta heard another voice, and it went something like this: Dear world, you are a mighty big place, and the girl knows you would not be sad if she never blogged again. But the truth is, she would be sad. You should ponder that, dear world.

And with that declaration, the girl snapped out of it, fired up the old Compaq, and got on with the business of blogging the post you just read.


Have you ever had a case of the blog blahs? If so, what did you do to overcome? Take a blog break? Push through the blog fog using sheer determination? If you'd be so kind, I'd love you to share your secrets here, in the comment section, with all of us.

Until next time, sweet friends, press on. I am.


  1. You had me so upset! So glad I finished reading your post.
    Oh yes, I have pondered the very same thoughts and had those same feelings. I walk away for a day, two days, three days, four days even five days. Then I am so glad I came back. Just like you, I'm glad to share my thoughts.

  2. I know that feeling. But I think mine has more to do with the processing of the photos I like to include in my posts. It's an extra job in itself and sometimes takes the pleasure out of blogging, yet I love to post photos. So I sit and piddle and read blogs when I could be editing photos and writing posts. I'm glad you heard the voices. I'm glad you're still here.

  3. I am glad I found your blog awhile back...
    and even happier that I can read anytime that you post.
    I enjoyed reading about your trip. 8~)
    My house is a busy place...so I don't always get a comment done on others blogs.
    Thank you for your blog.
    P.S. I don't get a post done on my blog everyday...but work on at least once a week. 8~)

  4. Hi Dayle,
    I have just been through the blog blahs and it was quite upsetting.
    I dont write wildly facinating posts , but I was finding I'd have an idea ..but the words would'nt come. I put it down to over-indulging at Easter slowed the brain.
    I made a plan.....it went like this...
    1. Make my blog list shorter...so I don't get so caught up in reading and writing comments that I run out of time for posting. This is purely a visual thing.....I have my original list written down
    2. I made a book where I can write down intwerestig links, recipes,craft ideas and my 'blogs I follow' list. There are spaces for post ideas as well as format ideas...like using lists, recapping on my week or what I did today.
    This made me feel so organised, Istopped stressing and have been able to do some posting.
    I think I got so caught up in commenting on other blogs, (which I still intend to do), and seeing if I had comments on my blog, that I lost focus on just communicating and sharing and expressing myself, that I got brain fog.
    I also prayed for guidence.
    I was answered!!!!!
    Glad you're back Dayle,
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  5. The blogging world would miss you immeasurably. I think we all have those feelings. In the end you can only blog about what is real and true to who you are. No two blogs are alike and there is room enough in this huge blogoshpere for all types of blogs. I'm glad you posted this...I think it spoke to a lot of us. Patty

  6. I've definitely had the blog blahs before, then other times I've felt absolutely divinely inspired
    while composing a post...I guess that's all a normal part of being a writer. Of course, you know a lot more about that than I do. :)

  7. Dear girl, the world will be very. sad if you never blog again. You should ponder that, dear girl.

    My advice: Blog only when you have a thought to share - not on a time line{but you already do that}. I put posts in my queue to post about every fourth day. Much less pressure that way.

  8. Hi Dayle,
    Lovely photos and an interesting post. I, too, have had the blog blahs. I overcome them by visiting other blogs; after that, I am inspired to press on.

  9. Dayle - You had me on the edge of my seat here - I thought you might be preparing your readers for your resignation from Blogland!! So glad it was just the "blahs" - we all get them. I missed teatime Tuesday this week, in fact - hoping to be back in the grove this weekend. New vistas opening up with all manner of post ideas ahead - but - blah happens. Always look forward to your this and that's!

  10. I was starting to get an uneasy feeling as I began reading your post that there would not be a happy ending. I am very happy about the little voice that encouraged you to continue. Very happy!

  11. Good morning...Well I am going to join the others and say I am soo glad this pondering ended the way it did. I LOVE your blog. But as for having the blog blahs...have I EVER had that feeling before! Yes, as a matter of fact, a few times. I do however have a hard time sometimes coming up with new topics, but then I use my blog mainly as a journal to make into a book that I am making for my kids. I have 3 of them so far, and my kids are already fighting over who will get them when I am gone, haha...So sometimes when I am tempted to throw in the towel, I remind myself that the books I am having printed from them will hopefully be cherished by them, and the rest of it doesn't matter. I do hope however that I don't bore others to death with my very ordinary life, but then I guess you can always chose not to read something...one of the biggest wonders of blogsville, haha. Have a wonderful day, and again I am soo glad your staying on... : )

  12. The pressure to post comes from within and not from our readers. We/I think they expect a certain type of post and coming up with it is not always an easy task...so we/I fret. I say this because I'm having the same conversation in my head as you.
    What's that old saw about hearing voices? It's not a bad thing until you start talking back...lol!
    When you get it all figured out, let me in on the secret 'cause I'm still contemplating shutting it down...or rather shutting me up!

  13. Even though I don't comment on your blog, I read it every time you post and would feel VERY blah if you decided not to blog again!! Keep up the good work. You DO make a difference...to me, at least!

