Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Postcards from the Road ~ Captiva Island and Ft. Myers

During one of our final days in Fort Myers, we drove over to explore a couple of islands in the area. One was Sanibel Island, the other Captiva Island. It is Captiva that has meaning for me, because it is the island where Anne Morrow Lindbergh (and her husband, Charles) used to vacation in winter, back when it was only accessible by boat. 

Anne came to the island alone, at times, to contemplate and do what writers do. Although she doesn't name the island in the book, reliable sources later revealed Captiva Island is where she was inspired to write what may be my favorite book: Gift from the Sea, published in 1955, and still a popular book all these years later.

Today, the island is crammed with people and businesses, but I was still able to get a sense for the way it must have been when she was there. Oh, if only I could come away with her inspiration.


Something else we did while we were in Fort Myers was visit the Edison-Ford Winter Estates and the Edison Museum. I went there many years ago, but had forgotten more than I remembered. Thomas Edison has always been one of my American heroes. With only three months of formal education, he made significant contributions to the world, up until his death. He was, without a doubt, a genius.

Visitors aren't allowed to go inside the homes, as most of the antiques there are original to the home, but you're allowed to look through open doors inside the main floors.

It didn't take long for me to decide that I wanted to move in, right then and there. 

The house is so simple (it was a winter home after all) ...

... yet elegant in every way.

It was here that Mrs. Edison wrote letters to friends and family every day.

The charming master bedroom.

And then there's the porch. I came away inspired and had an epiphany of sorts. (I'll share that another day, perhaps.)


Henry Ford was also a major contributor to the American way of life. He admired Thomas Edison and looked to him as a father figure and mentor. Eventually, he bought the place next to Edison’s (seen here) and their families spent many winters together in Fort Myers.

Wouldn’t you loved to have sat in on the conversations on this porch?

There is more to see and more to say, but that is all from the rolling retirees for now. We've been away from home for a month and six days. The girl is homesick, so we've decided to head for the barn, as we say in the South. There were more places and people we intended to see, but that'll have to wait for another time.

Until next time, sweet friends, press on!


  1. You've had an amazing trip and been places I would love to go! can't wait to hear more of your thoughts...or your epiphany! Enjoy your trip home!

  2. You have added yet another stop on my bucket travel list. I didn't realize that they had winter homes there. I love things like that. I'm crazy about his front porch. That's what I wish mine looked like.

    Safe travel to the barn, cloud niners!!!

  3. We love visiting Edison's house and have been there 3 times. It has been a while since we were last there and I look forward to a return visit. We are currently in Manasota Key for a week - not far from Fort Myers. I wish you safe travel for your trip home. It has been quite an adventure.

  4. Wow, Dayle, what a wonderful trip! Loved your photos. Of course, I LOVE "Gift from the Sea." Have bought so many copies as gifts that I lost track of the number. Susan

  5. We visited the Fort Myers/Sanibel/Captiva area a couple of years ago (in the midst of a wicked cold snap ... I wore my winter coat every day but one). We loved the area and would like to go back.

    While in theory I would love to get in an RV and travel, travel, travel, I know all too well that it wouldn't be long before I'd be anxious to get back home. ;-)

    I've never read Gifts from the Sea, and I'm inspired to do so now. ;-)

  6. Oh! Thanks SOO much for all the lovely postcards!

  7. I have one word... PORCH!
    Wow! The hours I could spend sitting, reading, eating, talking, sleeping or anything else!

    Didn't know that the Fords and Edison's were friends. Must do some research and find out more.


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