  14. Hi, Dayle!

    First of all, I know many bloggers who not only suffer from the bl' bl', they went so far as to announce, "I'm not blogging again. Bye!"-- only to "come back" after they were over the bl' bl'.

    I 've been at that point myself on occasion in 2.5 years of Kelley Highway. Here's what I do when I need to exit and find a Rest Area:

    --I prepare a "Blog Break" post and save it with a future-future date. When I need a blog break, I alter the date, publish that post and take the break. Typically it's just what the doctor ordered.
    -- When I get snippets of an idea for a future blog post, I type the snippets in a New Post and just hold it in the queue. Later, when I have the bl' bl', I skim over some 50 to 75 future post ideas I have "snipped out." Often that's enough to decide to do something with one of them and publish it.
    -- A quote and a pic. An easy post.
    -- Reading inspires me. I know that's not news to you, a renowned writing artist. :o)
    -- I e-mail myself "Do a Post About" ALL THE TIME! Soooo many posts are done like that for me. They go to the "snippet" stage and later become a post. One such is a series I started, called "Ten Things (I Like)." Boy! There's all kinds of rabbits I could chase on that subject!

    Presently, I have at least a dozen posts that are simply awaiting photo images. Improving my photos is a desire of mine, too.

    Chatty Kelley girl signing off! Glad you aren't "going" anywhere. :o)

  15. I have heard that first voice, Dayle. I do wonder if blogging makes sense at times. Then, I decide that the personal little notes I get from some people make it worthwhile. I've been blogging since last June, but I don't think I've really found my "groove" yet. You seem to have found your "voice" and I enjoy reading this blog. Which reminds me, I need to hit the "follow" button.

  16. I have had the blog blahs numerous times! In fact I just came back recently from a blog break. I guess that is what I do when I can't write, just take a break. I feel like after this last break though I have more direction and feel I know the real purpose of my blog now so I doubt I'll be taking the extended breaks I've taken in the past, but who knows!

  17. I am in that right now... I have NO idea what to blog...and they seem soo lame....but I keep at it...when I am moved...even though I feel the posts are so drap....but your right if I quit... I would miss it...hopefully I come out of this 'low' soon!

  18. Dayle,
    Glad you will be contiune blogging
    I miss simple Pleasures as it made me stop and think about something so simple that brought such delight to me.
    Also to read the others pleasures made it simply grand !!!

  19. I usually just blog a little less and get caught up on things I've put off...because I'm blogging! lol Then I'll get some photos to share and be excited to catch up with everyone's news. But it happens to all of us from time to time. It's like life...low times when you don't want to talk about anything...high times you're excited to share the fun! I'm glad you blog! I've especially enjoyed your travels this Spring!

  20. I can NOT tell you how I much needed to read this this very evening. I was a little afraid as I read that you were going to stop blogging because the voice of the world wasn't entirely correct. I would be sad.

    But when you talked right back to the world, you said what I needed to hear. I've got the blahs. What drags me down the most is the feeling of how much I would miss have my little corner of the world to yak in. Even if no one else ever read it, I would miss the chance to write it.

    Thank you, you very wise woman.

  21. Thank you for popping by my blog and commenting today. I found you because of that comment and I am your newest follower. I love your style, girl! xo Diana

  22. Dear Dayle...Oh, I think we all get the blog blahs from time to time. But you know what? I've written more than 900 posts since I started my blog in October of 2009 and I LOVE blogging.

    I think of it this way....it's a daily shot of pure joy. How I CHERISH comments from readers. That's what makes it all worthwhile----to connect with so many wonderful people all over the USA and the world!

    Blogland is a most fascinating place and I am deeply grateful to be a teeny tiny drop in the ocean of blogland.

    The PEOPLE make the daily posting worthwhile and that includes YOU. Susan

  23. Dayle, I hope you are revived again. Of course we would miss you, and I don't want you to stop. One thing I did last summer was to cut back on the number of posts a week, that helped a lot. Then I have taken a break from time to time also. It takes so much time, so I think the thing to do is cut back or take a break since if I stopped totally I know I would dearly miss it. An old Compaq? Really? It still works?? What is it, the old sewing m/c model?

    1. Thanks for your kind words and tips, Anita. I've never blogged too often anyway, and I really don't spend much time in blogland. I think I just lost my interest, my zeal, whatever. I'm going to see where the coming days take me and go from there.

      As for that Compaq, you know they still sell brand spanking new Compaq computers, even though they are now HP (I used to work at Compaq here in Houston). Mine is a Presario and I bought it about six years ago, which, in the computer world, is pretty much an antique. HA! I would like a faster model, however, and am looking. :)

  24. I was going to respond to all of your kind comments individually (I started from the bottom), but decided to just put it all right here and say a big THANK YOU to all of you for your generous thoughts and encouragement. I'm happy to know each of you in blogland.


Dear Readers, I adore your company and your comments. If you ask questions here, I respond to them here, so please check back when you have a chance. Kind regards, Dayle